Drawing The Rain – Hybrid Child


As a child – at times, I used my finger to trace the trails of raindrops as they ‘wiggled’ down over the window-glass. I tried to predict where they would go next – and loved how they would find their unique way over the glass, merging and splitting off again in their own separate ways. Tiny worlds like this – used to be things I could completely loose myself in. I used the ‘energy’ of this childhood memory in this illustrative painting of a hybrid boy. He is quite litteraly ‘drawing the rain’ using an actual pencil instead of his fingers. Part of the message of this work is that: the glass is only there, if we choose to believe it is. This truly is about the illusion of a glass ‘wall’ between us. As you tune in with it deeper – you can make up your own mind and allow yourself to be transported by the dreamy vibes of this illustrative painting, with it’s playful hybrid-child energy | Scroll down for more details.

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This hybrid child came to play with me energetically, AS I painted his image - he was the first to teach me that the 'father' of any hybrid child we may have (as a woman) can even be a person you never met in real life (and that there can be multiple fathers to one child as well). I got this in the days after finishing this painting, through dream-downloads. It appears to me as if - painting any higher dimensional being - in some instances - can fuction as the secret opening of a door into their world. And as if the 'allowing them to come through' in this way - allows many doors on other levels to open up simultaneously for us as well (e.g. in dreamtime, as OBE's or via other types of inspiration).

This one-of-a-kind canvas has colour painted all the way around the edges, so it does not need an additional wooden frame around it. As I often do, I choose to work with deep blue colours. Not only do I love blue (one of my favorites is 'Expert SRS/PHTHALO BLUE' by the brand of 'Amsterdam' acrylics) but it also resonates (as a symbol) with the throat chakra. Inviting us to be open, calm and transparent about what we believe to be true for ourselves. Looking back at childhood memories, we energetically blend the image we had of ourselves as a child - with how we see ourselves now (as adults). I personally believe that we 'come into this world' very wise already. Looking 'back' to such moments opens the doorway for us to truly tune in with our inner child, which (in my imagination) silently observes us in our 'adult' ways, until it is invited back in to play. For me - painting, or 'visually translating energies from other worlds' is one of the most natural ways to express myself as an artist. I love how an idea can be born 'from the inside' and then be 'transfrerred onto' a canvas (by the means of some hand-motions, water and pigments). I love how an 'idea' can take shape that way. This process will always continue to mystify me, and I feel grateful to be able to play in this manner in my life.

After enjoying it for several years on the walls in my own home - I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it.
Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

In gratitude,


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In Centimeters: 40/40/4 cm
In Inches: 15.74/15.74/1.57 inch


* Material: Acrylics
* Canvas: Linnen on a wooden frame
* The image has been painted all the way around the edges – no additional outside-frame needed


* Hanging: The canvas can 'rest' on a nail sticking out from the wall, with it's wooden framework (at the back).
We recommend simply placing the top segment of the frame 'over' the nail on your wall and moving it until it hangs centered/straight. Of course if you wish, you can attach another system on the back end of the canvas to hang it.


* Signing: At your request – the painting can be signed by Wieteke on the back.
Signing will be done on the wooden framework – not on the linnen,
so you need not worry about any potential pen-marks showing through the linnen.

This is an Original

If you decide to adopt this work into your home, you will be receiving the original – meaning; it truly is a one-of-a-kind.
Nobody else will have the same work in their home and no stock of this item is available.

An orginal includes a tangible structure of the paint applied (visible direction of the brush strokes etc) and of course a deeply engrained energetic signature. More so, as these works have been kept lovingly in Wieteke's work-space, where atelier and channeling-sessions merge into one. in other words; a lot of energy work has been taking place in direct proximity of all of her works.



Your painting will be profesionally wrapped with a box from Museumpak.com – offering a high level of security and protection to the work. These boxes are custom-made to fit the art-piece and include perfect-fit inside padding, surrounding the work from all sides. After unpacking – we recommend you store the box which will have been custom made for your painting. This way you can always use it again when moving houses for instance – or if you ever wish to send the work to someone else.


To give you an indication of the shipping costs:

A small work (up to a maximum frame/work size of 53 x 70 x 6 cm, 135 x 178 x 15 Inch) sent from Amsterdam to New York may cost approximately € 250,- (handling and wrapping costs included).

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Costs for shipment within the EU may fluctuate between € 165 (small work) and € 310 (large work).

Please note: prices mentioned above are an indication and do not include additional tax- or import costs that may be requested by certain countries.

If you happen to travel to The Netherlands or live nearby; you are always warmly welcome to come over and pick up the painting in person.

Exception: unfortunately, due to Australia's laws on importing wood, canvas-frames and paintings made on wood are not allowed to be shipped to Australia.

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