On a late summer night in a park in The Netherlands, I went star-gazing with a good friend. At some point – what seemed at first to be a falling star – found it’s way right over the open field we were sitting in – ending in a flash of extremely bright light. For a moment the entire park was lit up in a cool blue hue, triggering others who were hanging out late; to utter ‘wow’ and ‘whooo’ sounds around us. Never before had I seen such a magnitude of light – be emitted from a mere falling star. Whatever this silent ‘explosion’ represented – it had taken place way closer to us, than at the level of our atmosphere, where stars usually quickly ‘burn to their end’. For a few seconds after this event – I felt sort of numb – and then the rest of the evening it kept nagging in the back of my mind – that something entirely different had just happened. That night I had a dream – which was the cause for this specific painting. Scroll down for more details.

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This painting is based on a dream I had after what I believe, might have been a sighting or contact-experience. The beings in this painting represent Arcturian energy - I understand this is a non-physical collective, so my painting of them is an impression simply to translate their energy into our world. They showed me two realities, that were litteraly mirrored. The dream played in the future (I just 'knew') and referred to Open Contact of ET races with Earth. Humanity had symbollically gathered on the outer edges of a grand Greek colloseum that could easily hold several million visitors. In the centre stood either a ship (UFO) or the beings themesleves - I couldn't quite see as broght lights were shining from there - into the heavens above. It was night and they showed us an incredible lasershow, explaining to us; the history of mankind. I saw the dream from two perspectives simultaneoulsy; from the 'now' (as I was having the dream) and from the future (where it was taking place). So I knew I would be present at this event - or some version of me seemed to already be there.

This is what I meant by the 2 realities encaptured in the scene - they were two timelines. Mirroring each other (the one was opposing the other). the big white shape in the center represents the white flash of light I saw in the park - and below it you see the outlines of a couple (me and my friend) gazing at the stars (as mentioned in the short image description at the top of this page). Included in the 'laser show' from my dream, were images of the great pyramid of Giza, which was mirrored as well - with another 'version' of it from the Cosmos. They connected to each other through the tips of each pyramid, sending energies form the one to the other. A DNA strand emerges from the heavens (behind the Arcturian beings) in this painting, swirling down to the earth.

The beings each hold one hand over their (green glowing) heart chakra's and as you may notice a golden glow eminates from their crown chakras. From left to right; the first being one touches the skies, creating an point of origine for our Universe | the second one glances over its shoulder refering to the idea of the 'past' or our history (that is largly unknown to us in this crrent day and age still) | the last or third one opens it's other hand inviting us to join them or hinting towards the idea of their willingness to offer us the gifts of their knowledge. As I understand Arcturian energy has been a guiding and protecting force for our species through time and space.

For the longest of time they could not intervere or directly communicate with us - but this changed at the time of ancient Egypt and increased after the year of 2012. Blue and gold in combination are 'typical' colours for Arcturian energy - the golden Light languages at the right - are part of their message for us. Fee free to tune in with these yourself, and see what you get - as different components of these symbols, may be important to the individual observer.

After enjoying it for several years on the walls in my own home and in my working space (where the live channelings take place) -
I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it. Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

In gratitude,


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In Centimeters: 40/60/2 cm
In Inches: 15.74/23.62/0.78 inch


* Material: Acrylics
* Canvas: Linnen on a wooden frame
* The image has been painted all the way around the edges – no additional outside-frame needed


* Hanging: The canvas can 'rest' on a nail sticking out from the wall, with it's wooden framework (at the back).
We recommend simply placing the top segment of the frame 'over' the nail on your wall and moving it until it hangs centered/straight. Of course if you wish, you can attach another system on the back end of the canvas to hang it.


* Signing: At your request – the painting can be signed by Wieteke on the back.
Signing will be done on the wooden framework – not on the linnen,
so you need not worry about any potential pen-marks showing through the linnen.

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If you decide to adopt this work into your home, you will be receiving the original – meaning; it truly is a one-of-a-kind.
Nobody else will have the same work in their home and no stock of this item is available.

An orginal includes a tangible structure of the paint applied (visible direction of the brush strokes etc) and of course a deeply engrained energetic signature. More so, as these works have been kept lovingly in Wieteke's work-space, where atelier and channeling-sessions merge into one. in other words; a lot of energy work has been taking place in direct proximity of all of her works.



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