Egypt Dolphin trip 2018

Swimming with wild Dolphins 2018

~🐬 “From The Red Sea of Egypt – To the Stars” ⭐~


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Welcome to this page!
You got here on my personal invitation 🙂  I am Wieteke Koolhof, the Dutch organizer of this international dream adventure, for like minded people. To meet and explore together – the beauty of the red Sea – the depths within ourselves ~ and the Heights of our natural state of Being, together with the dolphins!

With this sharing I warmly welcome you to be a part of an incredible and exclusive journey for you and for the celebration of your inner child 🙂
This adventure will give you multiple opportunities, to swim and connect in the water – and on multi dimensional levels – with the free dolphins in the Red Sea of Egypt. The trip will take place between June 23 and June 30th, 2018. For a more detailed impression, also check out the video link at the bottom of this page.

I have personally visited this area (on the same boat, named “Sea Dream”) 2 times before since 2012. After my last visit, I started imagining how much fun it would be, to organize this trip exclusively with friends and (star-seed) family.

I contacted the owner of “Sea Dream” – and booked the boat for this whole week! And now we are here ~ ready to have you jump aboard whenever you are!

~ 🐬 ~ ⭐ ~ 🐬 ~

Research has found that 80% of people who swim with dolphins have a change in brain wave patterns from beta to theta states of consciousness. This explains why many participants experience states of bliss, ecstasy, deep peace, and a sense of well being.
Being on board with a group of like-minded people, we will be able to set a great stage to practice and play with these higher states of consciousness together and/or individually.

Also; the childlike curiosity and playfulness of the dolphins, offers us a perfect mirror – to get to know ourselves better. It also helps us set the tone for possible future contact with Higher Dimensional beings and ET’s – as the dolphin energy is very similar!

Apart from swimming with dolphins, we will offer a playful and flexible (optional) program on board with:

  • Channeling sessions with Wieteke and Arjun
  • Yoga Classes
  • CE 5 Contact Meditation
  • Toning and Singing at Sunset
  • Stargazing at Night
  • Sirius Connection Meditation
  • Creative Connecting Game to invite the Hybrid Children
  • ..and more to be announced!

By the end of this amazing week-long journey you will find yourself to be a “new” more integrated YOU! 😀

⭐  What ~ Where ~ When ⭐ 


What: 1 week Dolphin Safari in Egypt, on a boat in the Red Sea

Where: on board of the boat: “Sea Dream”
Sataya Reef, Hamata, Red Sea ~ Southern Egypt

When: June 23rd till June 30th – 2018

Arrival day: June 23

Departure day: June 30

Boat Safari Cost: € 1.333,-  per person  (all in / no alcohol)

Non-Refundable Deposit: € 333,- per person

All reservations must be made with Wieteke prior to payment.

I ask you kindly to transfer the deposit of € 333,-
to confirm your reservation.
The total payment of € 1.333,- needs to be completed latest May 30th, 2018.

(For payment details see the FAQ)


→ Return local private-bus transfer (Airport Marsa Alam – Hamata Harbor)
→ 7 days/6 night accommodation in a shared 2-person bedroom, on board of the boat “Sea Dream” (For details see FAQ)
→ All inclusive stay (non-alcohol). Mainly Vegetarian (fish = optional).
Meat on request – see FAQ / vegan and gluten free options can be arranged to a certain extend / inform us with your reservation.
→ Quality guidance / professional divers & crew will be available
and keep an extra eye out for you when you are out in the water 🙂
→ Daily excursions; if weather allows it, we may have multiple excursions per day, to either go and swim with our free dolphin friends or snorkel and admire the wide variety of   underwater life, alongside the breathtaking coral reefs of Sataya. The general weather forecast for the last week in this part of Egypt is usually excellent.
The captain of the ship checks in daily with the mainland for weather forecasts to ensure our outings on the ocean are safe.
→ We will be offering live guided meditations, channeling and Q and A with Arjun (and the dolphins / our Sirius ET-connections), yoga classes and more for anyone interested. This program is fully optional. You are also very welcome to bring your own; Tarot cards, oracle decks, great books, small instruments and games to play on board of the ship 🙂  (ukelele present).


Flights to and from Marsa Alam Airport, Egypt (Marsa Alam International Airport (IATA: RMF, ICAO: HEMA)
→ If due to circumstances you missed the group’s bus-pick-up at the Marsa Alam airport on June 23rd: you arrange your own transportation to Hamata Harbour.
→ Obligatory Travel and Cancellation insurance
→ Snorkel outfit (goggles, snorkel, vins and a wet suit or long sleeve + legging for sun-protection whilst in the water – see ‘what to bring’ in FAQ – links below)
→ Extra expenses (food and drinks outside of the boat or on your plane).
→ Visa for Egypt (€ 25,- bring exact and in cash!)
→ Tip for our devoted crew (a donation of € 30 to € 40,- per visitor is recommended, yet voluntary. If you do decide to tip; please bring this amount in cash as well).
→ Costs for a hotel room or extra night on the boat, if due to the timing of your flight schedule,
you need to bridge some extra time between the boat and the arrival or departure of your flight.
→ There will be no Wifi on the boat – which will be helpful for all of us to truly unwind 🙂
→ Due to the nature of the dolphin workshops, we are not able to offer disabled accessibility.

If you have any questions, please email us prior to booking your travel.

Cancellations: The € 333,- deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel and we are able to fill your space, then we will refund your full deposit less € 100,- processing fee.

Disclaimer: Since we are swimming with wild dolphins, we cannot guarantee that we will always find the dolphins or that the weather will allow us to go and swim with them. However we are very fortunate to be located at the Sataya Reef in the Red Sea of Egypt; home base to hundreds of free (mainly spinner) dolphins, with usually perfect weather conditions around this time of the year – and on top of that, a general ‘dolphin encounter rate’ of 95%.

Enlightenment forecast: Many people who swim and interact with dolphins experience changes in their spiritual awareness and an opening of the heart. You may also experience feelings of bliss, intense joy, emotional release and deep relaxation 😉 

Time and Location Schedule

23.06.2018 Saturday

We will gather as one group at Marsa Alam Airport.

Members of the boat’s crew will be there waiting to pick us up with a bus around 8 PM

as most people’s flights arrive in Marsa Alam during the (early) evening that day.

The complete group will go with this organized bus-transfer to the boat in Hamata.

Wieteke’s plane is expected to arrive in Marsa Alam around 7:10 PM,
she’ll be at the exit of the airport with a sign so you can find her and go to the bus together. 

For those who arrived already on the previous day(s), it is possible for our bus to pick you up at marina Lodge Galeb,
after all other participants have been picked up from the airport in Marsa Alam.
This stop is close to some nearby hotels.
If this is what you prefer: please inform us of this request, latest a week before the trip.

On the 23th to the 24th we will spend the first night of our adventure

on the boat in Hamata Harbour.


Early next morning we will be leaving for a 4 hour long trip over de Red Sea until we reach our destiny for that week: Sataya Reef. Here we will anchor and remain for the next 5 days.

24.06. to 29.06 we are in Sataya. And will enjoy an amaaazing week filled with the bliss vibes of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling the reef,
and the optional program on board rich with fun things to do to dive even deeper (into yourself) or simply relax 🙂


29.06. We will say goodbye to all of our cetacean friends and the coral reefs in the morning – as we will be leaving Sataya after lunch.  We need to be back in Hamata harbor latest 4 pm on 29.05. (times given by harbor authorities).


Between 9 am and 2 pm (latest) A bus will be ready to transfer us back to the airport. We will try our best to have these transfer-times fit your flight schedule. for this – we ask you kindly to inform us of your flight times (arrival and departure) asap after booking. It will not be possible to stay longer on board of Sea dream, as the crew needs to prepare the boat for the next group arriving on 30.06.2018. If you feel you need a hotel room right before or after the trip on the boat to spend some time during the day or even a night to connect with your flights, the crew recommends: Marina Lodge in Port Galeb. 15 minutes from the Airport of Marsa Alam.

Program and Activities:

~ 🐬 ~

Obviously, swimming with our dolphin friends and snorkeling the reef, enjoying the sun and completely recharging ourselves – will be our main and priority activities during the day. We may start some of the dolphin trips by setting an intention, bringing in a theme or offering a short guided meditation. All of these things are optional and will be brought in on the flow of synchronicity as the day unfolds naturally.

Other activities will most likely be taking place in the evenings – after sunset (+/- 6 pm) – as during the day, most of the time will likely be spend in the water with our friends / enjoying the great food and having resting-breaks on the boat in between 🙂

Some of these activities will be:

– ⭐ –

– Guided Sirius meditation
– Transformation Meditation
– Open Q and A channeling with Arjun (and we will be inviting the hybrid children)
– CE 5 (UFO) Contact meditation under the stars
– Stargazing
– Yoga classes
– …. and more to be announced!
– Our week will culminate with a BBQ dinner celebration on the boat! Vegetarian & fish 🙂

We invite you to bring your portable instrument, your happy singing voice, your tarot cards or drawing pencils, whatever you feel might add to this trip of a lifetime, so we can play and enjoy our time together even more!

Video Impression:

⭐  Take me to the FAQ page for more information
⭐  Take me to Pictures of previous dolphin trips

If you have any other practical questions, that are not answered here (yet) –
you can reach out to us via e-mail (e:

With Love – Light – and Laughter 😀

Wieteke Koolhof