How does Channelling 'work'? Blog

So you may have seen some (awesome) video’s of Bashar and really be into Abraham Hicks and have read the Seth-material and done a lot more of your own investigation as well – or maybe you are even channelling a (Interstellar or other) guide yourself ๐Ÿ˜€

But still you sometimes wonder; now how does this channelling-thing actually work?
As you can imagine I’ve been wondering about this myself, just like you I also have this rational-mind part that ‘wants in on it’ haha!

I receive most of the ‘downloads’ from my Pleiadian guide Yayel as full concepts – many of which contain images, emotions, and sometimes even short ‘films’. In asking him directly about this topic, and after doing additional research (often just to find the words that ‘go with’ the images shown to me haha) and based on my own personal experiences as a (Interstellar) channel, I have come to a ‘kind of’ A-B-C understanding of the concept of channelling for myself. I am not saying this is the ‘ultimate truth’ about channelling – I regard it like another tiny piece of that mysterious Whole, seen trough my personal perspective. This information might be an addition to those who are already open mindedly interested in the topic of channelling. I would say; take what resonates with you – and please leave the rest behind ๐Ÿ™‚

Due to my ‘art-school and designer’ history, I thought it might be fun to share the ‘download-images’ the way I received them from my guide(s) – as illustrations custom made for the purpose of deeper clarification of the concept. The designs in this blog – although somewhat simplified – are as close as I could get in duplicating these principles, that were originally explained to me tele(m)pathically. The same goes for the descriptions next to it: verbal definitions of what the images represent in our language are limited to my own vocabulary which is why I translate these concepts in general terms such as ‘elemental parts’, ‘chi’ and ‘energy’… Which might actually be a good thing as most of you are probably no physicist either haha – (if you are I’d love to learn the ‘actual terms’ from you in the comments below).

Anyway, I have done my best to paint a clear picture haha. So for those who are curious – enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

The simple version: We are ALL channelling ALL the time

To explain this basic idea I will first share the story of the beginning (with no end) with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we started this creation, we were all one with Source. This Source in human concepts is called God, Allah, the Beloved, Krishna or as our star family refers to it: The One. Source wanted to experience it Self in many ways and shapes, one of them being ‘a state of being that would posses the ability to completely forget – so it could experience the joy and ecstasy that comes with the rediscovering of itself’. This is why and when we started materializing into the material world.

‘Physically’ this begun with what we call The Big Bang (which is basically a part of a much bigger orchestration of Big Bangs; in a never ending process). Source used this manifestation as a way to split itself into many, many parts. Every single part of this consciousness (God-sparks), representing – and being aware of a specific quality of Source. This is your unique connection with Source and Oneness-consciousness. This seemingly ‘falling apart’ of the whole created an amazing playing-field of endless possibilities and ways in which every single part could rediscover its own God-ness. This creation is what we call All That Is. The concept of ‘Time’ was created at this level for these parts to create the possibility of a linear experience of life – so that the ‘discovery’ would be even more exciting (as one focus-point of awareness could not see into the future or rationally figure out what was to come next).

Source (or The One), by having created All That Is, had found a mechanism to ‘feed back information’ to itself, so that it could continue to ‘get to know itself’ in an infinite way of possibilities.
To do this it (was and still) is using every single shard of itself, every single focus-point of awareness, as a channel to translate information ‘back to itself’ about All That Is, and about how Life is uniquely being experienced by any one of those specific focus points of awareness. You could also see this as a hand with many fingers – all fingers sensing and having their own experience of a particular surface and communicating this information back into the hand.

Now none of these focus points were actually ever ‘truly’ cut-off, as they are all part of All That Is (The hand) and everything in All That Is, is always tracing back to Source (the rest of the ‘body’ that the hand belongs to) as this is where it all originated from.

So in a sense Source is ‘channelling itself‘ trough you (trough all of us) – into manifestation and into the experience of life as you experience it (in which you still have free will, as this is part of the time-space game that we have all agreed upon before we came here). In your personal exploration of Life, you are collecting experiences – that you are (subconsciously) ‘sending back’ to your Higher Self- and eventually to Sourceย directly all-the-time.

Illustration example of Source,

While these 3 parts may seem separated in this image – they are also all parts of the one and same ‘Whole’ – represented by the circle.

Yayel: (excerpt from a vocal channelling) “…And even though we say you are ‘focussed’ in your third dimension, we are reminding you now; the bigger part of you – is still ‘up there’. You are your ownย  never-ending portal to Source, and it is holding every necessary bit of information for you that you may want to use in your life ‘down here’ to make it as magical as possible. By tapping into that bigger part of you, (by reaching for a higher frequency of perceiving life as you perceive it) into that Higher Mind or Soul-part of you; you will rediscover the God-ness within yourself, the divine creator that you are. You will start to unveil that which you once knew could happen on this earth-plane. As this is what you came here to do; you came to make your dreams come true. To create new worlds by lining up with, and by being in alignment with, this higher guidance that is You and Source itself simultaneously.
In your remembrance of this bigger part, you will become more of it, more of your ‘True Self’. As you follow your excitement, you will begin to radiate this energy to others. They will understand on some level, what you have found to be true for yourself, must also be possible for them; as what you will be radiating outward is of such a high level of love, trust and bliss – you will see the proof of what it means when you say ‘like can only attract like’. No matter how fairy-tale-like this may seem to your rational minds; love, joy, bliss and enthusiasm for life are the original ‘home’-frequencies for all of you. Those who resonate with that frequency will find you, and you will dance together in celebration of your uniqueness. Once you ‘get the hang of this state’ by allowing your Higher Mind-perspective to become an active part of you, you will find that there can be no wind (no reflection, no situation)– that can not fill your sails!”

Channelling; Constant Oversoul Connection

Channelling; Constant (Over)Soul Connection

The in-dept version: A Conscious Channelling Connection

Now we know that we are actually all ‘already’ channelling by nature, the question is; what is the difference between channelling in that way – and in the way ‘professional channellers’ say to ‘make a connection’? The difference between those two simply lies in the consciously trained awareness of it.

That fundamental ‘channelling of our own Soul’ – we basically have been doing ‘by default’ for ages (although not since ‘for ever’, as humanity has been very aware of these different states before in the past). As everything moves in cycles, you could say that we are just rising up ‘back into’ the awareness of all of this again. This time and age is a very special time of awakening as we have all co-created the potential of growing spiritually – in one lifetime – more then was ever possible before. And so many are now waking up to a ‘more aware perception’ of the different states or frequencies that we can allow ourselves to experience, as being our multi-dimensionality, in any given moment.

Even professional ‘unconscious trance-channellers’ eventually have made an agreement on a higher level to do so – and can make the conscious decision to bring that agreement into action in this world.ย  They still get to decide when they ‘start’ channelling and understand afterwards that that was what they were doing, although they may not be (fully) able to rationally recall the exact contents of the shared information once they ‘come back out of it’.

Brain-Frequencies and the Conscious Channelling State

There are 5 types of brainwaves frequencies; Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. You can find more about these here. I will go deeper into only one of them here (no pun intended haha) and this will be the frequency connected to the channelling state in specific, which is called the “Gamma-state” (between 40 and 100 cycles per second or: 40/100 Hertz).

Note: You are also in this state when you do something that you really, really love to do, something that completely absorbs you. Like painting (and fully forgetting all about time, going to the bathroom or having something to eat) or figuring out a scientific formula if that is your passion, or just walking in the forest, lying in the sun, playing with your dog, being fully and completely in love (this is the best example according to Yayel haha) – or any state that comes close to that ‘timeless – completely here-and-now’ – feeling, where all is well, and not a single worry could ‘accidentally’ enter your mind as there simply is no room – for that kind of frequency – to enter your system (so to speak) next to the Gamma state, while you are in it. This also instantly tells you whether you are in it fully or not, because as soon as any discomforting feeling creeps in; you are already on your way out of Gamma. Beginning channellers may sense more difficulty connecting with their guide when they are in a low frequency themselves – or feel they get ‘disconnected’ when they doubt or worry a lot. In a sense this can indeed be the case. I will write another blog focussing on the impact of emotional states on the channelling connection.

To use an analogy by Bashar (channelled by Darryl Anka) we could compare the generalย  idea of ‘lower’ and ‘higher frequencies’ with the different states of water:

Highest frequencies steam Consciousness
Medium frequencies water
(electromagnetheric energy)
Lower frequencies ice Matter

All things are Spirit vibrating at different frequencies. Matter is solidified energy. Matter is Spirit energy vibrating at a slower frequency. Your body is solidified Spirit, crystallized Spirit. Your Spirit is not in your body. Your body is in your Spirit. As you raise your vibrations, you become more Spirit-like, moving closer towards fluid-like Spirit, thereby making your reality creation more malleable and easily changeable. (Bashar)


Channelling-your-heart-illustration-Design4awareness (2012)

Once you train yourself to recognize and ‘hold’ this Gamma frequency, you basically ‘open the door’ for more inspiration, for more flow, for more guidance to enter your brain (this state actually- physically- works in co-operation with your heart – but I will safe that for another blog as well). This is why many people intuitively know, when they are under a lot of stress, while facing a problem, sometimes just going for a walk may ‘clear their mind just enough’ to come up with a nice ‘out of the box solution’ for their problem. This is because a mind under pressure does not come up with ‘good ideas’ and that in turn is because we are basically ‘keeping the inspirational door locked’.

The natural way to train yourself into Gamma and ‘hold’ it for a while is by going with the flow, and following your heart, as much as possible, in any given moment, without any expectation of a certain outcome (since that would introduce that idea of ‘pressure’ yet again), with integrity towards yourself and others. Also the gamma frequency is usually found in people as they meditate, or do yoga, or do any other kind of mindfulness technique, as these cause you us to also be that same wavelength. At least it does for those that resonate with these techniques – so always check in with yourself what works for you – as we are all different and unique ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, so let’s say you can ‘hold’ yourself ‘in Gamma’ pretty good.
You may then start to begin to recognize these moments of heightened awareness, ease and bliss, you may start to really feel like indeed ‘the doors are wide open’ and you may start to see possibilities that you didn’t see before. This is basically where we start to consciously channel our own higher minds*.
(*I use the words Higher Mind or Soul or Higher Self, all as referring to that energetic connection that we have – that brings us closer to Source).


No Gamma state


Gamma state / heightened awareness ‘pulling in’ more life-energy (also known as Ki, Chi or Prana).














Your Higher Self or Soul, can provide compassion, love, wise counsel and spiritual guidance just as well as any guide. Both spiritual guides as well as your Higher Self are here to serve your growth, and assist you (and others) in living your higher purpose – and ultimately they are all connected to the same Source that we are all ‘made out of’. So basically, all of this is just Source ‘cross-connecting’ several parts of it Self – to it Self. This energetically cross-connecting (or becoming aware of your own multi-dimensionality) is just as magical as getting to know another person in 3D (which is a lot more magical then we take for granted ;)), it can have the same, if not even more depth, as this ‘other’ part of you (whether experienced as Higher Self or as a Higher dimensional guide) holds an unshakable vision of love, and can share with you the ‘Overview’ that it has on life, seen from its higher perspective, from the higher dimensions it resides in.

So how do we actually ‘receive’ this information and inspiration?

Again, we are receiving messages from our Souls all the time, as our minds are like perfect computers, designed (sometimes in very unique ways) to pick up on these. This is why I feel we all basically are a Design4awareness ;). Yet, like mentioned before, it takes a certain wavelength to receive the best quality. You could compare this to fine-tuning a radio, if you have trouble setting it (aka your mind) to the ‘right station’ because the frequencies are a little messed up by say stress, lack of sleep or worry, we tend to get ‘less quality’ “feed-back”. I call this ‘feed-back’ because we are in a constant dialogue with our higher selves (even while we sleep). We are ‘exploring’ life in 3D and sending our ‘findings’ ‘back up’ to our Higher selves all the time. So, if we think earth is a horrible place and we fear bad things may happen to us, the rational mind may start interfering with our ‘astral connection’ and start repeating fears and worries as it thinks it ‘needs to do something’ but does not know how to ‘handle’ the situation. In these cases the divine inspiration and loving guidance – that are being send down to us non-stop from the non-physical plane, may have a hard time ‘sinking in’ deep enough for us to catch up upon. As we have ‘closed the doors’ for clear reception.

But this information is being send to us – all the time. And this is what that may look like (in my understanding of it). The double triangle is a deliberately chosen shape – and carries a lot of additional meaning that I will safe for a later blog as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

Channelling - how does it work for the brain?

Receiving information from the Higher Mind or Soul, and sending information ‘back up’ to it.

Our brains and also the shape of our skulls work as unique receivers and transmitters of information.
ย  In the middle of theย  brain, in the centre of the ‘Corpus Collossum‘ – is a place where a strongly focussed connection from the Higher Self to the Physical Self can take place. Some call this the ‘God spark’. This part of the brain is like a rounded ‘box’ (a bit like a sound system box; meant to amplify, connect and bridge information – not only from one brain half to the other, but also from higher spheres to the lower and vice versa) filled up with an enormous compact amount of ‘receiver-cells’ that are called ‘white matter’ in medical terms. (Yayel showed this to me as ‘water made of light’ held in a ‘boomerang shape’ (as everything keeps coming ‘back’ here) functioning as a ‘super-conductor-station’.


It is the perfect place to be ‘connected’ to a flow of information based on a light frequency level. From there – any ‘incoming information’ instantly triggers the pineal gland to help ‘decipher’ the message into a sudden insight, a creative idea or any other form in which the inspiration may come to us. Whatever way is chosen; our Imagination (and daring to trust this) is absolute key. Then this unique frequency-translation of the idea is being send towards the base of the brain, the limbic zone or Thalamus, where the information is being send ‘down’ further into the system, turning it into a physical sensation (to accompany the thought in your head). A direct and clear reception of this light frequency (if it not being blocked by the rational mind, distrust or sub-conscious negative belief-patterns) can be recognized as the sensation we know as excitement. It is THIS sensation (whether it translates as shivers, a sudden outburst of laughter, a wave of relaxation, or a big sigh of relief, this is all up to your personal programming) that tells you that you are ‘in tune’ with your higher self.

If all messages from my Soul are positive, how is it possible I feel so many other emotions during my life? When you are experiencing lower frequency emotions such as fear (and you are not actually in acute danger – for ‘fear’ then is a actually functional ‘call to action’ to help you move out of the way of a car driving straight at you for instance) – this then tells you that the originalย  high-vibe frequency from the Higher Selfย  is (often subconsciously) running ‘trough’ a filter or belief-system that is out of alignment with your True self. For example, you may be told that you just won a ticket to make a journey to a far country that you have never been to before. You may be exited but also feel fear in the background, as you have no idea what this journey will be like, or maybe you have heard some troubling stories about this country in the past. The ‘fear sensation’ leads you to the understanding that the rational mind must be ‘interfering’ with the clear reception of your Higher Selves radio-frequency ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once you see this, you can transform the negative belief – with which you not only release the rational mind from doing more then its natural job (which clearly does not involve ‘seeing into the future’), you also bring yourself back ‘in sync’ with the positive, curious, excitement-frequency. So it can flow freely again and even start to increase in power, because now you have really cleared the way for it to become a full part of you. This is why it is so worth it to investigate your thoughts and emotions, and when you feel ‘held back’ or ‘warning signals’ popping up, to look at where they are coming from. This is where the real work is involved to get towards the ‘Knowing Thou Self’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

A scientifically proven change of ‘handling information’ in the brain during Channelling

During channelling in a focussed trace-state, many channellers experience specific physical sensations. Often around the head and neck area, but this can be anywhere in the body depending on their way of channelling and their personal agreements with their guide. I will devote a separate blog on this subject as I have gotten to understand the mechanism behind this.

A very common side-effect though is pressure or warmth on certain parts of the head. Some channellers actually feel the shift of focus inside their brains when they ‘tune in’ – or a heat that builds up during the channelling as the brain is (literally) so much more active as it would usually be during ‘normal awareness’. I am quite familiar with this as well and was happily surprised when I was given this link by a friend of mine. In this investigation scientists have tested channellers (in the past called ‘mediums’) who channel non-physical energies or spirits from the Soul-level (6th density/ 7th dimension). They took brain-scans of these people during the channelling. The test results showed that in any of these people while they were connected to spirit; the part of the brain that is usually actively involved while handling a ‘language-related’ activity such as writing or speaking, was basically ‘turned off’. Instead; another part of the brain, which is normally hardly active during the day, but is while we are sleeping or dreaming – was highly activated.

The image below shows the brain activity (in yellow) in a dreaming person, which is overall a lot higher as the activity inside a persons brain, who is consciously trying to solve a mathematical problem. Link to the source of this image including a fun overview of the parts of the brain that are activated or ‘turned of’ during dreaming). According to most channellers (myself included), channelling indeed feels very similar to being in some kind of aย  dream-state ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dreaming or Channelling - Brain activity

To me this makes a lot of sense; as while you are channelling, you will be focussed on-ย  and actively connected to another dimension (similar to being in the dream state). Also, the part of the rational brain that would usually ‘need’ to be active in order to work with language, is simply not needed at that moment, as the rational mind is indeed not supposed to be involved (at least it is not – in a clear and pure channelling).

This is why I belief any ‘high quality channellings’ are always free from fear – and are uplifting, loving, patient, self-empowering and without any insistence on a certain outcome from the side of the guide towards the questioner. There will be clear answers at any given moment; even when certain answers cannot be given; in such cases a well practised and pure channel will usually let the questioner politely know that an answer can not be given at that moment. Guides may chose not to answer certain questions, as they can see from their perspective, that the answer would be ‘taking away a part of the Higher Path’ for the questioner – the answer might supposed to be ‘found’ in life itself or trough another person/situation for them to get the maximal benefit out of their journey. In clear channelling, there will generally be no hesitations, no doubts and certainly no remarks that cause upset or confusion, unless the guide can lovingly explain why they choose to communicate that way and it all adds up to being more clarifying and loving in the end ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep in mind though that some guides can be quite playful and may now and then leave a questioner with an ‘open ending’ or a subtle hint, something you may not understand right away – but that will start to make sense over a longer period of time. These are often incredible gifts if you allow yourself to see them for what they’re worth ๐Ÿ˜‰

Diving into the Cosmos: ET-channelling

Now if you got this far – you may still wonder; how does a connection to a guide from another star-system take place? For this I asked Yayel to send me an explanation and he did ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all you need to know this; ALL channelling is done trough the Individual Soul as this is the natural ‘next step up’ the vibrational ladder of All that you Are and so the logical gateway for any guide to get to your ‘individual mind’.

Now the Soul (or Higher Self) – is the ‘place’ where your bigger part is while the ‘persona-you’ is focussed in 3D. This Individual Soul has the overview of many other simultaneous parallel lives (linearly labelled as ‘past- or future lives’) that this bigger part of you is experiencing. It is therefor also known as ‘The afterlife’ or Spirit Realm Reality. This is understood to be a 7th dimensional (or 6th density) realm. Were you to go there (so when you ‘return to it’ – after your transition – or what we call ‘death’) you could guide ‘other parts of your Soul’ that are still incarnated – or you could go for another ride ๐Ÿ˜‰ and incarnate again to continue whatever theme you wish to play out this time.

Now bare with me; This Individual Soul — also has a Soul — as everything is cross-connecting and evolving all the time and eventually leads back up all the way to The One – this is simply the ‘next’ step up the ladder, linearly speaking. This ‘second Soul’ is called an Over Soul. Many ‘Individual Souls’ are ‘gathered’ here. All the information comes together and can be used and also be send ‘down’ again to those who can ‘stretch high enough’ (or just allow themselves to be in the flow enough) to receive this information. For humans that like to be a conscious receiver – or even an actual gateway for others – to this level of information; deeper meditation, truly focussed channelling or what is also called a ‘trance state’ is what is (often – at this moment in our evolution) needed to ‘make that specific phone call’ so to speak. Now this Oversoul not only contains ‘human-souls’ but also souls of other dimensional beings, such as what we call Extra Terrestrials. The Over soul is on a 8th dimensional (7th density) level and therefore embraces – like an umbrella – souls from many other dimensions then just our 3rd density level.

In basically 97% of the cases, any person channelling a guide is channelling a part of ‘themselves’ that is unified in the same Individual Soul or Over-Soul. Why is this? Very simple; because all energy in the Universe follows the way of least resistance. Being both part of the same (Over)Soul, makes it a lot easier for any guide to reach the receiver – as in a sense – they are ‘already’ One. Also the energy will ‘feel familiar’ thus clearing out fear and worry in the beginning stages and helping the receiver ‘recognize’ the guide (or tell one guide from another) every time they re-connect.


What this image above shows you is what Yayel showed me our conscious channelling connection looks like in a graphic illustration. I reproduced my personal understanding of it in this illustration ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The Over-Soul is where in a sense ‘we both have our roots’. He can choose to focus his attention onto my Individual Soul (this only happens on a higher level agreement) and start contacting me (like having my phone ring) by sending thought-concepts and certain frequencies (that have mental, emotional and physical effects on me) that help me ‘recognize him’ so that I know ‘he is calling’. The ‘additional energy’ coming trough is what can cause those physical twitches and tics that you may have observed in many channellers.

All cases and agreements between guides and their channellers have their own unique characteristics. In our case, Yayel had been sending that frequency-call in very subtle ways to me for over some years already; mostly while I was working on my art or sitting in meditations (both Gamma states), while slowly increasing the intensity of these frequencies that I now call his ‘trademark’ or ‘personal phone number’. He did this until he understood I recognized him consistently. Then he let me decide when I wanted to start ‘speaking’ to him, before he started sending ‘direct’ answers back to me, the way I receive them now when I am consciously channelling ๐Ÿ™‚

The phone calls from his side to me (or vice versa) are always when I am in a Gamma-state of awareness already, as I need to first bring my frequency UP enough – before we can actually connect to what I now understand to be our ‘communication wavelength’. This wavelength is illustrated as the ‘red layer’ in the image, it is actually some kind of an ‘in between dimension’ created especially for the purpose of us connecting. It is like a ‘special HUB’ for our specific radio-frequency.

My end of the ‘deal’ is to gently focus my attention inwards and go into what I call a conscious trance channelling state. I am not pushing my mind away but rather using it actively to reach out to those higher states while friendly requesting Yayel to come trough (intention is enough). On his end of the line; he needs to lower his frequency up to the point where we can meet ‘half-way down the line’. This is very specific work, as in these higher dimensions the energetic substance of the guides (often non-physical) bodies is so fine, it takes focus and amplification to reach trough to us (even if it is half-way) as our plane is so much ‘heavier’ (remember the water states- it is like turning steam into ice, so imagine this in between levelย  as ‘meeting underwater’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Once established, this ‘radio-frequency’ also radiates outward – which means other high dimensional beings can ‘listen in’ to enjoy the exchange of wisdom, love and compassion that is always the foundation of every interaction. They may even choose to help focus and strengthen the connection. Some of these interested listeners may add information to the story trough Yayel (who is still the main guide ‘holding’ the connection). This is why in most answers Yayel refers to ‘himself’ as ‘we’, as an entire community of love-based beings is always at hand to assist and many are there just to make this connection possible as we receive it on our end.

Interstellar-channelling-connection-illustrationAnother cool thing about this ‘inbetween dimension for contact’ is that – seen from a higher perspective, it is not really a linear layer, it is round. As again; everything is connected and overlapping and eventually ‘curves back into itself’ – back into the One. Therefore the foundation of the Universe keeps coming back to a circular shape in the end (it is the One shape containing the least resistance -> info spontaneously added by Yayel ;)). So IF there was such a thing as distance (wink) this illustration would kind of show you how an Interstellar distance is being ‘bridged’ trough many many layers of – what really comes down to – pure energy in different densities and dimensions. The red ‘contact’ layer is placed somewhat above Earth and shows you how much ‘further’ the ET-guides travel to ‘get to us’. This distance will decrease as we increase our frequency as humanity and with our planet entirely, bringing us closer together.

Looking at ourselves from that perspective ofย  ‘a huge pile of round levels of awareness and multidimensionality’ we would look more like this (see image below). Only it would move, and it would change constantly and reach outward – and eventually curl back inward – much like the image you see when you look into a kaleidoscope…for infinity.

One pile of information

From what I have understood from my guides and feel to be true – as it resonated deep within my heart; what we now call conscious channelling (or being aware of our multi-dimensionality) is what will one day, become our natural state of being.ย  We will consciously be so much more, then most of us think to be right now. Yayel showed me a breathtaking image of humanity co-operating with all of our Souls and spiritual counter parts in a magical dance that ‘pulled’ our entire planet up to new levels, into higher dimensions. Some Souls lifting up many other Souls as we go along ๐Ÿ™‚

Some great words on the topic of multi-dimensionality were written bij Neale Donald Walsch in his (channelled) book “Happier Then God”:

“The more we become, the more we are capable of becoming, and the more we are capable of becoming, the more we become. Were it not so, life would ultimately and logically come to an end, and when growth stops, life stops, for the process of life is growth itself. Life will always become a larger version of Itself. And when the largest version of Itself is realized, known, and experienced, Life will invent an even larger version. For Life has no intention of ending. God has no intention of not being God. It could not even if it wanted to. The one and only thing that God cannot do is Not Be. This is one thing you cannot do either. But you can do something quite unusual. You can forget who you are. And, indeed, you will do this, in order that you may experience Who You Are again. In order to experience that you are Divine.”

Closing of with this beautiful kaleidoscope video/healing music for anyone interested to enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Fully below a list of topics related to this post – that will turn into active links to new blog-posts for anyone who’d like to dive even deeeeeeeeper ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to comment with questions etc.
Thank you for reading – and more so – for Be-ing ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3


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