ET-Channeling, guided meditations, epic journeys and self-reflective exercises; Wieteke inspires people to (re)connect with their own multi-dimensionality and to bring these experiences ‘down to earth’ in a practical manner.

Due to her own well integrated and life-long experiences with multidimensional contact, Wieteke has been able to offer high-quality interstellar channeling sessions for many groups and thousands of individuals from all over the world. Learn more about Wieteke.

Arjun of the YahYel

As an interstellar channel, Wieteke primarily works with Arjun of the Yahyel.

Arjun functions as a gateway or bridge, to information from the Universe, interstellar cross-connections, parallel lives, guides and (always) the Higher Selves of clients. Learn more about Arjun.

“It is my passion to assist in building the bridge, between our many multi-dimensional facets, so that each can feel whole
and complete again.

As I know by heart, the integration of our connection to the stars – for many on earth now – contains an essential aspect of that Wholeness.”


1 on 1  – Skype or Live – 
Channeling sessions


Whether it is with common curiosity, a life-question or a repeating dream 

“When your heart nudges you, to go and explore in a particular direction, and this idea truly excites you..
When it makes you smile, perhaps even gives you goosebumps…look into these hints.
For your heart, never whispers without reason.
It is calling you – home.” 



ET-channeling-sessions | Inner & outer exploration | click for more info

Having a channeling session travels in two directions:

One – in an open dialogue, you will receive unconditionally loving and self-empowering reflections from our star-brothers and sisters on whatever is going on in your life. This information will be custom made for your situation, practical and down to earth. You can use this information, if you feel it resonates with you, to explore more of who you are or wish to be(come).

But also:

Like with any move you make in the direction of something that truly excites you: you show yourself  your own devotion to your path. You ‘gift’ yourself with a point of view that onto itself means expansion, that says; I am OK with ‘stepping out of the box’ and bringing more of this energy into my reality.

In a sense you tell the Universe: “Bring it on! For I am ready!”

And that energy frequency will be noticed by many, who are on that same wavelength – on Earth and on other dimensional levels. For this is the energy of acceleration, of evolution itself. As we allow ourselves to dive deeper within, we simultaneously reach out farther and wider. And so; more surprising things, more shifts and exciting potentials, can begin to naturally reveal themselves to us.

It is my honor and my heartfelt passion, to facilitate transmission of the YahYel for anyone.
To help deepen (y)our personal connection to the stars – in a love based and self-empowering way.



After having worked with Wieteke & Arjun for several years
– in groups and private sessions:

“In every situation the information is clear, therapeutic, and leads to breakthroughs for the recipient. You will not be disappointed!”

Richard Stammler

PhD, Transpersonal Psychologist | Past life Regressionist

Design4awareness on GAIA television

In 2019 GAIA Television launched the first season of Reuben Langdon‘s increasingly popular interviews with ET-channelers from all over the world called “Interview with E.D.” (Extra Dimensionals).

Click HERE to watch the episode where he interviews Wieteke – and HERE to watch her channel Arjun (recorded in Sedona 2016)

Links and background information

Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles/Tokyo-based Actor/Film Maker/Truth Seeker

His motion capture Stunt Work & performances have made it to the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s, The Adventures of Tintin, and as the main stunt double for “Jake Sully” in James Cameron’s Avatar.

In April and May of 2013 he co-produced The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, a historical event that brought together 40 witnesses from 10 different countries to testify in front of 6 former members of U.S. congress on the fact that the world is being engaged by Extraterrestrials. To date it is the most concentrated body of evidence and testimony ever put into one place and one time on the Extraterrestrial subject.

After having had a UFO-sighting himself,  his continuous curiosity to learn more about our star-family members inspired Reuben to create the series “Interview with ED“. With this he shared interviews and channeled material from channelers from all over the globe for several years.

He interviewed Wieteke and recorded her channeling Arjun in the late summer of 2016 in Sedona AZ.

All of these interviews will be launched on Gaia starting beginning 2019. Some previews can already be found on the original YouTube channel of “Interview with ED”


Swim with Free Dolphins!

Dolphin Retreat

Join us on this exclusive 1-week Dolphin Retreat, on board of a yacht in the Red sea of Egypt!

On these Dolphin retreats, we invite a select group of participants, to deepen their own inner journey, to amplify and strengthen their tele(m)pathic abilities and much more. 

Our next edition of this all inclusive retreat MAY take place in the SPRING of 2022. Due to the global travel-restrictions we are currently awaiting follow-up information. 

Click here to learn more about this epic journey and of course check out the video-impression as shown here on this page, to get a preview of the magic awaiting you!

Live & Online Group sessions | Channeling Arjun

Spring 2022 | Europe   

This spring we will be located mainly in Amsterdam.
For our upcoming online events; please
check out the events-page on this website.

Excerpts of group-sessions that were recorded during previous
travels all over the globe can be found on our YouTube channel.

You can check out the Facebook-events page
for updates on any upcoming LIVE events.

Something to read

Since I was a child, I loved to draw and write. Life in my eyes, shifted on many levels simultaneously. Yet always it was some kind of story. Life can come to us, dressed up as a fairy tale, a scientific research or an spiritual exploration, a thickening plot or a rapidly approaching unraveling of mysteries…or a mix of all of the above. Writing in (dream) diaries and using poetry were some of my most beloved ways to self-reflect. And who knows one day: a book.
Up until then; check out these blogs if you like 😉 

Transformation Technique | Shift to a more preferred reality

Transformation Technique | Shift to a more preferred reality

Arjun of the YahYel | Visualization Technique for Confidence & Positive Transformation "We thank you - for tuning in with us - and we are rejoiced to speak with you again - in this way, at this moment of your time. Throughout the ages, it has been understood by...

Channeling Arjun on the subject of CHEATING

Channeling Arjun on the subject of CHEATING

Excerpt from a channeling for a person who found themselves in a money-scam with a (former) friend. A = Arjun   /  Q = Questioner   A: So what do you feel you have learned from this situation? Q: Well, mostly that this person cannot be trusted. And that I should...

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