Excerpt from a channeling for a person

who found themselves in a money-scam with a (former) friend.

A = Arjun   /  Q = Questioner


A: So what do you feel you have learned from this situation?

Q: Well, mostly that this person cannot be trusted. And that I should never ever do business with them again – that much is for sure…

A: OK. Now then – how does this make you feel.. as a ‘final conclusion’ to this experience?

Q: (sighs) … Well – I actually wish it just wouldn’t have happened. Thinking back of it all still makes me tired and leaves me feeling drained… I guess I’m still angry with them – and disappointed – as we never got to resolve this conflict in a transparent manner and we may never be able to.

A: That ‘drained feeling’ you describe –  is a warning from your inner emotional guidance compass; letting you know you haven’t found the actual ‘gift’ in this situation just yet.  If we may be so bold to shine a light on this for you?

Q: Please, … go right ahead …

A: OK. You see – your current final conclusion about this event; sharing that you found out that ‘THEY cannot be trusted’ is not about you. You made it all about them, again giving your power away –  dismissing your own manifestation element in the story line. Therefore this conclusion has you feeling drained afterwards, as it provides no nourishment to grow from for your ‘spiritual Self’ so to speak. So you keep on ‘pushing’ yourself to dig deeper and find another message in this all, one that helps you see another kind of bigger picture – one that leaves you feeling empowered!

Q: But if it isn’t this – I mean – they did cheat on me …. then what could it be?

A: If you want … See if you can fill in the blanks in the following sentence

“I can now see, feel and understand fully; how I (!) created this …. (fill in blank) ….. situation in my life to bring this ….. (fill in blank) …. insight ABOUT MYSELF – into my conscious awareness.”

See? This is ONLY about you, not about the other.

Q: hmmm..

A: Now, if then you can even add the following part, then you KNOW you’ve fully understood the message and have ‘unwrapped your gift’ so to speak.

“I now feel richer, stronger and lighter, more complete in my vision of myself, because of this experience. It helped me find yet another piece of MYSELF that simply wanted my attention and therefore translated itself trough these particular circumstances.”

Q: Ok  – I think I get it – but I need a moment to think about this…Like… why then would I choose such negative circumstances to teach myself something?

A: First of all; all circumstances are fundamentally neutral. YOU provide meaning of them in your life. By calling them negative, the way you did just now – you basically say “this does not belong here” and by saying that – you are again pushing away the gift that is hiding inside.

In your case; the situation with the person who broke an agreement with you, was simply ‘the route of least resistance’ for this message to come find you. And it had to be a bit, well let’s say ‘triggering’, otherwise it wouldn’t have gotten your full attention. Which is what you asked for on a higher level. You wanted this to be obvious enough – to get your attention.

So, now you are invited to look at WHY you might have invited such a situation into your life. For it was just an invitation – as is everything else – to (re)discover more of who you prefer to be in any given moment and to find your ability to act on that.

Circumstances truly only become ‘punishments’ when you label them that way, but why would you want to walk around with that idea pressing down on your shoulders? (smiles)

Q: haha – pfff yeah, tell me about it.

A: So drop it. Drop it and replace it by a definition that helps you grow instead of shrink with fear. Now if you like; try again: why have you chosen to manifest these circumstances into your life?

Q: To get my attention…

A: To discover what? About yourself?

Q: To discover I was giving my power away…because I thought I needed this person… I did – it was so naive… I ignored so many red flags along the way….

A: OK – good. So what you’re actually saying is: all along this situation, your intuition was surprisingly ‘spot on’ and you choose to experiment with the idea of ignoring this. So really; you choose to not trust yourself?

Q: Yes – yes I suppressed my own insights.

A: Why?

Q: I was afraid to hurt this other person if I would tell them my truth..

A: But if you would have, you might have brought an end to the whole drama much earlier, preventing it from exploding in your face the way it did now right?

Q: haha yeah .. that pretty much sums it up.

A: So what does that tell you about YOU???

Q: That I CAN trust myself… I just need to give myself permission to express what I feel inside…

A: And can you now see that what this other person reflected to you was just what you needed to see about yourself? They may have showed you – that ‘you couldn’t trust them’ – as you say – but in fact they showed you; you weren’t trusting yourself. And by showing you this in such an outspoken manner as by taking your money without asking permission – they in a sense  ‘sent you back to yourself’  so that you could see this for yourself and learn something from it about YOURSELF.

Q: Yes – this is true…

A: Quite a favor they did you don’t you think? (smiles)

Q: Hahaha!! Well I don’t know If I’d go that far…

A: Why not? Because your society tells you things like THIS cannot be seen as a favor? Try it: How does it make you feel to see it that way – just try…if you want. You can always drop it if it doesn’t feel right for you.

Q: True… Looking at it that way actually feels quite good. It does. It seems crazy – but it does.

A: Now, does this help you? Can you move from here and play with this for yourself?

Q: Yes. Yes I can – thank you – Thank you so much!

A: You are welcome!