This is part two of a trilogy-blog about my personal first-multidimensional-contact experiences. (link to part 1)

I left the parental house at a fairly young age and in the story as I had co-created it with my family at that time, these were some turbulent times. I had just turned 17, and looking back, I could say I ‘planned’ a lot of life-experience lessons shortly after that. Life indeed rapidly taught me the most amazing lessons about love, self-confidence and staying true to myself in many circumstances. A good foundation for a person who is planning on stepping out on a platform and start speaking from the heart about things that are still ‘relatively mind-streching’ to the masses, such as Extra Terrestrials for instance hahaha!

Basically I had to get to that point where I would follow my heart – no matter what. And to get there I planned for myself (seen from a higher perspective) to live trough & try out some resistance situations first so I could find out for myself what would work and what wouldn’t. Like stubbornly trying to fit into the mainstream or have relationships out of ‘the insecurity or fear of being alone’ – or hold on to friendships out of a sense of ‘politeness’ even though it would cost me a lot of energy to be around them – all examples of things that would never work out, as in the end, I was (and still am) just way to tuned-in and sensitive to lie to myself in any way shape or form. I now love all situations that reflected that Truth back to me, at any given time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, amazing world for all that I learned πŸ™‚


Exploring fears
Due to my explorations of these lower frequencies (by being in relationships that didn’t energize me and doing jobs that didn’t connect to my passion and so forth), from my 17th till my 19th year I often had nightmares and also the visitations were intensifying in my perception of them at the time. All of these served as reflections and messages from my (sub)conscious telling me to stick to my own truth and nothing else. So this was another level of Wake-up call altogether.

I am sharing this part most of all to let others know that fear and distress are not at all weird things to experience on your (spiritual) path and that they are even totally fine to ‘breathe trough’ once you see they are there. They are a normal part of our minds trying to make sense of it all. It may also be good to know that our souls do not take anything upon them – that they inherently can not handle (and by ‘handle’ I mean; ‘to be able to at one point transform the experience into something valuable‘). The way we ‘carry’ our experiences into the future is more what determines eventually whether we continue to feel like a ‘victim’ or whether we choose to turn the tables around and make a jump for inner growth and self-empowerment, as I see it. This is of course a process – a choice – and up to anyone individually.

‘New’ levels of visitations
Now in my teens, the beings had begun ‘taking of’ their animal-disguises (see part 1) and now regularly showed as long humanoid beings standing at my bed. There was actually a period where they were half human/half animal or would shift from animal to humanoid in front of my eyes. I now believe they did this to show me that ‘this was them – all along’ πŸ™‚

Β I remember they came in different sizes, shapes and colours (darker and/or lighter – and later on only lighter and lighter πŸ™‚ ). Often they came in three’s and would just stand there looking at me. Sometimes there were insect like beings as well leaning over me – I admit this especially freaked me out at times. Still it never occurred to me they could be ET.Β  I sometimes secretly feared they might be ghosts, but didn’t dare think about that too much either haha! Basically I was totally avoiding the subject rationally. I also still didn’t even connect the ‘download-dreams’ (the ones where I was receiving lots of amazing information in a loving way) with them at the time, since my waking life and ‘dreaming’ life seemed like 2 entirely different worlds.


Somehow I calculated ‘them’ as being part of neither one but rather ‘something unknown in the middle’. Clearly what I was struggling with mainly at that time, was the ‘shift’ from and to the other worlds.

Untitled-7At age 22 this polarisation reached a peek within me – since all the loving info (about staying true to myself, understanding energy and understanding the Truth of our open and beautiful nature as human beings) was still poring in and had turned into really strongly rooted ideas in my brain. Yet ‘the picture’ of the world I lived in, and the fear-based-behaviour some people showed in the outer world – seemed so incredibly harsh and unfriendly and did not seem to at all reflect these great concepts back to me.

This is why the ‘shifting’ moments seemed so hard for me at that time – as I did not yet ‘get’ how to harmonize the two. All ‘darkness’ ran into resistance within me – which is why I felt so sensitive to it.
In other words, being overly sensitive to resistance (that I recognized in others or in the world) just showed how much I was avoiding to look at it within myself. Although I had gotten all this amazing information from my guides in astral school, my ratio and ‘reality’ did not click with that frequency at the time and so doubts just seemed to take over for a while. I was in that insecure age where one was ‘supposed to grow up’Β  and I just didn’t know how to actively ‘own’ the ‘outside’ world yet – let alone re-balance it with say Ho’opono pono or something like that (which is by now my favourite technique for this kind of themes). The older generations showed their response to ‘the news’ in behaviour of disgust, judgement, despair and worry for the world – but I also just knew that wasn’t the solution either – so for a while I felt trapped in simply not knowing how to respond to all of this myself or how to practically use the amazing info I was given. There were no words for it. Kewl thing was though: I made art about these rough times in artschool as a way to ‘let it out somehow’; about ‘not having the words’ . Silence (or actually a wish for tele(m)patic contact amongst humanity – so we could finally REALLY GET each other and stop being so bizar haha) was a theme I chose to work on for a few months and I made some pretty cool stuff – so actually; there was transformation in action anyway – as this was still on a deeper level always working within me ;))

‘Accidental’ channelling of ET-drawings and symbols
Something else nice also happened – between my 17th and 20th year I started drawing them (actual ET’s). All the time, out of the blue – just for fun – I hadn’t just seen a movie about ET’s or so, ‘science fiction’ actually really didn’t interest me at that time. I just felt it was a good thing. They apparently ‘suddenly’ fascinated me and I seemed to feel there was something deeply positive about them for me personally. Whilst making my way to the art academy I was drawing all the time anyway. I started to feel more and more sympathy towards the idea of ET’s. I started feeling rushes of love and peace during the making of these drawings – like I was looking at a drawing of a super special friend or even a lover. The drawings were still about contrast in the beginning (and didn’t look that happy) – but as my life changed – the energy of the drawings changed along and also symbols started coming trough, often hidden as details in the drawings.


Learning how to balance emotions
Besides a pretty rough time around age 14 – as due to family circumstances I then moved from one parental home to another, after which things went better – I was never really depressed or something. I truly loved live and still do (more and more every day πŸ™‚ ). I just didn’t know what to make out of it all at the time since my life seemed to have become so ‘split-up’ at age 22/23 I thought my head was about to explode hahaha!

Then I learned from an amazing hypno-therapist how to better handle my emotions. He easily saw what I was dealing with and learned me how to deal with ‘negativity’ or better said, the feeling of resistance, by ‘sitting with it’ instead of avoiding it. This very rapidly changed everything for me as I almost instantly understood the power of this technique (it just ‘clicked in’). I just needed one adult in ‘this bizar world’ confirm it to me / to show me how this was done. He also told me that all my dreams were holding messages for me and they could be ‘sat with’ as well. Blessed be the day I ended up at his practice. I then discovered the gifts in my dreams and in even in the visitations on a deeper level – and started to finally ‘get’ how to begin using them or transforming the resistance there – in daily life. I began embracing them fully and within a year I hardly ever had any nightmares any more.

This song by Jason Mraz is the best one I know – representing the understanding of balancing out ourselves in a world of contrast / eventually finding love for All That Is within <3 πŸ˜‰

At age 24 I saw my first UFO – in the Netherlands (over Kampen, at night). It was a rather close sighting – I could see the contours and details of the ship, it was a triangular one with 3 red lights on the cornersΒ  – it was completely silent and moved in a straight line from one thin cloud into the next, in a furthermore clear and starry sky. It disappeared without re-appearing on the other side of the second thin cloud it had just dived into. I was with a friend and we were both stunned in the witnessing of its appearance and dissolving right over our heads. Many other sightings of different kinds of ships followed for me in later years – the energy was always very positive – and I felt (feel) really excited after having seen them at any given time. Still, before this first sighting – the idea of ET’s actually existing had never fully entered my consciousness like that. These images were taken of the web – as by now many many people world wide, have been seeing the same type of ship suddenly appear and disappear in the skies above them.

TR-3B71 image004

Opening up more consciously to the idea of ET-worlds
This first sighting kick-started a whole other level to my dream-live (that I was now ready for) introducing ET’s by the masses! First they would ‘take over the world’ in my dreams as I subconsciously chose to also ‘explore’ the energy of that idea as well hahaha (probably picked up the fear level from the mass-media there for a bit first) – but then I discovered how bad that made me feel, and as all conscious creators know ; if it makes you feel bad- it isn’t in alignment with your true nature. So I simply picked a better feeling reality, thus transforming the fear into excitement and almost instantly feeling the results of that – growing confidence and trust. I did the same thing later in life with any other fear-based conspiracy-theories. I allow myself to either let them be completely or simply see them from an alternative angle – one that makes me feel love and radiate love to others. This has become a foundational principle of my work (as a life-coach and channeller/energy-worker) and life at the moment. To stick with the light πŸ™‚ After transforming that particular fear, soon UFO’s in my dreams started to become really good news for the whole of humanity; bringing solutions for clean energy, and ways to reverse pollution on our planet. If we can see it – we can receive it. What you focus on becomes bigger πŸ˜‰ Any (New Paradigm) child knows that haha πŸ˜‰ Super lucid-‘dream’ visits to other planets began taking place with more clarity then ever and I would remember them right after waking up. It was as if the Universe had just opened up to me in a whole other level – now I had decided not to go with fear – but with love – into this new concept. It was incredible and beautiful! Yet still I did not associate the beings at my bed as ET’s, hahaha!!

Looking-for-familyArt and Universal Information
Meanwhile I felt an increasing longing to share the wondrous information, that I had been receiving over the years, in some way shape or form, with others. And since I had chosen so early in life (see part 1) not to speak of the source – I manifested a ‘safe’ but also fun career as a student of the Arts, specializing in book-illustration. In this branch of the Arts information and art come together – so I got to do what I loved most; grab fascinating concepts and translate them into images, playing with colours and shapes to my hearts delight, meanwhile transforming those things that were beyond words for me at the time. Which proved to be a very self-healing path.

So for a long time I was having much fun with that, mean whilst also preparing for a life as a freelancer and stand on my own legs in a world that didn’t yet particularly ‘look up to’ designers and (most) artists (yet hahaha). But I was following my heart and this made enough sense to wipe out any other doubts – so I just followed my guts and stuck to it.
Eventually most of my artistic final-year-works were based on the things I had experienced in and learned from the ‘download-dreams’, as was almost my entire thesis (final paper / in Dutch; scriptie). Some of my teachers were impressed with the poetic and philosophical insights. My philosophy teacher only gave me straight A’s and even asked me once if he could use an excerpt (for a book he was writing) from one of my papers about Nietsche. I ‘defended’ in my own words the joy and uniqueness of life as a counterbalance of Nihilism and how the both could go hand in hand as being part of a transformational process of self-re-discovery (not likely anything any of the other art-students were pondering at the time haha).

Examples of translated concepts in illustrations:

This one below is showing the benefits I was already experiencing at that time (age 25). I was sharing in my own words – pieces of the information that kept coming back to me.

I love this next one – it was about the concept of an ‘Oversoul’ and how a new soul-seed ‘enters’ the body (and is close to the parents) during and/or after conception. All of this long before I had even heard of the concept of an ‘Oversoul’ myself. I was so happy when I discovered this information from other channellers later in life – as I ‘got’ the concepts but really didn’t even know how to ‘call’ these ideas.

pag 27 Engels-lagen

I would speak with friends about some of these ideas but couldn’t quite explain where they came from though as sometimes I didn’t quite ‘get that’ myself either. Of some I knew I got them from the downloads – of others I just had no clue how they found their way into my head as they just popped in mostly when I needed to know them. Like I would read a book making a certain statement- and I would just know (without a doubt) if the statement was true or not.

Untitled-19This is also why scientific research (as I would sometimes read about in newspapers back in those days) stating that ‘the human being’, was really nothing other then a neurologically-orientated sum of chemical coincidences, could suddenly sadden me. I actually remember (at around the age of 19) crying over such an article, feeling the kind of despair as if a lover had just broken up with me.

It wasn’t so much that I believed that information to be true – what saddened me was that I was living in a place that would spread such a thing as truth to the masses. I just wondered what world I had ended up in where divine beings tell each other they are nothing but finite coincidences? (Now I think of it as: what an incredible journey to take it aaaall the way ‘from there’ and then see if we can make our way back to the heart, wow, wow, wow! πŸ˜‰ )

It is because of events like these, that I realize now how strongly rooted the ‘other information’ already was within me all that time.

This would show to the outside world as me being of an infinitely optimistic nature, and feeling painfully challenged at the time by friends that would complain a lot, think in victimisations, or couldn’t understand me being able to see the light in basically any circumstance of my life – even if it was a painful one. I felt I had to ‘break up’ with some friends over this down the line.Β  I still deeply honour these people for their presence in my live as they basically just invited me to be more true to myself – speak up and act in according to my own truth. All of them have simply been priceless teachers along the path of my self-development πŸ™‚

During my art-academy years I learned how to ‘play’ with life – as you can tell from the illustrations –
I rediscovered my inner child as I started preparing for my own way in life.

After graduating I worked as a freelance illustrator/designer for a steady 8 years.
Then the next chapter of my story began, eventually leading to ‘open contact’ with my YahYel guide Aryun… πŸ™‚

(to be continued in part 3 – of this mini-series)

pag 22

Image about dreaming as well, standing in a landscape ‘made of sound’ (as everything is frequency / matter vibrating to a certain God-tone)





pag 19pag 15 Engels-lagen




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Image about being ‘overly’ connected to your thoughts ….