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Wieteke Koolhof

Wieteke Koolhof

ET-channeler, artist, illustrator, life coach, public speaker

My name
is Wieteke Koolhof.

The first thing I always start my story with is this; I had no idea I would become a channel, nor was this idea ever on my ‘bucket list’.

Life itself led me to this avenue which was perhaps as much a surprise for me as it may be for most people who hear of this type of work for the first time.


How it all began

I have been experiencing conscious multi dimensional contact (with a strong focus on Extra Terrestrial contact) since the early age of 3. I ended up training myself not to talk about these encounters, believing at the time that it would all surely be misunderstood by the people in my environment. For how could they understand – what even I hardly understood? Leaving the house at age 17, I started on the adventure of figuring things out for myself. 

Many OBE’s and astral journeys manifested spontaneously for me. Up until the age of 23 I actually resisted most of this. After seeking advice then from a hypnotherapist at that age, suddenly many pieces all started to fall together and I learned how to be self-empowered in such events. So I begun to explore them deeper.

At age 24, I started on the path of inner exploration trough meditation (among others). The subtle guidance of the beings whom I kept encountering, slowly became more and more clear, until, after many years – eventually I found myself able to connect and speak to them in what could be called a conscious trance-state. Still, I kept most of this all to myself – simply used it to work on my own processes and didn’t feel any kind of ‘pull’ to go public with this at all. 

It wasn’t until many years later, that I went to see an actual ET-channeler for a private session myself for the first time.
I came to get reflections on a physical complaint that I had manifested in my back. Not having told her anything of my own ET-connections, you can imagine my surprise when she immediately picked up on the presence of the ET-guides around me. By then I knew already they were (mainly) of the YahYel, yet Arjun had not given me a name to refer to him by just yet. 

With Arjun ‘standing’ on one side during this session – and the (human) channel on the other – they spoke to me in unison when I heard (both telepathically from Arjun as well as verbally from the woman channeling him) that all of these encounters throughout my life had functioned as a type of ‘training’.  That now I was ready to share this gift with the world, that they were ready to ‘dance’ with me, if I wanted.  My entire system responded to this message – and I felt like I was coming home in a thousand ways – all at once.

That day litteraly changed my entire life. 3 Days later I decided to give it a try. At that point I was working as a life-coach already so I had some open minded clients ready to join in this ‘experiment’.  I most certainly still had yet to convince my own mental system, that a thing like his could even be done (by me).

The information coming trough in these ‘trial sessions’ was personal, spot on and direct. So direct even, that I had to overcome my personal shyness on many levels in order to work with the Yahyel in a fully free manner.
I fascilitated about  +/- 30 trial sessions within about 4 months. By then;  all of my former clients had switched to this ‘new technique’ and I had more people asking for sessions with The YahYel then I could in fact handle, all by word of mouth. 

Only then did I decide to re-write my standard coaching-website, and overcoming my own insecurities – I started mentioning the word “Extra Terrestrials” on it. After that I began to inform my family and a wider circle of friends, explaining my life long secret to whomever was open and willing to hear.

Currently I work with both from the Netherlands as well as abroad, as a facilitator of these sessions – in individual appointments and for groups. By now, thousands of people have felt touched by the messages and reflections as offered by Arjun of the YahYel, and all those who work with him during these type of contact experiences. My faith and trust in this connection has grown stable as I continue to learn new things throughout this journey every single day.

Working with our star-brothers and -sisters in this manner, not only continues to carry me to new discoveries within my own spiritual journey… It has led me into a place of peace, trust and deeper understanding of the amazing potential of that, which we are all capable of doing – when we start to plug into our miraculous nature as multi-dimensional beings 🙂 

How does this kind of channeling work?


There are many versions of channeling, and in a sense we all ‘channel’ all the time in one way or another (if only our own personality). As artists, mothers, dancers, cooks, designers, dreamers, inventors and technicians … you name it.
The following idea, is my own interpretation of how I’ve understood how ‘entity-channeling’ works – as I’ve come to understand from the beings that I have been connecting to myself over the years.

In a sense, while I channel; me and Arjun simply ‘agree to meet each other’ on the same ‘energy wavelength’.
One that resides more or less in the center of both of our original signature frequencies.
So this level is higher for me – and somewhat lower for him – compared to our natural states of being.

In doing so, we co-create a (energetically 3rd) being that represents us both.
This being –  in temporarily ‘using’ my form, voice and physical senses –
can pass trough messages and concepts offered to us by Arjun. 
In this way, we bridge the seeming ‘gap’ between our dimensions to bring the message of the YahYel to people on Earth, whom might be interested in this information. Nothing is ‘pushed’ on me and everything happens in full agreement, with  a loving 100% acceptance of each others individuality. 

Any love-based human/entity-channeling, technically speaking, works in this manner.
This also means; no human channel can be entirely filter-free. This has to do mostly, with the limitations that come with communicating trough spoken language in 3D. Spoken language is much slower and much less complete then any tele(m)pathic message. Currently there are many translators out there – and of course some are more ‘filter-free’ then others; yet the true potential of any channeling – if you ask me – can always be best felt through the heart. 

For more on this: check “What is high quality Channeling”?  on the FAQ page.

'Never-ending Education'

Like many on earth today – I can say that Life schooled me. By this, I refer to the many memories of having Interstellar contact since the age of 3. I have been ‘taught’ in vivid dreams but also in a conscious state, about energies, quantum physics, healing frequencies, star systems, nature, language, water, channeling, arts, (healing) symbols and more.

Of course, the ‘other half’ of the coin was for me to actually DO something with all of this information. Before I became a life-coach, I was shy of working with people in general and just kept to myself. Working happily behind the scenes as an painter, illustrator of children’s books and for some newspapers. As an artist, I always felt great excitement to use these multi dimensional insights and puzzle pieces in my art. Even if just for fun. 

Now I understand that – by using them so eagerly (though I didn’t speak about them yet) – I was ‘pulling in’ more of this.
I let the Universe know that I was willing to act on the messages. Which was true. I bought books just because I felt goosebumps touching them, or traveled to a country that showed up on a ‘random’ google-maps search, trusting fully there would be something there for me, which there always was. 

By the time I started channeling I had gathered quite a lot of experiences and downloads from visiting vortexes and/or going to workshops and meeting with people that were on similar journeys.

A growing number of these qualities are rising up now for practical use, in my own personal journey of remembering my own multi-dimensionality and as useful tools in my work with clients.

Like for any person on their own journey into more awareness of our multi dimensional nature – this too to me is a continuing path of wonder, exploration and expansion. I am excited to know that my learning will certainly never be ‘done’ and that it is only trough the bringing together of everybody’s point of view, that we can begin to see the whole picture.

Therefore, where I am today, I exchange my own knowledge on a regular base, with an international network of other professional ET-channels – so we can grow together in our mutual understanding of all that is being revealed to us in this age – as we are (at least on some versions of Earth 😉 ) slowly approaching worldwide disclosure.

In the Netherlands, I work in harmony with my dear friends and colleagues, the founders of the international ET-‘healing’ center in The Netherlands called “Beyond Medicine” who’ve inspired me to set up the practical side of this work and step out and into the world.

Arjun of the YahYel

Arjun of the YahYel

The Channeled entity | Parallel incarnation of Wieteke


Arjun explained to me to be a Future version of myself. Or better put:
a parallel incarnation, originating from a mutually shared Oversoul.
This connection transcends time and space as we understand it in our dimension.

As far as I’ve come to understand up until now: Arjun is about 1.70 meters / 5.57 ft
He has blond hair and blue eyes (somewhat bigger then ours),
a somewhat smaller mouth and nose then most people on earth
and a light skin. The YahYel reside in the beginning 5th dimensional regions.
This is fairly close to our own frequency at this point in time.

A channeled introduction by the YahYel themselves

These words were channeled through automatic writing.

“Dear friends, we understand and respect some of you may not ‘believe’ in us – and we do not ask you to. We are here to assist you, more than anything – if you resonate with this idea- to start, or to keep on believing, in yourselves, as you are magnificent creators and multidimensional beings, now awakening to your full potential. We are honored to get to know you in this transformative time on your planet, where many of us have been assisting you, for quite some time. You may remember us from your dreams, certain ‘incidents’ called unexplainable or spiritual or from your childhood. We resonate on another frequency and for most of you; these were the only places where we could meet ‘half way down the road’, in between the other dimensions we call our ‘home’ and your 3D earth.
In this accelerated time of transition on your planet, many of you are waking up now and feel the urgent call to give (more) substance to a life that reflects your highest joy. All of you, are powerful creators, creating New worlds as you go. We have come to support and inspire, to reflect to you that place within yourself, from where ‘healing’ -as you understand it- arises, from where balance and alignment comes, from where joy and excitement flow in abundance, as this is indeed, your natural state of being. We want to thank you deeply, for the gift you give to us, for allowing us to share our gifts of love and light with you. We learn and explore – like you – on our mutual journey of getting to know the ever-expanding variety of ways in which Source, All That Is – or ‘God’ – as many of you call it, expresses itself. We-are-One”  (or as we say: A’ha-me)

The Yahyel


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