Question: “What can you tell us about the introduction of 5-G? What impact does it really have on us? And how do I respond to all those people that are now freaking out about this, saying we HAVE to change this NOW or we will all suffer tremendously from the negative impact that it may have on us later?”

In many ways, 5G reflects back to you, another point of transition. One where clearly you are also ‘reaching out into the cosmos’ in order to create a field of accelerated interconnected-ness on Earth. ‘Five’ to us, among other things, is the symbolic number of humanity. You see, for one: most of you have your 5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 ‘extensions’ in a sense (2 arms 2 legs, and a head) originating from your torso. So 5 is a hu-MAN shape. But also – from where you stand right now – for the entirety of humanity, a crossroad.

Five also represents the number connected to the bridge between the Greys and yourselves, as it took 5 ‘steps’ in a sense, of hybridization to (re-)connect with you in this here and now, as we are today. And though YahYel, we also consider ourselves a form of hu-man, as you are our parents and ancestors.

Now you have come to this number 5-cross-road in many, many symbolic ways. 5G being one of them. You are encountering yet another reflection of your own development. And so: you get to choose – what direction do you wish to take this into?

It is all about choosing now. And so that energy frequency from everyone talking about ‘having to make decisions’ in that sense – is correct, it is spot-on. And from where we stand – we see this as a positive thing – as an invitation coming from unconditional love, urging you to step into your own unique personal power. Now of course, it’s up to you to interpret these developments in any way you like, but remember, you are on a rapidly splitting earth – and you are solely responsible for creating your own version of reality.

So, would you choose to believe, which you are free to do – that 5G is something that will bring nothing but death and destruction – mass-scale-insanity, and so forth, then you are free to choose to believe that. It’s just the Universe (translating through a fearful friend perhaps) showing you a menu with other ingredients that are also available. That’s all, no judgement, they’re available.

But – if you choose to believe that 5G funnily enough rhymes with 5D, and it may just be, you could say, a beautiful reflection of things accelerating, speeding up… That it is becoming clearer every day now – that the internet is ‘coming closer’ in the sense that; the web that you are all already connected with, that you are in fact all co-creating – and that you now call the internet – seemingly connected to devices OUTSIDE of you – is really something that is coming from inside. And the more that this information stream is accelerating, the more you move towards a position in time and space, where ‘it’ is going as fast as your thoughts – and people will begin to remember that it is them, that they are looking in yet another mirror. Speaking to themselves. And then the internet will no longer need to be ‘transported’ – or better said; translated through devices ‘outside’ of you.

If you would focus on that – and celebrate the speed (for instance) simply as yet another step into that possible direction, the energy frequency of such optimism would support your entire being, on all levels. And those who support themselves ‘from the inside out’ in that way – choosing thoughts that align with their naturally joyous being – are literally less susceptible to the idea of harmful radiation in your dimension.

This is really about how responsible you choose to feel. Now, after doing the inner work – creating a version of world wherein the ‘basic principle of a faster stream of information’ has begun to simply have you smile. NOW you can (if you wish) start looking at how responsible you choose to feel as oppose to the chosen form of facilitating this development into your physical realm.

Because YES, obviously, the route through which this information is now being brought to you, may not necessarily be the most preferred one – we understand. But again; you decide how this impacts you(r version of Earth) by consciously deciding how you respond to it energetically – first of all. You see – all of this is more and more and more about energy and remembering that you all ARE energy. So, IF you have co-created with the people around you a version of earth where 5G is now being installed using thousands of satellites, and IF if you are truly passionate about sharing another point of view – or about helping others understand how they can respond from their own ‘inner-energy-management’… Then there must be some way to use your voice in a constructive manner that aligns with this particular manifestation.

For instance: you could inform your environment of how you found a loving and fear-free way to look at this phenomena – and inspire them to do the same (if they like). You could initiate or simply sign a petition that invites scientists worldwide to find alternatives – or start a fund raiser for solutions that still bring the faster internet but don’t impact your environment the way it does right now.

Whatever you decide, we would say: DO what you feel you truly inspired do and then let it be. Sign the petition – start your campaign if that excites you – but then simply return to your step one inner-celebration – because you KNOW nothing can impact you negatively unless you decide it does.

As has been explained by us (hybrids) before, literally ANY situation, or circumstance that can be perceived by you, is fundamentally neutral. Only YOU decide what meaning it has on your journey – on the path that you are.

So if it excites you to do so; act on your inspiration and use your voice.
Just remember you can do both. You can stand up for a cause – and not be afraid of the consequences that may follow IF the ‘worst case scenario’ manifests anyway – at the same time. This may sound paradoxical but it shows you’re allowing yourself to remain in a neutral position as oppose to the situation at hand.

Actions taken from such a centered position, not fed by fear and despair but coming from enthusiasm, love and self-empowerment – have a much higher chance of creating a lasting impact. Think about it: people who are used to having a strong foundation – will not have it be shaken as easily as those who are not used to allowing themselves this kind of freedom. Self-confidence eventually simply ‘grows on you’.

Coming from this place: you can hear the all the fearful stories from others, understand where they’re coming from, and stick with a definition that WORKS for you, without letting their fear and concerns distract your fundamental sense of personal well-being.

And this is what it’s really about. With this splitting earth, you all get to decide for yourself, what works for YOU, what you choose to believe to be true for YOU. Because yes; some of these people are ‘right’ within their world – and they will see the future version of earth that they are now predicting might come. But they will only see it because they believe it must be so and it can be no other way. And others won’t see it because they are simply choosing not to buy into that scenario. They just leave it ‘open’ at the least. Or they may look at all of this as humanity simply ‘searching’ for “the path that is most preferred”. Humanity trying out ‘just another experiment’, and then, perhaps after learning from it – suddenly coming to another approach. Like; certain inventors evolving this 5G into yet a new version, a 6G perhaps, that actually AMPLIFIES general health and isn’t used through the type of wavelengths (Phased Arrays) that 5G is. This is absolutely possible. There truly are-no-limits.

However you choose to look at this; it is all part of your co-created self-exploration. It is an exploration. You’re trying it out, and you can’t move beyond any particular step before you’ve actually tried it out fully.

(to the questioner) Just as with the conversation with your friend that you would like to have out and in the open and on the table, you can’t move beyond it properly or have your true final CLEAR conclusions about that situation, before you’ve actually opened up the conversation fully. So just as with that, this is just another step on the stairs, that needs to be fully taken.

And it is BEAUTIFUL. It is beautiful that it is waking up so many people.
Five! The number of humanity. HUE-MAN-ity. Your nation built of love and light. Where do you wish to go, who do you wish to be, what do you wish to do, what do you CHOOSE for yourself? That’s the theme that comes with 5G.

We love this and we support you in the background. Cheering for any and all of you – who wish to self-empower themselves by deciding to BE the energy frequency they say they desire to see more of in their version of reality. For this is indeed where – one day – we will meet.

With unconditional love to you all,

Arjun of the YahYel