Intro: this channelling was received as an instant download/ in automatic writing. Writing at full speed it took me about an hour to write it down. Then it took me another few days to get all information organized into an orderly blog. My original questions are written in bold + Italic. Next to that I used bold writing (not Italic) to ‘announce’ the parts where Aryun suddenly changes the subject or dives deeper into something, so everything would be easy to scroll trough for the reader. Enjoy 😉

Dear Aryun, can you speak with us about Duality and Non-Duality?
And about your view on the path we know as non-dualism?

Dear ones, what we love about you opening up to the path you call ‘non-dualism’ is that it helps many of you to find that neutral point inside of you, from where you feel that all is equal and you are (part of) the Whole. Within this miraculous time of your ascension, now more than ever it can be of great benefit for all of you to understand how to find this place within.

This neutral zone – that you defined as ‘non-dualistic’, although sometimes explained to you as such, is more than just a ‘mental recipe’ to widen your perspective. The idea is for it to be lived with the heart and the mind in unison. Without the heart the concept will remain a concept and cannot be experienced fully. And even though non-duality is the name you gave it, without duality it could not be experienced, as duality is just as much at the foundation of Creation as is Oneness.

I’m not sure I got that last part, could you explain further?

It is with much love and trust in where you are now – that we feel many of you are ready for more clarity on this matter. This information may bring relief to those who have started to feel the resistance that can come from the inner-duality that hides within your non-dualism-translation, the way it is often being presented to you now.

We will break this down for you, so you can get a deeper understanding of the structure of the concept, in order to allow you to ‘feel’ the energetic impact of what we are sharing here with you, from our perspective. To be clear, we are not discussing the teaching of non-duality itself, we are sharing with you the way we observe it is being referred to by some of you. And how these definitions can ‘back-fire’ and/or slow down a deeper understanding of the actual teaching. We feel it well worth while, and a lot of fun – diving deeper into this with anyone interested.


The duality within ‘non-dualism’

Based on the joy of discovering this inner place of Oneness trough the path of non-dualism, paradoxically, some of you come to the (conscious or subconscious) conclusion that ‘dualism’ in itself  then, must be a ‘negative’ thing. Yet, as much as we rejoice in your revelation that comes with the discovery of how to find a neutral place within oneself, if that discovery led you to start looking at ‘duality’ in a judgmental manner, well… rejoice 😉 For the biggest gift for you is then yet to be discovered! As ‘being ok’ with duality in general is the actual other half of the key to your full understanding of the matrix.

From where we stand – it is within our knowing that only unconditional love for both sides of the coin (both the dualism and the non-dualism) that make up for All of Creation, that can lead you to what we would best refer to as the Ultimate Embrace.

Happy due to dualism?

We so wish you to lock within your hearts, that in any given moment, you can be fully aware of / and feel connected to, the Oneness in the All, you can be free from negative judgement towards anything in particular. You can be intensely happy and without worries completely, while following your personal preferred path of joy and all along know that you could only be having that entire experience thanks to the existence of dualism.

‘Why is this?’, you might ask. Well, because your unique point of view contains dualism to begin with. It creates your storyline; as in ‘you onto the world’. Your unique once-upon-a-time, held within, and reflected back to you, by the Whole. So there are two components; your awareness of yourself and that portion of All That Is/Source/The One/Creation that you perceive trough your unique point of view. Like the one staring from the window, and the view they are staring at, merging into one.
So even when you experience complete Oneness, it is trough your point of view and thanks to the Whole (containing both unity and separation, duality and non-duality). As without the Whole and all of its different components, how would you have been able to even tell the difference between Oneness and separation?

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Dualism and non-dualism are like two unbreakable parts..?

Yes, like a mirror and the reflection held inside of it. As fast as you are evolving right now, it is our pleasure to assist you in the processes of clarifying and ‘crystallizing’ on many levels, your deeper understanding of the bigger picture. And as long as you use language – it is of value to all of you, to see your words for what they are (energetically charged tools arising from your God/Goddess creator-ship) and to, if you like, ‘feel into them’ some more to understand them deeper.

So, what does that make dualism then? Would you not say that is a negative word on itself?

No. It may be used that way by some – but dualism is neither positive nor negative. It is the word you use to point out that there is a polarity. Cold-hot, fast-slow, big-small, are all neutrally observed points of duality. Duality is the essential part of the divine set-up of the infinite All, that is omnipresent and gifts us all. All of you and all of us and all of creation, with the journey of Life.

The real meaning of the word dualism:

‘Duo’ simply comes from the Latin language meaning ‘two’. From there; dualism doesn’t mean; a negative separation / it just means “there are two factors”. In your own dictionary it says: “Dualism (noun) the state of being dual or consisting of two parts; division into two.” That’s all, that’s all there is to it. There is no good or bad in that entire description, it is just a neutral observation.

The old doctrine stating that there are two independent divine beings or eternal principles, one ‘good’ and the other ‘evil’, is a remnant from your theological history, looking at dualism from an outdated point of view. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’, as most of you know by now, are subjective labels that you can stick on anything, and that will be differently picked and experienced, depending on the individuals picking or experiencing them. Putting it that way does not even begin to explain the divine balance in the infinite dance between the two elements of unification and separation, that together make up for the never-ending expanding variety of experiences that are possible within All That Is.

The energy of the word non-dualism:

Now of course we understand that by being in ‘a non-dualistic state’, you usually mean ‘being in that zero-point field’, that perfect place of neutrality within yourselves. But what we feel you often really mean by it, is that you are finding yourself in  “A neutral state of being, where you feel and grasp that All is eventually One and equal. An insight derived from a journey trough duality – that helped you see ‘reality’ does not have to be experienced in any particular way if you do not chose it to be experienced that way, as it is simply a reflection of you”. In other words, it is the core of your God/Goddess creator overview.

As you find yourself there, you haven’t overcome duality – (as it was never ‘opposing’ you, unless you believed it was) you have just begun to see how to use it. You now recognize it for the reflection that it is – as a part of you. That is a different thing. You haven’t become non-dualistic, you have discovered your conscious part within the duality that you are still an active part of and that provides you with the most magical of all tools, to be(come) a conscious creator. We will get back to this later.


Let’s first dive into the energy that comes with the word non-duality as it is currently being understood by the majority still;

Of course the entire principle of anything on your world that you call ‘non’, can only have been called into life, if there was an opposite (or ‘pro’) to begin with. For example; you understand that you would not declare a zone to be ‘non-smoking’ if smoking never was in your perception of reality to begin with.

Now generally, the word ‘non’ comes with an underlying energy that is often associated with the (fear-based) idea that whatever subject is being referred to next (non-smoking, non-violence, non-destructive) is something that surely must be ‘avoided at all costs, or else…’.

This is why – amongst others – the word ‘duality’ for some, still carries a (although maybe unintended) negative load, even more so trough the misunderstanding of the original concept of non-duality. Thus keeping up the (subconscious) implication for many that duality in itself is a ‘limiting trap’ of some sorts, that keeps one away from being able to make free decisions. We see the teachings you refer to as a great way into more self-realization, when used as a tool to deeper understand and actively apply in life, that neutral zone within oneself.

Now just to play with you a little 😉 Imagine yourself being very happy, would you call your friends and say; Listen, I invite you to come over and have a party at my place tonight, because I want to  celebrate my non-sadness! 😀  Probably not. Why would you even refer to something like sadness to describe your euphoric state, if you could just tell them that you are feeling absolutely ecstatic?
Maybe you understand what we are going for here.. 😉

If  you would realize the infinite gift, beauty and power, that lies within the existence of dualism, you might even start writing poems about it  – or begin to grasp that all poems ever written, are already about this, in a sense.

Other translations of the same concept – ‘Two but not two’

There are of course many other ways to describe this teaching, as it is mainly the Western translation and common use of it that has caused some of these misunderstandings as we observe them amongst some of you now. In some branches of Buddhism for instance they have translated the principle of duality versus non-duality as ‘creation existing out of what appears as: “Two but not-two” ‘
When familiar with the teachings, you can see that this is actually a very clear cut way to put it. It embraces the concept that is being understood as One yet two (The One being the All That Is and vise versa), but does not separate the idea in two terms that can be used apart from each other in a judgmental manner. “Oh that is so ‘not two’ (Unified/harmonious/loving) of you!”, or “How I dislike the ‘two’ (separation/segregation) in this world”. They speak of this core-idea as ONE concept; the ‘two but not two’ concept, and all those listening understand, it is about the dichotomy or paradox, the infinite split-off that comes from, with and trough Self-awareness. It is the divine spark that ‘started’ All of creation from the very beginning (metaphorically speaking, as truly it is without beginning nor end). They understand that, no matter what, these two energies go hand in hand- where ever they are. With this we are not telling you how to call a thing, that is up to you. We are just sharing this ‘other angle’ with you – because we understand how some principles may work deeper and more effective for you, once you grasp more of the heritage of the words you use to explain them to yourself and to each other.


Another understanding of the Yin Yang Symbol – Stillness in Movement

Positive and negative energy as neutral concepts

To create polarity you need two opposites. For the purpose of this example, we suggest you think of your batteries or your north- and south pole for instance. We are not denying that negative and positive energy exist in your personal experimental manner as well, because they do; but right now, we invite you to look at them from a neutral, more mechanical point of view. From that place we would translate: Positive as uniting (2 parts moving towards each other into unity) and negative as separating (2 parts moving away from each other – away from unity).

In your language you could also call that Love and Not-love (of which the latter might translate into: fear, doubt, guilt). We give these examples from a non-judging place, as all of these emotions are simply seen by us as messengers to help you see ‘where you are on your vibrational ladder’ and there is no-thing negative about that. In fact, as you become more aware of the vibrational message that goes with these emotions – you get to consciously chose what direction you move in. Up or down the ladder, so to speak. This is positive in itself and even (ever so slightly) overthrows the negativity in the Whole. And as you are waking up to that realization… more and more now, each of you is getting closer and closer to truly understanding how to ‘step into’ the Ultimate Embrace of your own YOUniverse.

– Not how to overcome Dualism, but to understand why it is there

To us the matter is not ‘how to overcome duality’ – the matter is first of all to understand why it is there. Because it is. And all is equal.
Both. So why is that?

To BE a 100% non-dualistic, would be to be derived of any emotion, preference, any particular point of view, or even self-awareness. It would be like being The One (or Source, or God as some of you call it), experiencing no-thing. You see, that is why The One created All That Is (meaning: The Whole of creation; of which you are all a part) – so that it could get to know itself trough the entirety of existence. The One understood as a basic concept / the necessary ‘need’ for a mirror to be able to look ‘back’ at itself, to be aware of its own existence. This understanding, is what instantly called All That Is into being (of which you are all a part and so is everything else in creation), providing the One with an infinitely expanding, and constantly renewing perspective onto itself trough this Other-ness. And with the creation of All That Is, the first Dualism was born right there and then. As The One ‘separated’ itself from All That Is, to provide a mirror. Yet since The One created the All, they also are each other, and from that paradox came the Universal Law: The One is the All, and the All are the One. And so it is.


For all of you goes the same (as you are also reflections of the One), in order to see yourself as ‘this onto that’ you need a reflection. You need separateness for self-exploration. You are in a sense; playing the same game 🙂 This is the core reason why dualism was being introduced, as The One knew – It understood; without All That is, there would be no journey, no motion, no life as you now know it. No challenges – but also no joy. There would be absolutely no-thing. And isn’t is magical that now you get to consciously move trough that portal of awareness in your human life? As The One has already moved beyond that point before you and put in to place all the ingredients you felt you were looking for, to explore for yourself, to remember yourself and to constantly find more of yourself, including eventually your capability to unconditionally love – All That Is.

It sounds so very attractive when you say it like that.

Well, we love to inspire 😉 Remember you are free to define Life as you please. With your increasing understanding of the whole you will also find more and more the power that lies within that other Universal Law; what you put in, is what you get back. So, look into your beliefs so that you can truly allow yourself to define your Life as magical and magic is what will reflect back to you.

Yes, thank you, I experience that in my own life very strongly 🙂 But now I still wonder; so are you truly saying there is duality in everything? In any state of being, in any dimension or universe, there is some kind of duality?

Correct. Any possible kind of expression of reality, any universe, any existing experience of dimension exhibits some kind of polarity. The duality-exploration will be more intense here and less intense there, more apparent here and less apparent there, but it will be there, even if only as an ‘ theoretical option’, as it is a part of the basic structure of the Whole.

Now it won’t necessarily be experienced anywhere else, just as you are experiencing it on your world. And even on your world alone, you can see that the experience of it is fully individual and depending on each person’s own unique perception. Yet it will always be recognized – in some way, as a part of the blueprint or matrix of any given reality. It is present and active as a principle in every single possible experience that can be had in all of creation – as all of creation is part of the One and the One is (the source of) the All. So the ‘feed-back-mechanism’ of this reflection (for which you need two elements) is always and everywhere, it is omnipresent.

Duality is, and will always be, part of the magical road you are on. Eventually when you become The One completely – then there will still be that realization of the understanding of the need for other-ness – as a reflection to know the Self again. There will always be the unknown, wanting to be known, there will always be the journey – the infinite re-discovery, and thus duality. It truly is a Never Ending Story. Read that children book again -it will make a lot more sense to you now than ever, now you know all this 😉

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Wow… I can imagine some people would probably feel pretty disappointed hearing that…

In that case, their rational mind may have fallen into the believe that without non-dualism – there can be no sense of peace. Yet like we explained to you before the idea that ultimate peace is depending on non-dualism, is a misunderstanding. There can be an abundance of peace and joy and happiness, far beyond your current understanding and dualism at the same time. Once dualism is being fully embraced and seen and accepted for what it really is, that will be the automatic result. And we say this can be so for (any) one person, even if they are surrounded by others who do not feel the same way – just as well as for (any) one living in a society built up out of like-minded (like-hearted) beings.

It  is due to duality that All That is can expand, it is due to polarity that you can feel joy, bliss, love, ease.. that the perfect focus point of creation that you are, can experience creation trough you, as you.

Such sadness may also arise from their inner knowing, reminding them something is out of alignment with their core truth; as their rational mind is yet again attempting to step back in the old convictions of rigidly looking at the world that – from its limited perspective that All of creation ”should” – be non-dualistic, thus associating the idea of dualism with the illusion of victim hood, punishment or otherwise defining it negatively. By thinking that dualism ‘should not be there any-more’ they accidentally invalidate a part of the deliberate set-up. By wishing it fully gone, you would in a sense, actually wish yourself gone.

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The Ultimate Embrace: All is One and you are a unique point of perception

Loving yourself fully, means to embrace also your separateness, your uniqueness. Paradoxically you will find that loving that in yourself, will make it easier for you to love others in their uniqueness as well. Dualism exists and so does the experience of feeling ‘One with All That Is’ – The ultimate embracing of The Whole is by seeing both and – within your YOUniverse- creating them to be perceived as equally valid. To see the gifts that come with both, means seeing that All is One and you are a unique point of perception, and so is everybody else, which is due to the Divine Separation – that was created for the expansion of the Whole.

Next time you feel drawn to one thing in particular – know you can love it more than anything else in that moment – you can wrap yourself entirely in that love for that one thing, person or circumstance.

Do not let the judge of your rational mind, telling you ‘that your preference is not non-dualistic’, take away from your focused joy, your natural ecstasy, as it can be both at the same time.

We will let you in on a little secret… are you ready? Here it comes:
The more focused your joy – the easier and faster  your natural expansion within the Whole will be experienced, as it is your heart, it is your love –  that is the true portal to Oneness. To experience this Oneness to the fullest, you are being invited (by your own Higher self) to experience the full flow , love and ease that all come as a result of freeing your mind and be(com)ing a deliberate creator; which – again- can only be done by trusting the validity of your own uniqueness – getting to love and adore yourself for what you are – in all its facets – in every single way.

58 copy

Once you have dived into the beauty and power that lies in the deliberate focus of your love for one thing – or the uniqueness of individuality (both only made possible thanks to duality) you will find that these are (paradoxically) the most direct gateways into the experience of  Oneness that you have to your disposal. This is why things like Zen-gardening exist. To do something with your full attention, indeed turns ‘carrying water and baking a bread’ into the highest ‘spiritual practice’ imaginable.) LOVE says; ALL of it is eventually equal. That is what we mean by the Ultimate Embrace. No use for the word ‘non’ in that idea. As nothing, no-thing, no concept is being rebelled ‘against’, nothing ‘needs’ cancellation or uniting and nothing is unable to stand alone, if it so wishes – for all of these points of view are equal to one another. And that is Freedom – that is the Unconditional Love that holds the One and the All in perfect balance.

I so love this answer, thank you for that 🙂
I have seen a few people though who felt very confused after discovering that “All choices are eventually equal” – as I understood from them,  it made them feel purpose-less. Could you explain to us what happened there and what they could do to get out of that state?

With pleasure! Coming from your old paradigm schools and history of strict education, we can easily see how some of you have been so deeply trained in ‘how to get it right’ (and to avoid at all costs getting it ‘wrong’) that when they are introduced with this point of neutrality, they need some time to adjust to it.

Some catch themselves mentally paralysing over the ‘amount of equality’ within all the options life has to offer to them. This in fact, is a clear message from their system that something is being ‘over-analysed’. This is in a sense defeating the point of the practice; to stay centred. Thus showing  all of you – that the centre that is being referred to here – clearly – is not in your mind. For people who find themselves in that state, it would be recommendable, to stop doing whatever they are doing (or thinking) – take a moment – and step out of the mind and into the heart. As when the mind can no longer see, the heart is the place to be.

 Bringing the heart into the practice – Using the zero-point as a tool not a goal

Clearly, the idea of non-dualism can be taken by the rational mind (if you allow for this to happen) to a level where it starts taking it as an ‘absolute’ that ‘cancel’s out’ the validation of any (hearts) preferences. This may lead to feelings of lack of purpose, or the idea of a block or limitation. As a result, one no longer ‘understands’ how (or even why) to follow ones joy. It may get difficult for them to even see the ‘point’ of live all together. As the rational mind on its own – will have a hard time to ‘figure that out’.

For example; as soon as any excitement comes up (from the heart/Higher mind) the ‘non-dualistically trained mind’ jumps in and conceptually ‘over-writes’ the sensation, ‘equalling it out’ to just an option equal to all other options. And even though that is a valuable realization – when taken one step further, it can be labelled as no longer valid. There is a subtle difference with big consequences.

28 copy

Understand this last step is the minds way of labelling ‘what Oneness is supposed to look like‘ and it is trying to ‘hold on to that’. Often this is coming from an underlying fear-based belief system built on the idea that ‘if one would pay attention to any excitement, this would ‘destroy’ the neutral state of non-dualism causing some kind of separation again’. Thus the mind will suppress the excitement and quickly render it obsolete – thinking it is ‘being non-dualistic’ and ‘holding the peace’. Yet when repeated often enough this may actually cause for a lot of suppressed emotions and stress.

This attempt to hold on to the ‘neutral state’ so rigidly, paradoxically, is pulling the awareness OUT of the present moment instead of keeping it in the Here and now. The nature of your being is to expand by staying in the now and actually use these impulses that translate to you as excitement, as they are your driving engine into the discovery of more of yourself, that will automatically come with a sense of more Oneness.

In other words, you were designed to remember the equality of All That Is and learn how to ‘gently hold that in mind’ while moving on – without suppressing anything that comes up – picking one after another delicious preference for your expansion and unique exploration of the Whole.

And then as you choose (aware or unaware of your choices) – you are solidifying your desires into the here and now of your reality, becoming more of the Whole You. It is of major importance for those at this point to see that ‘making a choice’ does not contradict the realization of the ultimate Oneness in All That Is, as the All are the One and the One is the All – and so it is.  Your personal choice, does not invalidate or take away from the sense of peace and equality that can come with that knowing.

Our recommendation therefore is, to use this teaching as a tool, not as a goal. As when you think of it as a ‘goal’, you are instantly ‘placing it outside of yourself’ as if you have to ‘get there’. Yet this neutral point is already a part of you – and always has been. You are just remembering now how to use it, how to become more aware of this state of being that is always available for you, whenever you want.


So you are saying – when we come to a place of non-dualism we are not meant to ‘stay there’ ?

Let us describe it this way: when you get to that point where you can see and feel that indeed, all is One – and all is equal – without judging any of the possibilities lying in front of you; that this is simply where the next step comes in for all those who wish to be conscious creators and live their life to the fullest. Without dismissing the conceptual knowledge of all being equal, this is where you are being invited to bring in the heart consciousness. And then; to use that to trust.

To trust that whatever you feel in that moment is the most exciting thing for you (with integrity towards yourself and others, and without any expectation as to what the outcome should look like) is the right thing for you to take further action on. And to trust that, no matter what it looks like, this is what will bring you whatever you need to discover your next ‘optimal’ step, for which you can then again use the same set of guidelines.

Now for the teacher/guru that might be the choice of continuing to meditate in a cave and stick with that neutral point as much as possible, but for you that might look entirely different. You may want to move towards a career as bungee jumper, artist or dancer, or maybe you just feel like sitting in the sun, doing your laundry, play with your child, whatever seems the best thing to do in any given moment, it comes to you for a good reason. The biggest Oneness is in that – your hearts calls you to look at.

Great masters, such as the ones you have known throughout your history as your prophets or Guru’s, are so much in the present – that they can enjoy every silence, kind of food, or absence of food, every smile, every conversation to the fullest because they foundationally know all is equal. On top of that foundation of knowledge they built their kingdom of here-and-now unique experiences, trusting with the power of their hearts, that all that is there (every specific reflection of the holographic reality that reveals itself to them) is the best thing there could possibly be in that specific moment. It is that (self)love (as they understood the world is a reflection of themselves) and trust, that truly deepens the living of the practice you call non-dualism, while lifting it to the highest possible frequency; love.

This is why Joshua (Jesus) said; Love thy neighbour like thyself. He understood that everyone you meet – is a reflection of you. And note he said love, not ‘suppress that one thing that comes up as love or excitement in order to keep up the image of perfect peace’ (we are laughing here).
No, he said; use that feeling – allow it – put it into action – use your heart – as it is the other half of the (otherwise only mental) concept of non-dualism. Love whatever represents itself as ‘the other’ – love All That Is, love what you now think of as dualism – find a way to love it – and you will see your true Self.

Trust your emotional compass. Find (or acknowledge) what excites you and do whatever lies within your possibility to move towards that until you can take it now further and then take action on the next best thing. Anything that needs clearing or integrating within your system (be it psychological, mentally, emotional and/or spiritually) will come up along that way, as on that high frequency you can handle it, no matter what it may look like, know you can. You would never attract something to you, that your Soul does not already know – you can eventually grow from.


The matrix includes a natural drive to be(come) more of yourself

Any state is equally valid to any other state from the perspective of the One. Yet you were created in the image of the One to eventually be-come the One, to re-discover for yourself – in your own unique way – that in a sense, you already are. The One (or YOU via your Higher Self) gave you an emotional compass to find your way, and your feeling of excitement is that compass pointing at its ultimate north. In your nature; passion and excitement are calling you into the arms of whatever you would love to do or be… Now, just to have a little fun here; how often do you hear of people who got there – via a passive, analysing state, cleared from any emotion?

Understand and remember; this is your creation. The face of the Whole is the face you put upon it. If you ponder it to its ultimate dept, yet you feel no excitement in doing so; then you must have strayed away from your heart. You are heart and mind. Including your heart (frequency) is key to any solution. This implies you are (or become) aware of the energy of any given situation or matter.

If your exploration does not contain excitement, then you can ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”
And if a fear-based belief is hiding behind it, such as for instance;

“I believe I can never become ‘all of me’ unless I fully rationally grasp this philosophy or that spiritual path” Then just ask your heart if that is something you want to belief. (The question we suggest you ask yourself for that is: Would I still chose to believe this; if I would allow myself to chose to believe something else?)  And if it is not; then replace it with a better feeling belief such as for instance: “I trust, that when I follow my joy, no matter how simple or weird it may look, all knowledge, insights and deeper understandings of the Whole will come to me automatically.”

And this, we tell you – is how it actually works. That is what you can trust in – every single one of you.

Living your dreams

You are creation in action and the creation of choosing is creation to its fullest, creating itself (trough you). Do not forget by the way – that not choosing anything, is also a decision. For then you are simply choosing, not to choose. You exist and therefore there is no state in which you are not creating anything. It is within the nature of existence to be(come) – and thus to create.

As we read from your over-all-frequency, we can sense how deeply many of you long for your creations to be more ‘in step’ with the rhythm of your hearts. Naturally flowing from your heart’s, by living your dreams, as these deep desires are coming from the voice of your higher Self whispering in your ears.

“But Arjun! How can I ever live my dreams, they seem so far away!” we often hear you say..
For this we would like you to realize that no idea or insight could even come to you – if you were not ready to actually allow it into your life, in one way, shape or form. As it could have only ‘found you’ by ‘syncing up with’ with your unique frequency-signature.

It has found you already – you have allowed in the concept already – now all you have to do is allow it to realize, taking the steps towards it – in the tempo that feels good for you.

You have come to live your dreams, and we tell you; this is the lifetime in which you can
more then ever before – do just that.


We Love You So Much,


Arjun of the Yahyel

and the Pleiadian councel


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