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‘HOME with Gaia’ is the result of a spontaneous outburst of creativity at a point in time where I had no new canvasses at hand. So, I ended up painting on a wooden board (meant to be a floor-segment). This work is a direct reflection of a sacred plant-medicine journey I had (one out of 3 in total), which offered me a new perspective to Earth, and mankind. Scroll down for more details.

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'HOME with Gaia' is a visual interpretation of a message delivered by the natural plantmedicine known as Shanga (not to be confused with any chemical or artificial form of DMT). I created this work shortly after the first out of a total of 3 experiences, which I had over a timespan of about 2 years. The introduction to this field came with a bang. My focus was immedeately carried all the way off our globe. I felt I 'soared' up looking up (outward, away from our planet) and the first thing I saw was the majestic white belly of an enormous eagle which wings spanned all the way around one side of the globe as if in a flying embrace. Meanwhile I 'knew' the sun was setting. As my focus point arrived at the same level of the bird, the last rays of sun hit it in such a way that the white feathers reflected the light in a bright rainbow. Going up even higher - passing way beyoind the bird and our planet - I somehow felt the vibration of an in-between 'landing place' where souls get to orient before they decide upon another incarnation. The eagle however was bound to Earth and carried with it an immense wisdom. I felt it's relationship to the indigenous people and that realisation opened up yet another download. Codes began emerging from the earth, showing humanities journey and it's multi dimensional interweavings with other realms and realities. Whales showed up and offered to be guides and crucial (inter)connectors of laylines all over the globe, activating them with their songs. They showed to also be reminders of our lifetimes in Atlantis, and translators of Sirius energies. Gaia herself opened up like a flower and placed a symbol for humanity at the heart of a leaf from the Bhodi tree (Ficus religiosa). In the left top corner of the painting you see another planet - from which a blue /white DNA strand meanders trhough the cosmos and towards Earth. This refers to the cosmic DNA or Interstellar connections of humanity. The DNA strand itself contains tiny symbosl known as sacred circuitries. These have been channeled by our Indingenous people, and a selection of them under that term (sacred circuits) then later was channeled by Bashar of the Sassani. In the right top corner, among planets and stars; you can see a tiny triangular UFO with lights on the corners - as used by several of the Grey-human hybrids (including the Yahyel).

After enjoying this work for several years, having it sit on a bookshelf in my own home - I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it.
Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

In gratitude,


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In Centimeters: 23,5/67,5/0,4 cm
In Inches: 9.25/26.5748/0.15 inch


* Material: Acrylics on a pressed wood board (a floor board) finished with a glossy layer


* Hanging: The board has no specific means for hanging it on a wall.
It can however be presented perfectly on an esel or stand on a piece of furniture.
Of course if you wish, you can apply a hanging-system to the back end that meets your own wishes.
We recommend a sticker-hanger – or something else,that does NOT penetrate the board to prevent splitting of the wood.


* Signing: At your request – this painting can be signed for you by Wieteke on the back.


For delivery at your home, the board will be profesionally prepared for shipping by a company that expertises in art-transport. The price as mentioned is excl. these shipping costs. The exact price for these costs can be determined once we know where the painting needs to be delivered. For those who live nearby / in The Netherlands; you are always welcome to come over and pick it up in person. Unfortunately, due to Australia's laws on importing wood, we can not ship this item to Australia.