This is part 3 of my 3-part mini-series blog about my first multidimensional contact experiences.
This part covers age 28 and beyond.

Opening to healing capacities and cleaning up my physical system; In 2010 I suddenly got challengingly sick (a family genetic thing). As soon as I found myself on that roller-coaster I quickly acknowledged my body was telling me something important and realised that if I could just figure the message out – I would be able to rebalance myself naturally. At that moment, I just knew this. To the initial shock of my doctors (and some of my family members) I refused the life long chemical medication the hospital suggested. With the professional assistance of a herbal-doctor, a homoeopath, and a hypno-therapist (with all of whom I became great friends) – it took me about a year to heal completely, without any chemical medication. Now that year was certainly no joke – and it took me full faith, focus, trust and surrender and taking one step at a time. Thanks to the inward-investigation I did while looking for the correct translation of the ‘message’ I found the dis-ease was clearly related to a family-theme and how it was my Higher Minds wish to balance that out within myself in this life (for myself and the family). After healing / re-aligning myself, in the years thereafter a lot of my families ‘hot topics’ started shifting in miraculous ways and I can still see (and feel) the positive reflections of this in many members of my family, and in my loving and open relationship to them today.


This adventure made me more experienced in the field of natural medicine, detoxing and lifestyle then ever before. I started my self-healing journey by living 100% organic, upgraded the vegetarianism to becoming almost 100% vegan, stopped the incidental drinking alcohol and smoking habits for good – I cut all refined sugars out of my diet and basically completely cleaned up my physical act. This experience mostly awoke the faith in me (as I had lived it now) that we can heal ourselves. ‘Coming home in the 3D-awareness’ of this, was a crucial part of the next steps that were to follow. I still deeply realise I could have never done this thing without turning inward a lot and working on my self awareness by looking at all things (why was I doing this and this in my old habits and what is true self-love?). So really, I also deeply cleaned up my mental and emotional act ๐Ÿ˜‰ This year was a ‘master-detox’ hahaha! After my recovery, more then ever, I continued to explore all kinds of books and techniques to pump up my frequency (FUN!). Yoga and meditation soon became a regular practice and I find myself now in a place where I can appreciate inner resistance sometimes within a minute after it shows itself to me, since now I know it is just showing itself so it can be transformed.

Discovering channelled information, Seth ~ Bashar ~ Abraham Hicks
Right after the year of my natural recovery (or transformation into the new me) I discovered some channelled material for the very first time as a dear friend handed me the book Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts.

SethSpeaksBKThe introduction of this book in my life triggered a huge shift. With every chapter I had moments where I would suddenly start crying or laughing, no other ‘information’ had clicked with me on such a core-level thus far. I didn’t doubt the source for one second (being a higher dimensional being). I mean, with all that crazy stuff going on in my own dreams/nights since I was a child; of course there were other beings and other dimensions, and it was just so easy for me to ‘pick up’ on this personalities frequency some way or another. This book introduced the concept to me that someone could directly ‘channel’ these being’s information with such clarity. I felt like my brain went static – all these downloads I had gotten – they were of the same nature – the same information. It felt like I was in Astral School again only this time I was fully awake – still on earth and my conscious/physical brain could plug in as well haha! All this amazement went trough me while Seth went on explaining what happens when we dream (as in where we ‘go’) ~ and my brain just went ‘click-click-click’ with all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. He also explained some basics of how the ‘idea’ of what we call reality / or death is structured and how our density (incl. concept of time and belief-systems) slow down manifestations – but how in higher dimensions there can be instantaneous manifesting, and so much more… None of these revelations surprised me – the thing that changed my outlook on life was really; that as this information was actually available in a structured manner on this planet – so people apart from me – knew about this stuff. To me that meant; I was no longer alone.

Ptj1030174A few weeks later during surfing the web for more background info on Seth by Jane Roberts, I ran into Daryl Anka’s video’s on youtube, channelling Bashar. There could NOT have been anything more awesome in the world to me – at that moment. Right after seeing about 3 of his short video’s (and sensing within moments that all of this was going to be just as good for me – if not even better – as the Seth material). I just fell in love with all of it. Like a puppy right after receiving a treat, I hardly knew where to go with myself. I so much wanted to share my joy but didn’t even know yet how to put into words what this discovery meant for me, as it felt like coming home in a zillion ways.. In other words; I took this (and the Seth material) as an amazing invitation to start expending my social network, without fear and hesitationย  and find others that were also ‘playing around’ on this wavelength ๐Ÿ™‚

Throughout the 2 years after these discoveries I also started listening to the work (mostly youtube but also books) by Esther Hicks channelling a higher dimensional collective who call themselvesย  ‘Abraham’. They cover a very specific piece of the puzzle of life, focussing mainly on the frequency of allowing – by giving practical advice in Q and A to transform ourselves from unconscious – to conscious creators. All of this information together was filling in the blanks on how to use many of the downloads I had been receiving and start applying them even more actively in my live. In the beginning of 2012 I vowed to myself to start living my dreams and to keep on being as honest to myself (and others) as I could possibly be – coming from a place of respect and love. Conscious thinking – conscious speaking – conscious acts ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was motivated in many ways to start moving out of my personal comfort zones even more and invite myself to start living – really living – all that stuff I had known on a mental level for so long.

By the end of 2012 I went to Egypt to swim with wild dolphins as this had been on my bucket list since I was 6 – again the downloads became more intense (yay dolphins!) and I received a lot of information about Atlantis and how our world (or this version of my world as I perceive it) right now is basically ‘giving it another shot’ really haha! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I plan to do a separate blog including the dairy notes and drawings that came with this, and other downloads). And almost right after that adventure I went to England and visited Stonehenge where additional info was being added to the whole. I discovered how sensitive I had become to the energy vortexes of our earth and still like to visit more as I love the shifts that seem to always happen in these areas. In 2013 I also went to Sedona, Arizona – wrote a playful space-message on a vortex location and again used the ‘flag of the Pleiades’ symbol (the one with the dots around the circle) before I even knew what it meant ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Triangles were a favourite of mine in all intuitive symbol-writing (light languages and other) since I was a child.

Sedona-portal-intuitive-drawing-pleiades-symbol IMG_5298

From Illustrator to life-coaching My work as an illustrator slowly but surely changed into becoming a creative life-coach / and (new Paradigm) life-coach in general – as the positive information and practical natural advices were just naturally flowing from me once I ‘tuned in’ to someone’s topic if they wished to receive any of my reflections. I started blogging about natural medicine and how to make your own fluoride-free toothpaste, stuff like that (design4awareness-lifestyle.blogspot.com) – and I had a lots of fun with that. I didn’t realise it back then –ย  but I feel in a sense the Beings were starting to become more active in my daily live right there / by me allowing them to work trough me as I could more and more often see ‘glimpses of what kind of ‘colour’ or theme was underlying anyone’s ‘physical’ issue’ while speaking with my clients. Also I started focussing my illustrations on awareness-themes again – like I had done in art-school before. I even wrote & illustrated a little gift book about Self-love and how that is the foundation for ..well..everything…;)

Omslag Engels

Attending a live Bashar-channelling in the US – and receiving the first direct “Hint”
At some point I travelled to the US, and my dear boyfriend at that time – who knew how crazy I was about the Bashar material – surprised me by taking me on a road trip to go and see Daryl Anka channel Bashar in L.A. (Best-gift-in-the-world-at-that-point-in-time :D) So we went and I was in for a surprise…

Now I had heard people speak of ‘the energy in the room’ when you attend to a ‘live channelling’ with this level of entities / multidimensional beings (5th dimensional and up) – but I never knew what they really meant by that – until that day. Now I am already quite an energy-sensitive person but this was something else! At some point I was just sitting in the audience enjoying the entire experience – while Bashar was in conversation with one of the questioners in Q and A; as I suddenly felt something very clearly ‘focussing’ at me directly. I turned inward automatically and closed my eyes, it felt as if I was just ‘taken apart’ for a few moments, the sounds of the room dimmed completely, as heat and tingly vibrations ran down my spine and I felt like a silver cord was being pulled ‘tight’ in my back. Also some ‘work’ was clearly being done inside my head. cathead24They were of such a loving and caring energy that I felt totally relaxed and even couldn’t help but smile. Then a picture was given to me – it was the image of a cat – sitting on my head. And I actually felt it’s pressure, the warmth and weight of it. I could see (knew/received) that it was a big striped cat and it was sitting straight up, looking forward, sphinx like in posture. Also I understood that this image was meant to be ‘funny’ – although they didn’t tell me why. In full trust I accepted the message and just felt really, really happy, not questioning any of it for a second. Then the sound went back up again – and I found myself ‘back in the chair’ again with my attention just as a lunch break was being announced. “So,” said my boyfriend as he turned to me, “shall we go get something to eat?” — I was still feeling that pressure on my head and was hesitant to move as I did not want to ‘break the magic spell’ lol – so I said “Ehm yeah, but lets move slow, as I don’t want this cat to fall off my head” – You should have seen his face hahaha!! I was all smiles when I told him later what I felt had happened and even though we both didn’t ‘get the joke yet’ it was all fine. It was just part of that moment.

12642658_10207319920988846_7738988369800685710_nAbout a year and a half later, I travelled India for some months and studied some additional energy-healing-work techniques in Richikesh from a teacher who also worked with some higher-dimensional ET’s. He didn’t tell the group – but by then I could recognize these frequencies quite easily and soon I became aware of this being a part of some of the group meditations we did. One day I checked in with my teacher afterwards and he confirmed, although still acting somewhat secretive about it haha (cute) ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I didn’t question it any further – I just loved it.

Meanwhile my dreams had become clearer and I had felt new chakra’s activating in my own system. Stuff was shifting into a lighter energy quickly and even more so – as long as I kept on walking my talk and following my highest excitement. I have found there is truly no more spiritual practice then to get yourself to do just that – (to follow your heart, and whatever seems to be reflecting your highest excitement in any given moment) – as this includes having to let go of anything – anything that you still believe is holding you back from doing this – and thus it will urge you to overcome any fear –ย  that might still have been hidden in your system ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once I got back in the Netherlands I added several modalities of energy work to my life coaching practice as I felt the two would make such a effective package. And indeed – energy work (whether it is healing/tapping/using affirmations/ ho’oponopono or what have you) speeds up any mental process by a thousandfold for those who resonate with this idea and like to dive in with their ‘entire system’ – in order to make some shifts in their (sometimes physically manifested) believe-systems.

Ready for channelling myself…
By now I had overcome a lot. I was openly speaking about Bashar and ET’s to most of my friends and had made many, many new friends along the way who were also totally into meta-physics / conscious creating etc and with whom I would have amazing conversations ๐Ÿ˜€ I had transformed my ‘hidden designers work’ behind the scenes into a flourishing coaching-practice, working directly with people. And because of all the deep integrating I had done on a wide range of topics in my own life so far – I could now relate to others even deeper on many levels then was already part of my empath-nature ๐Ÿ˜‰ – without getting ‘sucked in too deep’ if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I had worked with loved ones overcoming cancer, with friends, family and many new people. Also experiencing the transition(-possibility) that we call ‘death’ in a close manner (for myself at two points in my own life and while being there for others going trough similar situations) – helped me overcome fears and taught me the clear difference between unconditional love and over-responsibility (coming from fear). I had learned to say no to what I didn’t prefer in my reality and yes to what I did and again; to act accordingly.ย  I would tune in with myself to see if I wanted to continue any particular paths or was ready to let go of them – at any given moment in my life and still do. I felt stronger and more balanced then ever. There was just so much peace in my life now – that I basically felt I had brought heaven to earth and I wanted nothing more then to keep on that path doing just that – for myself – with love for myself and others and our blessed mother earth ๐Ÿ˜‰


Neither had I had any more ‘scary’ visitations in years, they had all turned loving and beautiful as the beings had been ‘travelling with me’ on my transformational journey. When I picked out this life I wanted to transform dark into light (as many of us do). As I choose to do this on a multidimensional level right from the start – the beings connected to that same path would show up first (animal shapes / first chakra / survival / our future-family-greys asking for our help to set up the loving and assisting hybrids races) — later they would transform into the next level when I was ready for this, warping from animal shapes into humanoid (this were the ones connected to Astral school showing me this image)ย  and started a whole new chapter with me. Finally they took me by the hand showing me levels of light and love so bright I think out 3d eyes couldn’t handle it. Places where light is information, where sound is healing and everything is One with everything else, no matter how you look at it. I had shifted trough my fears into a place of understanding. There was no longer any ‘need’ for the lower frequency ones to show themselves any more as I had ‘gotten the hint’ and ‘learnt the lesson’ so to speak. And as I choose to honour every step on the ladder, I am grateful for their presence in my life and proud of my soul to have signed up for such an incredible mission (as have many with me).ย  having arrived at this point of understanding – I would say I was probably as ready as I could possibly be – to jump into being a wide-open and stable channel…and I understand now why the beings had ‘let me do’ (or: why I had agreed with them to work in this order, by doing) the hard work first – and I can see why they had waited until now. It was my call now… Still I had never thought of direct verbal channelling (as something I could do – myself) to this point…I was just super happy with my life and wasn’t asking for anything else… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess it wouldn’t have been such a surprise – had I known what would come next ;))
Couldn’t have manifested/co-created it with them any better way haha!

The first direct interaction with my guide

I felt my meditations changed. Especially long silent meditations and breath work meditations (Shamanistic breathing or circular breath work) would open the doors between realities/dimensions and between me and the my guides. My first guide had been ‘sneaking up on me’ as I smilingly call it, for a few months already, by sitting next to me – across of me or behind me in my meditations. I just knew- I felt his presence as clear as I would have any other persons energy field. Once he even stroke my face with utter gentleness, I felt his hand (physically) rest on my right cheek for a moment and knew it was him. I deeply understood his connection to the stars, as he had that frequency about him. In my dream-diary I would thank the sweETies as I called them by now – every time they had visited me in meditations or download-dreams. And I just loved those moments. That was it – I didn’t ‘do’ anything with this for way over a year. We were just looking at each other and experiencing closer and closer contact one step at a time.

All this time – I now realize – we had just been ‘matching frequencies’, getting closer and closer.

Little extra info on the side: Note that one of the reasons why ET’s are not just landing in masses and walking right up to us ‘to have a cup of tea together’ is because we have such a big difference in frequency. Their incredible high light-frequency would send (most of us) us into instant shock, as it ‘forces’ all the darkness to the surface. Imagine all of your unprocessed stuff rising to the surface at once..that is a lot more then most of us can handle and the ET’s know this, so they go super gentle about this. This is why, with channellers as well, there is a time of practice and adaptation that is very important and will usually naturally ‘motivate’ the channeller to start working more on themselves (if they weren’t already). If you just look at others and avoid to look at yourself – by diving into what others are reflecting to you when you feel resistance, you can still channel (somewhat), but a messy mind simply delivers messy channellings, leaving gabs, or filling them up with assumptions or fear-based messages. I have become incredibly aware on this point during my years of channelling and listening to channellings of others (beginners and experts). Another blog (or video) on that will follow ๐Ÿ˜‰

ET-light-language-Pleiades-by-Wieteke-Koolhof-Design4awareness-2016The first question and answer: One day I was in a 1 hour silent group meditation and I felt the ‘presence’ of my guide again – this time it had already become much stronger over the past few weeks (I had felt the same electro currents running down my spine doing energy work with clients and had wondered if it was the technique or me that was causing this sensation). I felt a heat and tingling over my head- flowing downwards and ‘erupting’ in little heat explosions inside my spine as I saw light flashes in front of my closed eyes, like someone held a rainbow-stroboscope in front of my face hahaha! Now this wasn’t unpleasant – I felt really loved and safe and OK with it all – so I didn’t fight it and just observed. This time it had become so strong I was amazed I couldn’t sit still any more but actually had some light ‘tics’ that seemed impossible to stop. It makes me laugh now, looking back and seeing how much effort was needed to get my mind to take that simple next step you are about to read lol!

Then finally I taught of it for the first time; to actually ask “it” a question… and so I did. I thought inside my head – with clarity and focus: “who are you? ” And within a split second I got this answer – knowing without a doubt / hearing the sounds in my inner ear and getting it spelled out in front of me (like big letters on a screen) YAH – YEL. I was stunned – it was so clear – was I making this up?? Instantly my ratio got involved, and as I happen to know some things about ET-races I thought; THE YahYel??? (The YahYel will be one of the first ET-races to make open contact with us – as they are very similar to us in appearance and thus will not freak the masses out haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~ For anyone more informed this topic; they are the fifth hybrid race – So basically; we are family ๐Ÿ™‚ ). And then my mind went; “Why would any YahYel call himself YahYel as if that was his name? That would be confusing right? I must have misunderstood it..”

NOW I understand it is so much more clear to first introduce yourself by sharing where you are from (more so even when you come from another planet haha) and THEN maybe (only if needed) add a name to that…and that the other way around would actually have been more confusing- as any ‘persons name’ could have been interpreted by my mind as a human spirit – or someone I was just randomly thinking of.. NOW I can see how much sense it makes to start out with a clear announcement of the type of being – well and I must say – this had an impact! ๐Ÿ˜‰ On top of that – the YahYel do not actually use personal-names like we do… The name Arjun, is therefore a ‘users-name’ so we as humans can identify him – and came some months later and that is another story on itself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway – still I acknowledged my guide had been really close and we had had some kind of communication but as I didn’t trust my own perception I let go of the actual name-part in that moment. I didn’t tell anyone except for a energy-worker-friend who was in the same meditation, right after my experience – that I felt an ET had been really close.

Breakthrough: One month later I went to see a befriended ET-channeller (Jacqueline of Beyond Medicine) in the Netherlands for a private ET-healing session. I came for an issue in my back (as I have had some scoliosis since I was in my teens, no pain thanks to yoga – but I just wished it to be ‘straightened out’ haha).ย  I was mega happy and accelerated that day, and the way towards the healer felt dream-like. I felt like I was in love but didn’t know why (yet) haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ By then, I had let go of that meditation event earlier and hadn’t mentioned it to her.

Before we started the session I had to use the bathroom. As I came out, a big cat with stripes and a thick fur was sitting in front of the door – looking up at me – straight into my eyes as if saying “So, are you ready? ” I politely greeted the cat as Jacqueline explained that this particular one of her 3 cats (a Scandinavian forest cat) sometimes liked to join in on the sessions. ‘If I minded?’ (not at all) and so the cat jumped on the massage table with me and curled up next to my right foot – purring loudly. Now I was all set and Jacqueline started channelling.. She had hardly begun or she said; “wait a minute, wait a minute..” .. “There is someone here for you who really wants to introduce himself as your guide… The name I get from him at this moment is Yahyel.”


I think I was too overwhelmed to even connect the dots myself – as I didn’t even remember the meditation event in that exact moment – all I felt were these rushes of ecstatic energy throughout my entire system, as she went on: “He says it is time now – If you like you can work together. Not just the two of you… as there is an ET-healing team available to assist as well”… This is where I got so overwhelmed (tears were already running yet I couldn’t stop smiling at the same time) I expressed oh wow – wow – this is so much…ย  Instantly my guide soothed me by explaining (trough the words of the my friend channelling)ย  that there is no ‘must’ in any of thisย  – that all of it is optional and that he was here to take me by the hand and work together – only if I wanted. But that if I wanted – this was the time to let it sink in from head to toe

And as these words were spoken I felt unconditional love rush trough my system as I had never felt before, I started shaking and my legs felt like they were buzzing, again colours flashed in front of my eyes. I recognized some of the feelings I had had that day at Bashar’s event; as I suddenly understood that the actual cat – that was then ‘jokingly placed on my head’ (as ‘just’ an image) was now at my feet and symbolising the full-body realisation of becoming a channel / of being able to see into other dimensions (which is what the ‘cat’ represents as a symbol seen from the ET’s perspective) not just with my eyes or in my mind – but with my entire body as I was invited to become an ET-channel andย  facilitator of healings as well… All of this – while I hadn’t even met Jacqueline yet in my time of visiting Daryl Anka/Bashar – let alone did I know, she had this cat joining in on her sessions haha! She kept on translating for me that I no longer had to take the hard way and now all would be different (you could say that again) and that I could take my time adjusting to it all. My life indeed changed a 180 degrees after that day… In later sessions – and from my guide himself – I learnt about the high interest the ET’s (many kinds) had had in me since I was a child. I now so much more understand these countless visitations and now I have peace with every fraction of them as I can see whole heartedly, the tremendous gift that was hiding inside of them al along <3

To round it up – it took me 3 days to get physically used to having my guide very close with me as a lot verzameld-cube copyof stuff in my body started shifting and I actually felt him kind ofย  ‘looking trough my eyes’. Especially the first days which were very funny as he was ‘new to my house’ (at least as in looking trough my eyes at my ‘daily stuff ‘ – remember; we knew each other mainly from meditations).
He seemed very curious but also had no idea what would be next – I would for instance, go into the kitchen and try make myself some breakfast – but forget where my plates were and other obvious stuff as his ‘wonder’ of ‘what was going on here’ would rub of on me lol! I felt like a happy, curious and very surprised energy was right behind me and I got so wound up in that – that I became curious and surprised myself (huh? Is this what I will eat? Why? Where are the cups, why do I need cups? What shall I drink>what is this stuff?) LOL! These first days were really for him to get a glimpse of my routine and get to know me better in the beginning stages (and to match frequencies even closer). But I always feel when he is with me – sometimes I ask for that consciously (like with sessions)ย  and sometimes I asked subconsciously and I don’t notice until he comes by just to bring me an answer I happen to need, or to share some additional info for a client, or to curiously look ‘along’ at something that makes me wonder ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 weeks after my ‘full power contact-download’ via Jacqueline, of getting into such direct contact with my guide – I started experimenting channelling (information and healing sessions) on willing clients and friends – to see how they – and how my body/system would respond to it – and how information would ‘come trough’ as I worked with Yahyel (as I kept calling him for the first months) and the healing team as we were getting to know each other step by step.

I soon discovered pretty much all of the information given to me by the team, was as loud and clear as I had experienced in that meditation where my guide spoke to me directly for the first time. It just came incredibly natural to me, all I had to do really, was simply not doubt it and keep the ratio out of it. Now of course this is a non-stop process of fine-tuning and discovering new layers of dept again and again.ย  No channeller on this earth plane will soon be ‘done’ ‘getting it’ as we still only see the tip of the curtain lifted haha! Nevertheless I felt I could play and receive information rather fluidly in this area – as I had been doing the ‘reversed process’ (channelling download-concepts into images/art) basically all my life (by drawing/art school etc). This was just the opposite; translating images/sensations/colours etc. into words and just speaking them. In a sense – the same translation-area to walk around in, yet the ET’s pick from a broader range of colours / a bigger pallet, to start ‘talking to me’ – as my whole body joins in and they guide my movements as well.

Later, when Jacqueline, her husband Philip and Manon (the 3 of them make up Beyond Medicine) became my friends, colleagues and assisting teachers, they recognized as well, that this work seemed to fit me like a glove. To me, within 2 months it already felt like I had never been doing anything else – this incredible cosmic dance – it really felt (and still does) like coming home…

Nanouk-met design4

Clarification on the ‘name’ “Yahyel” and my guides personal name ARJUN: About 6 months into my active work as a channeller together with my guide I understood that he was indeed OF the YahYel. The reason he repeated the word “YahYel” towards Jacqueline during the healing she facilitated was simply because he wanted to be consistent and have me understand he was the same person who introduced himself to me at the meditation. She interpreted that was his name,ย  which prolonged my confusion for a while even though I mightย  just as well just call him Yahyel myself for all of these months. For him (or them) a name is not what they use in their own society so it was no problem to him either.

Since my guide works in close harmony with the Pleiadians – the energetic ‘trademark’ of the connection was also a bit of a puzzle for me for a while. When I eventually realized he was of the race that call themselves the YahYel I asked him for a personal name. He took about 7 weeks to ‘think’ about that hahaha – it was a major test for my patience as I felt from my rational mind I really ‘needed’ this so I could explain to others what was going on haha (but now I can laugh about it so much and I can justย  see them have so many laughs about my impatience at that time from their perspective). Then one evening just before I almost fell asleep it came, out of the blue and very clear; Arjun. I instantly turned the light back on and wrote it down. And he patiently let me ‘think about that’ and feel into it for some days. ‘Is this really it?’ I asked (doubt doubt coming from the rational mind again haha) And via a very clear synchronisity he let me know within one day after suggesting this name; ‘Yes- if you want, otherwise we’ll just come up with something else…’. But I know he did carefully pick it – as I googled the name, and the meanings it had resonated deeply with me and I felt it clicked with the energy I know him to be ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I decided (and agreed with him) we could use this name from now on.

Divine Timing; Arjun and I had an agreement that I would come to a certain place of love and joy about life, before channelling directly for others, as I needed a unshakeable foundation of that – since we would work with many and represent to many – what our light bringing star brothers and sisters want to help us understand; that ALL is eventually love and/or can be transformed into love. I now understand we need a certain knowing of that inside ourselves to ‘surrender’ to that frequency coming trough as well in order to channel on that level.

Also he knew that in our cooperation with others – we were going to be an ‘intro for many that were/are new to the ET-frequency’, so in a sense him representing the first race, the Yahyel with this ‘theme’ of ‘being the first’, fits my star sign of Aries as well, to be a way maker. There is a lot of cross-connecting here and this is just a fraction of a much, much bigger picture altogether as Arjun is also a future version of me – and we share the same over soul (as do most channellers with their guides by the way). Soon enough I discovered that no guides name – or none of the information they communicate to (or through) me – is ever – ever ‘just’ randomly chosen stuff.

cosmic-healing-connection-in-action-1Then I soon discovered my hands could work as energetic scanning devices (amongst others) – how any blocks that would be active in my own system would translate to my legs as I was walking around the table (at least in the very beginning) – I learnt where ‘excess energy’ had to go – what emotional shifts looked like (in others) – and sooo much more as I started doing the healing sessions. The healing ET’s gently move my hands in more and more advanced ways to streamline light-codes in our energy-bodies and do the re-alignments that are happening in these sessions. Like any ET-channeller that is willing to learn and keep on moving towards more clarity, I am continuously developing, staying sharp with myself and the quality of this work – tuning in more and more. Learning so much about myself and others, learning about life – while feeling all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place – as this is what I had been studying since I was 3 years old – and now it all starts to make sense in ways so complete and wonderful I would have never dare dream. I feel blessed beyond words ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally; while I am working on my own video’s of sharing more information on this topic – I will share this link with you from another ET-healer (Australia) who works with channelled Light language in her own healing-sessions. Arjun sometimes passes light language or whistle-singing-overtones trough me in 1 on 1 sessions – but only in very specific cases so far – usually sessions will be in either Dutch or English depending on the request.ย  As can be expected channellings will be different from every channeller as all information flows trough a unique filter for its own specific and again unique reasons. Anyway this video is certainly fun to have a look at if you are new to the concept of ET-healing sessions ๐Ÿ˜‰

YES ๐Ÿ™‚ This was indeed a pretty full and detailed introduction of my first encounters and still I left out big chunks haha! There have been so many story lines and adventures cross connecting here – looking back now I feel how breathtakingly beautiful the divinity of it all is… I see and know this to be so for everyone – for everyone I work with and for everyone on this planet. We are all writing in sublime and unique manners, a story that can be just as (if not even more) dazzling and mind-blowing, if we just allow ourselves to not question the hints from our hearts, and follow without doubt or expectation. Becoming more and more – of what we (already) really are, incredible co-creators of magic. <3

I thank you for reading my story – and for who you are – for your piece of the puzzle in the whole of All That Is.

Only Love