Well here it goes! The first ‘full power’ sharing of my own first-contact experiences : )
Sooo looking forward to share this story with all of you – because yes – it is about time ; )

First of, I’d like to begin by saying that this is my personal story 🙂. I share because I feel my story may assist others with similar experiences to (start to) feel more at ease with this material. So they too, in time, can peacefully integrate their own story – and maybe share it as well whenever they feel ready to do so. Also I would like to let these people know (and who ever might be curious), that no matter how (literally haha) out-of-this-world my first contact experiences might have been at times – that I have learned from it most of all: to be here and now more fully, and how to deeper tap into love, compassion, self-empowerment, bliss, never-ending magic while embracing a deep, deep understanding that nothing is just what it seems. I have learned that all of us bare absolutely magical gifts, and that we have come here to dance a cosmic dance, while following our highest joy and true nature. And from my own experiences I have learned that we are free to do so – no matter what our circumstances may look like.
keuken kat
The insights in my own multi-dimensionality that have come forth trough this journey, have eventually resulted in me becoming an opener of doors for others to experience their own. Currently I could not think of a more dazzling journey in life then to fully open up to that awareness more and more…

Besides all of this, throughout my entire life, I was given and shown ‘buckets’ of information about Healing, Energy-work, Nature, Quantum Physics, types of spaceships and how they travel ‘in between’ different dimensions, the energetic field of our planet and other planets and how we co-operate with these, the structure of life and our so called blueprints. I have been blessed with a strong antenna for anything out of balance in myself, (or the reflections of) other people, plants, animals or even crystals. Deep insights in the working of our brain, emotional bodies and the function and meaning of dreams (or anything other then regular ‘dreams’) amongst others. Stuff I can not even begin to understand fully and of which I am constantly integrating new elements in my life and heart’s database, as this is an ongoing process.

cosmic-motherI feel that everything happens for a reason – when seen from a broader perspective. My connection with the multidimensional beings has propelled my own spiritual path to the max and – in a sense you could say – made me more ‘human’. The information I got – although some of it took a long time to become clear to me and a lot of it is still unfolding – eventually always helped me to become more of who I know I really am. To feel more free to connect to whomever I feel I’d like to connect to, to follow my heart, to live my dreams, to let go of limiting toughs and to healthily integrate and transform every single shred of darkness that comes up to show itself within my own system. It has helped me to see beauty reflect to me from the outer world, trough all people and situations I encounter. For where I am right now in my life – I truly feel – there is no wind that cannot fill my sails to help me move forward. And I feel gratitude and love – for all of my encounters (human or otherwise) – for each of them was just another gift along the way – that made me into who I know myself to be today <3

3-jaar-buiten My first contact memories started when I was about 2,5 or 3 years old. These were different compared to the experiences I had later in live (teens/twenties/thirties) but stood out in the knowing that they were the first ones. They basically ‘woke me up’ to the idea of an existence of another world all together. I understand these experiences were deliberately ‘quite impressive’ so I would realize to my core – that I was fully awake and not ‘just’ dreaming. This impact eventually gave the experiences the significance they needed to have and added value to my waking life beyond my wildest dreams. As I have gotten to understand, we truly live on a planet of free will, and as such, nothing happens against our own (higher) will (although we may be unconscious of that while we have certain experiences – as our mental mind may not have access to that information (yet) at that moment). Naturally I have had to face some of my own resistance within some of these experiences as a child and as a teenager – but from where I am right now I am truly beginning to see the absolute genius behind it all – and I celebrate the life experience, the self-confidence, the insights in my Self and the unconditional Love for the Whole, that all of this has brought me 🙂

I had to of course  first come to a place of love and acceptance for ‘all that is’ – including these experiences, before they were explained to me more and turned from ‘weird experiences’ into ‘tools’. So I discovered soon that the ‘coming into balance with myself’ – in my case, would be (my) first priority – and I would always ‘be given’ (or ‘allow in’) more information/explanation after that. A bit like a ‘treat after you get the trick’-system. I believe this was my personal agreement in this contact and thus it assisted me greatly in my own evolution, inviting me again and again to trust and surrender in the process- as it unfolded along the way.

3-jr-tekenenDuring these first encounters I remember I stood up against the railing of my children-bed, simply stunned with the weirdness of the things happening in my room at night, eyes wide open, heart pounding. The beings would come ‘in disguise’ at the time choosing animal-like shapes (maybe since they knew I loved animals?) – suddenly being in already, actually using the door or simply enter straight trough the walls or windows. I cryptically remembered these first ‘breaking trough the walls’ visitations, as actual instruments and tools moving in first, and then the beings come in after. This tool-thing only happened the very first times. I remember the tools were even accompanied by loud noises – which I was so surprised never woke up my mam or baby sister. I now understand to have manifested / co created ‘such drama’ (with the tools and the noises) in the beginning, like I said before; to WAKE me UP. Maybe even quite literally, to in a way ‘tear down the walls’ that separate one world from another. And I guess I just wanted a visual and clear memory of that moment (well, this certainly did the trick – lol).  In many ways – I had chosen to be very perceptive and awake for my age. I had vivid memories of many situations since approximately the age of 2. Next to that, I could have been be referred to as the ‘cliché’ of being an empath and was easily capable of reading (or picking up on) other peoples emotions. This also made me feel very lonely at times – as it triggered a lot of questions in my mind. Nevertheless I was also highly intrigued with ‘what we were doing here on this planet’ and why everybody was playing these games? (Saying one thing but doing or meaning another – especially adults hahaha).

I made these drawings about that first ‘entering-moment’ – later when I was in art school, at age 25 (more about that in part 2 of this mini-series / I still didn’t speak to anyone about these things then). The drawing-style I used for this work was deliberately ‘naive’ – as in a sense I was channelling my ‘inner child’ – without constrictions – somehow turning my adventures from that time into a poetic art book, that many people found very fascinating haha! With few sentences I made clear what (kind of) happened, and because they were based on ‘childhood-memories’ and ‘dreams’ nobody would think of it as really weird.


deurknopNext, as I got to understand many years later – the beings would take me to the ‘school’ on the ship – or on their planet (there were often virtual reality or ‘true reality’ settings to practice in), where I learned with other children about a lot of topics. I had a strong sense of (love-based) Truth and understood energy-fields very well, which was helpful for me while growing up in a broken family with a lot of adult-opinions coming from a place of pain. I feel I may have been more self-empowered and mentally stable because of the extra knowledge I got – even though of course this didn’t take away my ‘normal life’ experiences or ego-challenges / which are also necessary to deeper grasp the meaning of emotions and the effects of resistance.

ship-and-friendsI do not remember being able to speak like an adult then – but it felt like they spoke to me that way (as in I was seen as a ‘full’ person) – only tele(m)pathically – so without words but by an organic transfer of toughs and emotions. Although later also sounds were used and I got to practice with frequencies that I could literally hear while playing with them. My childlike-way to translate these experiences would be in drawings as well. (I am sure my later artschool-career in a sense started here – as I wanted to express myself but didn’t know how to put stuff into words). At age 3/4/5 I started drawing my own impressions of some of the information I was shown during these ‘classes’. My dear mother actually hang on to some of these original childhood drawings – which is why I can share some with you here, 30 years later (thank you mam!).

The drawing below is basically covering our ‘multi-dimensionality’.  I still hardly know how to express this information in words, as it has become more of a deep, deep grasping within – that is always there, but ‘comes alive’ deeper when I do channellings now. Information that ‘clicks in’ with the movements I make during the re-alignment sessions and synchronises with the images I see when I am in that state. Anyway, when I was a child I was introduced to the basics of this information; that the Universe is not outside of us; but within. And this is how we create; we become (manifest) the outer reflection of what we focus upon. They would show me examples of this ‘in school’ using images of people and animals (since I was crazy about animals) that would ‘contain’ The Whole. For a period of time I drew birds and other animals, with the sky and the solar system within their bodies – and any being would have a heart ‘shining’ within them and rainbows (aura’s) outside of them.


Why I decided not to speak about this:
Some of my very first experiences I did share – like the tool thing – but since I was so young my mam thought I just had a nightmare – and I tried believing that too, but I just knew that wasn’t true. Then at age 5 I once tried telling a baby-sitter whom I trusted enough (a 14 year old girl) about the things I experienced. But I felt her growing fear while listening to my story, certainly once I got to the part of the beings in my room.. Since I caught up on others people’s emotions for as long as I remember – I stopped sharing at that point and to ease her feelings I told her I had made it all up. This ‘one time experiment’ in trying to share my midnight adventures in more detail, made me decide it would probably be better to not speak with anyone about this – since it might scare others and then ‘I would be a bad child’ for frightening them (or at least this is how my child-version reasoned at the time). Out of love for my family members I kept all of it quiet until I was long out of the house. Nevertheless those who would ask my mam would hear from her that, as I was a child, I was often speaking out loud while alone in my room at night. She then woke me, as it would wake her and my sister up.

sick-doggyThe animal-shapes the beings used as disguise were slightly different from the animals we know here on earth. The reason for that (I think) was to attract a special curiosity. Usually after making eye-contact with it, I would ‘be gone’ and later rediscover myself back in bed in a different position or on top of the blankets, fully awake again and not knowing what just happened. For a long time I did not at all ‘link’ the trips to ‘going to the Astral-schools’ with what was happening in my room as the memories of the classes would just come ‘back’ to me at random times, during school or in the midst of a conversation with another child or during playing outside in nature. Still, as a child these weird experiences were maybe easier to digest because I didn’t question them too much. Later – when I turned into my teens my ratio started fighting the situation for a while (see part 2). Until paradoxically I found out that trust and surrender would actually be the magic keys to have these situations no longer be ‘upsetting’ for my rational mind to deal with.

Despite the upset that was there during many times of ‘taking of’ and ‘being brought back’ quite abruptly at times, I started collecting an entire ‘archive of incredibly loving and valuable information’ in the back of my head – and I did define most memories of ‘being away’ (once they came back to me) as peaceful and the information they shared with me, as pure and free from fear at all times. Some incidents were different in nature (more like medical research being done) but that too – now all makes sense and has turned out to have been an amazing announcement of the future-earth (yet) to come 🙂

This song by the way – really reminds me of going to Astral school and even makes me wonder if the singer/songwriter might have had similar experiences (whether he remembers or not) I love it <3

Below I will post a link to a great video about ET-encounters experienced by many children. Most of the children in this video were immediately shown the humanoid shape of the beings – in my case they dressed up as animals for a while and waited before shape-shifting into their real-size form until I was older. This must have been part of our deal – and I do understand it now – looking back at it all. Also I’ve been hearing more experience-stories of others now, even adults, who ‘Astral-travelled’ after making eye contact with a ‘somewhat weird looking animal’ they encountered in the night. So this is not uncommon either.

nachtbeeld kopie-ENGLISH

nachtbeeld 2-ENGELS

A self-written comic about the encounters at age 8:
When I turned about 8 I had already set my mind on going to Art school one day – and I had started illustrating comic-style stories – of which I rediscovered this one only recently- that appeared to be about 1 of the encounters.

It is of course in Dutch as I grew up in the Netherlands. Now my handwriting was pretty horrible back then so I might as well translate, even for the Dutch people…haha!

I had chosen for two cats to be my main characters (cats by the way – keep re-appearing a lot of my ET-drawings, also at a later age and eventually in an incredible playful way, closing in on the actual meeting of my Pleiadian guide (part3) As I understand now, cats symbolize ‘the capability to see trough dimensions / or beyond this world’ Well, there’s a theme that found me at an early age 😉

Image 2: (it first says in the top; continuing of the story* )

* (image 1 is the ending of another story haha)
I had started this one on earlier pages – but found this the most important part to share with you here as the story – when I rediscovered it amongst my childhood drawings – this one struck me in similarity to the story I now know to be the one of the aliens known to most of us as the Greys (a further developed human race on a parallel version of future Earth where all was going ‘down’ due to the taking over of technology and losing the heart-connection).

.. anyway, let me get you up to speed with this one hahaha!
The two little cat-friends were on a walk and then encountered a space ship with a friendly ET- that invited them in. They get lost almost right away in the complex hallways of the ship. This is where this story starts:


Cat on the right says; ‘sob, sob, we will never get out of here…’
Image 3: (narrator) “At a deeper level of the spaceship”
Image 4: “computer”
Image 5 (second row): * Translation : name/poek/ pussycat/ Dutch/friend   — name/Speeltje/pussycat/also Dutch (hahaha!!)/ friend
Image 6: ‘machine which allows you to speak any language and understand it’ (the alien is putting it on)
Image 7: ‘Poek, I hear footsteps coming from that direction..’
Image 8: ..’soon after…’ (doors opening) “we are free!” / “Look at that!”
Image 9 (row 3): “Hello, welcome here Poek and Speeltje” (omg those names lol; ‘Catsy and Playfull’)
Image 10: “how did he know our names?” / “Come on Poek”
Image 11: (ET) “I am Malree and …”
Image 12: “..We have come here on Earth because on our planet X, that’s how it is called, there is no longer any oxygen and I will tell you why that happened!”
(love how ‘to the point’ this story is haha)
Image 13 (row 4): Well, it started with us inventing the car and then so much air pollution occurred that our entire air was messed up, and then we invented the rocket, the chainsaw, and batteries etc and now our water, air and ground are dead. Earth…
Image 14: .. is the only planet that still has some oxygen, and so we have come here to start a paradise, but me and my friends have just discovered that all of you will have the same trouble in your own future.
Image 15: “GULP!” /  “My gorgeous toys!”
Image 16: “Speeltje! We are not speaking of the extinction of toys here!” “sorry..”
Image 17 (row 5): (ET) “but enough chit chat
(really.. lol) – I will show you some photo’s of the cause of our problem”
Image 18: “our forest” (absolute mess)
Image 19: “The road” (smog)
Image 20: (slide-trough image of an underground home) “only underground we were still able to get a little bit of oxygen.”

…. wow exciting story no?? Hahahaha!! 😀

In the end the cats offer the ET some healthy trees (to bring back home with him and plant there) and they all say a friendly farewell. I don’t even know whether the Greys actually started living underground (?) – but anyway the bottom line of this story is so similar to the one I have become to understand about them, that is was pretty awesome to rediscover this drawing and re-read it from the perspective that I have now 🙂

As a proper empath, at age 12 I put up the confrontation with the two households of my separated parents – and stubbornly turned vegetarian (being the first one in my family and the only one in my school at the time) I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I started learning about the meat-industry. In many ways I am still ‘making the difference’ where ever I can, as I believe this is a power we all have – that can change the world to a harmonious, peaceful heaven for every living being on this magical earth. At this age also I had already studied many books about herbal healing, just for fun. Also I was fascinated by anything that appeared to be close to the stuff I learned in Astral school, such as the children’s book “Mathilda” by Roal Dahl. During the reading of that I instantly knew that this stuff was actually possible (telekinesis amongst others), on some level of awareness, that we were still to arrive to. My experiences beyond the age of 12 I will continue to share in part two of this blog, as in my teens and twenties, a whole other chapter of contact began… 😉

EXTRA’s links on the topic of childhood-experiences:

If interested please check out this incredibly enlightening video on a wide range of collected childhood-experiences (either from regression and/or conscious recollection) by Mary Rodwell, a highly respected investigator in this field. There is no better explanation out there – that I know of so far – that comes so close to some of my own experiences.

Hybrids and Starseeds

For those who are really ‘up to speed’ with the whole starseed-stuff;
I definitely volunteered in what is known as the Interstellar Hybridisation project – although more precise memories about this appeared only in my later teens and twenties. They were never disturbing up to the degree I have heard of in older generations (called ‘The first experiencers’ starting in the 1940’s). I may dedicate a separate blog to this concept at a later time and promise to make it as loving and clarifying as possible – <3 I found many ways to look upon all of that too, with awe, love and wonder and wouldn’t mind to inspire others to do the same 😉