The Mandala effect – the Mandela effect

An in-dept transmission on: 

Raising frequencies
Shifting timelines
Parallel dimensions

& Splitting train tracks

(Channeling Arjun of the Yahyel – written in automatic writing by Wieteke Koolhof
on April 6th 2017)

“Dear friends, we thank you for this co-creation, that offers all of us an increasing understanding of each other and of the Whole. We are rejoiced to speak with you again!
Some dazzling things are going on on your planet at this time – and we feel that the time is there to share this information with you. You may hear similar downloads come trough other channels soon, and /or you may experience getting more clarity on all of this for yourself in an intuitive manner. Either way we feel excited to introduce the following to you in this way.

Raising Frequencies – As we have explained to you before in many verbal transmissions trough this channel, we observe your planet as a crystalline Being, that has her own consciousness. You call her; Pachamama, Gaia, Terra and by so many other names. Every single one of you is closely intertwined with your planet on your journey, whether you are aware of this or not. She is in direct contact with your personal heartbeat – with the heartbeat of your (co-created) collective consciousness, as she resonates in harmony with you – and you are always welcome – to choose to resonate with her in return.

We have also spoken before about the frequencies that are currently rising on your planet. This is not just a ‘matter of speech’ coming from some of your metaphysical books. It is the co-created result of your spiritual ascension, manifesting as a physical phenomenon, that your scientists have been able to measure and are still investigating.
(*note you can google on: Nasa/Schuman resonances/Wikipedia/ Solfeggio Frequencies).

You have all collectively, though mostly on a higher consciousness level – asked for an opening, an awakening. By now, enough of you have been asking and acting accordingly – getting to know yourselves and thus understanding more of what your reality is truly about – to kick-start an intensified and continuously rising resonance of your Earth crystal. Your earth amplifies and reflects back to you; your readiness for more. For more understanding, for deeper knowledge, for the self-love and self-empowerment needed to actively follow your hearts become the frequency that goes with that.

Simultaneously, a higher level, you are Gaia. You are your planet. You create – and co-create her, in all possible ways. On your journey, those who choose to match the raising frequencies of your Earth crystal, by following their highest excitement (to the best of their ability, and without insistence as to what the outcome should be), will experience an increasing sense of flow in their perception of (and on) the world. And those who choose not to do that – will simply experience a different, accordingly matching reflection of that decision. There is free will for all of you. One could say that your Gaia will ‘split herself’ in as many versions as are needed to reflect ALL possible processes and experiences, that desire to be played out on your her surface, no matter where they may lead.


Cymatics – (* The study of wave phenomena. A science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). It is derived from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning wave and ‘ta kymatica ‘meaning’ matters pertaining to waves).

So what does this mean?  It means that; as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born. Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second (every ‘Planck length’-Cosmic heartbeat) of your time, as a perfect reflection of the believes you choose to define your reality with – in every Here and Now. There are versions of earth within your reach at this moment, that are of a higher frequency than you might have ever been able to image. On these ‘possible future Earths’, you are living a dreamlike life, filled with flow, joy and expansion. This idea can be experienced as a manifest reality, by anyone who chooses to synchronize with their own natural excitement, by living from a balanced heart-mind state. All of you born in this time-frame, have been granted the possibility, to ride the wave of this ascension to the fullest.


The Mandala Effect – Your planet sings, every single version of her has its own personal resonance – as does everything and everyone else in existence. This resonance organizes your physical reality in new and different ways every time the tone changes, even the slightest bit. You can find video’s on your internet under the term of ‘Cymetics’, that clearly illustrate how this works. Sound boxes, emanating a certain frequency are being connected below a metal plate, and on top of the plate one has spread out some loose sand. As the frequencies change, the sand starts to move due to the vibrations transported by the metal plate and it will ‘organize’ itself into a unique frequency-matching pattern. These patterns basically show you the ‘blueprint of your reality’, as likewise, the particles of your reality, effortlessly respond to the frequencies of your state of being. Creating again that mirror of consciousness; to reflect to you, where there is still room for expansion and where you are in alignment with your true nature, which is Unconditional Love.

Looking at the patterns that are being created by the sound waves, they become increasingly complex while the frequencies rise in pitch. You may notice how they align with many age-old mandala’s, as were created by the Tibetan monks throughout your history. This phenomena therefore could also call a Mandala-effect. The Mandala depicts the blueprint of your reality and how it communicates with higher dimensions of consciousness (that are already within you). After working on a sacred sand-mandala image for days – and sometimes even weeks, the monks will wipe it out in a ceremonial manner – a process that takes only about a minute – to illustrate the transience and the ever changing nature of All That Is.

In a The in a cymetics experiment; the way the sand moves and splits apart while forming new shapes, could be compared to what is occurring on your world right now. The higher frequencies of your earth crystal have begun to reorganize your co-creation of life on her surface. Some people will find themselves more attracted to remain in a more simple pattern, and yet others will reach for a more complex one. Whatever you reach for; you can expect an acceleration of the rate at which the reflection of your state of being, reflects ‘back’ at you on your ‘manifest’ world.

The Mandela effect – Shifting timelines – Parallel dimensions

Everything exists Here and Now. Time therefore, in our observation, is really a just side effect of the type of linear experience you choose to have in this incarnation. It is part of the basic foundation of your 4th dimensional reality. Time  is created by consciousness as a specific way to focus (on 1 thing ‘at a time’), and although you have created common agreements on ‘how to use it’ in general – it is experienced by every single one of you in a unique way, that fits their personal exploration. It helps you to focus linearly, so you may re-discover, in a way that ‘makes sense to the rational mind’ what is truly You and what is not. You may understand the importance of starting by ‘not remembering something’ in order to ‘eventually’ after a certain ‘process’ that took a certain amount of time, to eventually ‘(re)discover what first seemed to be unknown’ thus creating a valuable and unique experience (trough reflection) that brings with it a thorough and deep understanding of the True nature of the Self.

And, as you may have heard many times before; the purpose is to have the experience of the journey itself, not about getting to a certain destination. And it never will be. For all of you are infinite, and infinity has not ‘need’ to get anywhere, ever, as All is already Here and Now.

Entering 5D – At this point, you may have noticed the increasingly rapid reflection of your state of being into the physical. Synchronisities, whether positive or negative, have begun to accelerate for those of you who pay attention to it. This is one of the natural first signs that your perception of time, and therefore your linear way of exploring, is beginning to collapse or fall by the wayside, for it is no longer needed. At least not in the way you have been using it for the past hundreds of thousands of years in your history as you count time. Everything that could be explored in that manner, using the illusion of separation to eventually re-discover the Self, has almost been explored. You are now looking at the last echo’s of it – that is – if you choose to believe that you are.

YOUniverse will always grand you Free Will to keep on creating your life in the same manner that you have been creating it in the past – and to keep on basing your decision on the same beliefs that served you back then. But it also grands you the option to take a leap into a new direction and simply choose to wipe the old mandala of limiting belief systems away, just like the Tibetan Monks do after having finished their incredible work of art, even if it took them weeks to create it. As they do this, they offer the world and themselves a deeper understanding, of what detachment truly means. They also understand that, by letting go of the old; they create room for the new art pieces to be born. Wiping away your own old ‘patterns’ – by truly getting to know yourself, will free you to allow in new reflections of reality. Why? Because you have chosen to look ‘beyond’ to old paradigm patterns, even though they might still be right in your face.

Splitting train tracks – with your earth crystal resonating in a increasingly higher frequency, just like the sand on the metal plate in the cymatic experiments, all of you (who hold your own unique frequency signature) will start to resonate towards more and more of that which you believe is true for you. This has always been the case, yet now you have co-created a situation in which it has become more obvious than ever, and will continue to do so . You will be drawn towards matching frequencies stronger than ever, and feel more resistance towards mis-matching frequencies at the same time.

Memories. You understand that, when you choose to remain bitter about a certain situation, your memory (or rational translation) of that topic, will most likely not transform, as you have decided to hold on to the negative meaning that you have given to it.

Once you change your definition – by ‘upgrading’ your belief about that situation to a better feeling one; your memory will change accordingly. It will literally change, to a version that matches your newly chosen belief, as you create your past and future, from the present. This means you will get the energetic and physical benefits of your new belief – as you opened up new doors within you, to allow in more of your natural state of being, which is pure unconditional love. Your new belief matches your natural state of being and therefore it will support you in the here and Now in a positive way. The negative belief also supported you – it just supported you in a different language, by sending to you a low frequency emotion-messenger to draw your attention – so that you can become aware of this great opportunity to expand in your current relation to this topic.

What is a memory? Memories, as observed by us in your reality, can be seen as a specific translation of energy, which the physical mind will continue to synchronize with (as an antenna or receiver), for as long as that information (or frequency) may serve the expansion of the total Self. To the Persona Self – these energies appear as a snippet of a story line, experience or event, that you (re-)create in the Here and Now on an energetic level – in order to (re-)decide what you wish to do with them. Just like everything else in your environment, you will re-create this idea from the level of Higher Self, for as long as you need. Obviously a big part of your memories are necessary to simply function in your reality. You remember to drink water when thirsty and how to stand on your legs and use your body in relation to the concept of gravity on Earth (which is also a creation of consciousness). These are for most of you, foundational understandings of your world.  After learning these as a child, you can forget about them, they become first nature, or logical for you, and so it takes no effort at all to simply KNOW these things without having to ‘think about them’ or ‘remember’ them first. This is an important point – and we will get back to it.

The details of how your reality works, as in ‘what meaning you give to any specific events you experience’ –  you get to fill in by yourself within the General Theme you choose to explore on a Soul level. You are free to choose all your own beliefs and responses to your self created environment in this game. From the level of the Higher self you are constantly guiding yourself, by reflecting back to your persona self (or the physical mind) – whether your Persona-Self chosen beliefs are supporting you or not. And so you get to expand within your creation, and can (re)discover what it is like to be conscious creator in your world – by using your inner compass and reading the messages you are constantly sending to yourself.

The physical brain – functions as an antenna or receiver for the messages from Higher Self, and is simultaneously built to perceive the world ‘outside’ of you. The physical brain will send ‘it’s interpretation of  this information’ to the Higher Self (that can be seen as the conceiver – the one with the overview) as a way of ‘energetic feedback’. The Higher self will ‘answer’ in return by sending more inspiration, guidance or what you call ‘intuitive messages. This interaction between your Higher Self and the Persona Self is constant and unwavering. Yet of course it is up to the physical Persona to become aware of this and to either ignore or use this information. We look at humanity, as being the masters of playing this game of Hide and seek with the Self.

Back to the Mandala.  like we said; new patterns are being formed as the frequency rises. In your case this means – new patterns that eventually translate as entirely new realities, that are rapidly becoming accessible for many of you. You have begun to open the door to the 5th dimension, but again, nobody ‘needs’ to match up with this frequency. All of this is here for you – as an open invitation.

In order to explore the full spectrum of options that are available for you now, for you and for your planet – you have come to a point where you, like a snake, have begun to shed your old skin, to continue on your chosen path of expansion. In other words, you have created for yourself, on a higher level, the possibility to completely let go of everything that is no longer in your highest excitement – for it will no longer be relevant for you in this life.  Jobs and people you do not resonate with will be more in your face – and things that may you help you grow – will call you louder than ever. In other words; the old skins will start to feel tight.

New memories – New earths: The amount of new options that you have ‘before you’ at this point would be mind-blowing for most of you, let us give you some examples. There are versions of your Earth – that you would define as being in the ‘future’ – that already have world peace – there are versions where there is open contact with us and many other Extra Terrestrial and Extra Dimensional beings, where schools teach about life in a constructive manner custom made to fit every student, where there is no more pollution, where all people communicate consciously in a tele(m)pathic manner, where nature and everything in it – exists in a balanced, co-creative and loving manner with all of you.  Since Source, or All That Is, will always embrace and support ALL possibilities – all of these options are already in existence. But logically, there will also be worlds where this does not happen and there are infinite options in between. The only question that is relevant for you here and now is what world do you wish to be on? And how do you believe you would feel, act, and behave if you were already there? It is by the embracing of this state of being – that will allow yourself to shift in that direction and eventually bring your own version of it into your awareness. For it already exists.

Now here comes what might be yet another mind-bend for some of you: On many of these worlds, there is no war. And for many of these – this is not because humanity has stopped fighting each other – but because they never fought each other to begin with. The people on these versions of earth, do simply not relate to the concept of war in any way, shape or form. Now you might wonder; “how can this world exist – and how can I allow myself to shift ‘to’ it –  when for me in this here and now – images and perhaps even experiences of war, are vividly present in my memories? ”

As you raise your frequency and match up with your true nature of unconditional love, more and more – your state will remain on that high frequency, no matter on what topic you choose to focus with your physical mind. It will simply no longer be relevant to your chosen reality experience, to look at anything with a negative point of view. Now, we are not saying you should vigorously begin to ignore things that you know triggered you in the ‘past’ – in a avoiding manner.  Just the energy of the idea of ‘avoidance’ already shows you – that you are not done with that topic and will still need to transform a certain belief about it, before you can truly let it go. Until you do, trying to run away from facing a certain fear based belief, will only cause you to subconsciously create new reminders for yourself – that invite you to look at it, so you can transform it. Avoidance truly is A Void Dance – although it is a valid experience on your journey – was energetically designed to keep on reflecting to you, exactly that – which you are running from.

You will find, that as you become able to observe anything un-preferred in your reality – without judgment and without identifying with it – you will reach a point where you recognize, these situations no longer carry any messages for you. And you will be able to effortlessly detach from them, while holding a loving and centered space for yourself and the entire situation, including everyone involved, without judgement . You will know you have entered this love-based center within yourself – when as you observe that situation, you are simultaneously still open, for it to show you yet another surprising thing that might benefit your expansion. Because you already know it is there for a reason and you already decided the reason must be good. Because you trust and understand that your Higher Self would not present you with anything other, than situations that contain the possibility to nourish your expansion. It is from that point onward that you send the message to your Higher self; “I now truly see that whatever I observe – IS me. I can see ‘both sides of the mirror’ from a third – a neutral point.”

Not only will this set you free to start to truly experience your life as a game, you will allow your Higher Self to start sending you reflections of things that are truly relevant and stop sending you echo’s of the things that you are ready to let go of. Again – that you are ready to let go of – without insistence as to how that should manifest itself – and in full surrender to the process. This means that memories of anything that is no longer relevant for you – will at some point simply disappear completely from your awareness. Instead you will begin to remember on a deeper level, and experience in a much more conscious manner –  that you already know everything you need to know, when you need to know it, while being fully in the here and now. Now this has always been the case for you – but you chose to forget that you did – A choice that served the game that you were playing all this time. By doubting your full potential – you had been manifesting a constant reflection of that doubt. Yet this is your time of awakening and things have changed. The rules of the game have become more malleable. Consciously knowing – that you will always know – what you need to know – when you need to know it – and fully trusting in that is completely possible for you now. This is a fundamental principle in our society. We have no memories. We just synchronize, in every here and now – with whatever information we need to know, when we need to know it.

THIS is the detachment your Buddhist teachers speak about – THIS is the wiping away of the mandala, in order to create new worlds. THIS is using your brain as a open antenna to allow in – anything that needs to come in – whenever you need it. THIS is having everything that comes to you, be an instant KNOWING. Like the way you just ‘know’ how to walk around on your planet, a thing that comes naturally for most of you. This is how you allow yourself to shift to a version of your world – where for instance there are no wars – and the entire concept of war is unknown by the entire population – because for you – and your expansion – it will simply be no longer relevant.

1990 South Africa

The Mandela effect – In your current -co-created consensus of ‘history’, lived a man known by the name of Nelson Mandela. At this current point in your linear time, you collectively remember him as having been born and having lived an extra ordinary live of which he spend a big part in jail. Like Gandhi or Jesus, he too was spiritual teacher for many in a multitude of ways. What he was mainly remembered for, was his unwavering effort to transform the ‘apartheids-regime’; a regime that had created intense tension and terror, between the black and white people in South Africa. Note that his theme was to UNITE people in a harmonious way and to overcome the black-and-white way of thinking. He suggested to find that third point of view, outside of the polarity, in order for both the black and the white to find a harmonious way of living together in peace.


The splitting of realities – At this point, some of you will find themselves having different memories as to how (and where) Nelson Mandela died. Some remember he died in jail, others remember he was released and even served for a few years as president of South Africa after his release. We are not here to discuss which of these memories is ‘correct’ and which one is not, for both are true.  Both timelines exist. To keep it simple; one could say that in this time of gradual ascension, your splitting worlds are drifting apart – but for now still overlapping. And so; you can be on one world – literally – where you believe that Nelson Mandela has died in jail, while still perceiving other people in your reality, that are already on a slightly different world. And in their (recall of their world’s) timeline, Mandela was freed and lived until several years after his release.

In order for All That Is – and for you as an extension of it, to experience every idea to the fullest, a completely new world will be formed, where that idea can be lived and experienced.  Eventually you will find that there are an infinite amount of full split-offs of every type of reality you can possibly imagine and more – so that everything can be experienced to the fullest – thus offering the widest range of expansion.

All these differing memories, are 1 on 1 reflections of your splitting realities manifesting. With each and every version of these realities; come slightly (and eventually increasingly) different timelines. Your physical mind / Persona Self will automatically synchronize with the memories of the world that you have shifted to. Basically; your Persona Self will be instantly convinced of the ‘history-timeline’ matching that dimension of reality, including possibly different childhood-memories and believing to have seen certain events on the news etc. It is a complete timeline. This shows you how memories really work – you do not ‘carry them along with you in your brain’ – they are being re-created and received – again and again – by specific parts of your brain – in a way that matches your own personal energy frequency. At all times, you will manifest the version of reality that allows you the biggest amount of spiritual growth.

You may understand that, if anything – this will begin to show your world that there is no ‘right and wrong’ – as all of you will have your own truths and they are all valid. For your entire (current 😉 ) history – you have been experimenting with the idea of separation in this way as you pretty much agreed on the type of game-board you were on. But now you get to choose whether you wish to continue to set up that same stage – or shift to a different one all together in the years to come.

Since the confusion around Nelson Mandela’s life, the spelling of his name and the date and location of his departure, was one of the first – widely discussed topics; eventually the entire phenomenon of the differing memories among big groups of people, was named after him. And so you created it to be called; The Mandela Effect. By some referred to as ‘The Mandala effect’ as they believe his name was Nelson Mandala. This is no coincidence. By choosing this name you left yourself breadcrumbs along the way – clear pointers as to ‘what is really going on’. The theme’s of overcoming Black and White (apartheid-regime) ways of  thinking, and not basing your choices on ‘the outside picture’ are blatantly present within Mandela’s life. The 3 main elements that create differing memories on the topic of Mandela are:

1) The time of his death (referring to the shifting timelines)
2) The location of his death (referring to the manifesting of new worlds in your universe) and
3) The spelling of his name (Mandela or Mandala – hinting towards the main focus of this his life – but also winking at the meaning of the Buddhist Mandala’s, depicting the blueprint of your reality).

Another widely discussed topic in the Mandela-effect, are the several versions of the fairy tale of Snow-white and the seven dwarfs (also representing a Cosmic constellation – we will get back to that in another transmission), as depicted in the 1937 movie by Walt Disney. At some point the evil queen-stepmother, stands in front of the mirror and while looking for confirmation of what she believes to be true – depending on what time line you are currently focused – she either asks the spirit in the mirror:

Mirror, Mirror on the wall – who is the fairest of them all?


Magic Mirror on the wall – who is the fairest of them all?

This too – is a reflection of your splitting realities and harbours a lot of meaning.
This example (of which both versions are correct in different parallel worlds) invites you to stop looking at the reflection of your ‘outside world’ and to become more aware of your inner truths. It also invites you to explore the idea of any mirror, being a doorway to a parallel world – and for you to decide what to do with ‘the reflection that is being offered’. Coming back full circle to point out to you that the definitions you hold to be true about the things you observe (in the mirror of creation) – make up your experience of reality.

We understand this may be a lot to process – but we also know that whoever reads this is ready for this information to be received.

How can you use your memories to increase your consciousness: The memories you currently synchronize with, will give you an indication as to where you are – when relating to that specific topic in your own personal way. In other words; whatever the memory means for you – and however you remember you responded at the time of the event, however you believe it effected you…All of this will give you yet another opportunity to decide what kind of definition you wish to attach to it.

The energy of your definition will add to the manifestation of your reality, to the choosing of your preferred ‘train-track’ as all timelines gradually have begun to move further and further apart. Remember (and we are smiling at you here) – there is no way you can ‘miss’ your preferred train/timeline, except by worrying about missing it – and thus creating the perfect reflection of that fear-based belief in your reality. So put your trust where you prefer to put it. Meanwhile, as always; we suggest you follow your excitement, in every Here and Now, to the best of your possibility, without zero insistence as towards what the outcome should be. So that you may ride the wave in the most exciting way possible 🙂
We send you our unconditional and infinite Love,

Arjun of the YahYel