Moon Dream


Azure blue waters and a liquid dripping moon accompany a little girl in ‘Moon Dream’. This painting was inspired by a lucid dream during a full-moon night, wherein a hybrid child showed up, using a bed as her boat on the sea. Little did I know this was a instant download full of symbols… Scroll down for more details.

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Image that suddenly, you become aware of the sound of water. Tiny sounds that come from small waves, breaking gently against a solid surface. As your vision becomes clearer - that surface turns out to be a peddle, used by a little girl to move her improvised bed-boat foward on the still waters of a wide ocean. A cool, quiet moon seems to somehow dissolve in the background as it drips into the ocean water, merging with the azure version of it's self-reflection. Then an even tinier sound emerges, bubbles or a type of 'bopping' ... and you notice that a school of fish appears to be following the tiny boat. Swimming slowly, their eyes are clearly visible beneath the glass-like surface of the water. They remind you of Koi-fish and Japanese gardens. Next to the girl sits a cat, staring at the fish as they swim. The girl wears a green nightgown and a night hat that reminds you of the nineteen twenties. You know she knows you are there - she just ahsn't looked up yet - but you feel the fine line of telempathic communication buzzing as if it is about to burst in laughter or singing. You don't dare move a muscle, focussed completely on every single detail of this subtle dance of symbols and frequencies being exchanged in what feels like a sacred moment. Then suddenly, she turns her head and your eyes lock with hers. You feel startled and with a shock - the entire landscape and all its sounds, including the telemphatic connection dissapear - and you wake up.

This would be a relatively close description of what it was like for me to have this dream - and what inspired me to paint an impression of it later. I exaggerated the features of the girl, as I decided on an illustrative style, to express her personality with. It was almost as if I could feel her joy and excitement all over again during the making of this work - and even - as if she had waited for me to start doing so; so she could whisper the meaning of some of the symbols in my ears whilst working on this canvas.

This is what I got: A boat is a ship (as in a space ship) - having a bed be the boat = the parallel between sleeping and waking; sleeping brings us into higher vibrational states, and in case we become lucid in these - we can choose our own direction (sude the Peddle). The fish are as one with the water - it is their element, they accompany and guide, it is 'those to whom we are connected in the higher dimensional realms - and clearly - there are many...' 😉 The water also refers to emotion, in this case it is calm and tranquil, so new information can come in and be processed by the mind (meditative state). The full moon and it's liquid connection to its self reflection is our journey of getting to Know OurSelves - by reflection (the illusion of separation) and remebering our natural connection (becoming one once again). The cat represents the having of a clear vision trough a multitude of realms or dimensions. The green colour of the girls dress refers to the heart - her night cap is also (light) green - she 'thinks' from the heart vibration / or in other words; she allows her heart to guide her mind, not the other way around ❣️

All of this was offered without insistance - as areflection for us to play with - in our own way and time 🙏

After enjoying this work for several years on the walls in my own home - I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it.
Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

In gratitude,


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In Centimeters: 60/80/2 cm
In Inches: 23.62/31.49/0,78 inch


* Material: Acrylics on Canvas (matte finish / no gloss)


* Hanging: The canvas has a metal tread on the back side to help you hang it to a wall.
Of course if you wish, you can apply another connecting-system to the back that meets your own wishes.


* Signing: At your request – this painting can be signed for you by Wieteke on the back.
This will be done on one of the wooden parts – so there is no risk of the ink running through the canvas.


For delivery at your home, the board will be profesionally prepared for shipping by a company that expertises in art-transport. The price as mentioned is excl. these shipping costs. The exact price for these costs can be determined once we know where the painting needs to be delivered. For those who live nearby / in The Netherlands; you are always welcome to come over and pick it up in person. Unfortunately, due to Australia's laws on importing wood, we can not ship this item to Australia.