Nanuk – Female Sassani Guide


A shower of love and compassion! Welcome to Nanuk’s world, a female Sassani being who wished to come through, the moment I started working on this piece.
Acrylics on canvas – blue, silver and gold. Lightlanguages in the background. For a more detailled description, please scroll down.

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Ever since I started 'coming out' as a channel, I felt strongly guided by a team of Extra Dimensional beings. I spoke of these beings in the interview with Reuben Langdon
in "Interviews with E.D." (S1.E18) on Gaia television. One of these beings is a Sassani Female, who introduced herself to me by the name of Nanuk.

In working on this painting, I allowed myself to truly 'free-style' in my impression of what she had to say to me (and the world) at that moment. The sun and the moon on her forehead - are painted in silver and gold, represent the balancing between male/female energies and an overall galactic harmonisation. Her eyes are filled with compassion and her entire pose invites us to feel tenderness within ourselves and for the many multidimensional levels overlapping our own reality. Her hands touching (while still open) represent this bridging of worlds, and the openness to receive the gifts that are hiding within (when two or more meet in consciousness). Besides her right in the painting, from top to bottom, a stream of elegant light-languages emerge from the background - as if subtly shimmering through. These refer to the message she had (and still has) for humanity. I will allow you as a receiver / viewer - to tap in with this information for yourselves. I do not feel it is my place in this time and space - to deliver 'subtitles' for this. She has let me know this information may translate differently for different people - depending on what is needed for them - on their personal journey of transformation - and I would never want to narrow that field of possibilities for anyone.

Nanuk's expertise is to study our human psychology. This, to the Sassani - is infinitly interesting, since it differs so much from their own. Nanuk is especially focussed on humanities deep-transformation-processes, or what we refer to as 'trauma's'. She is a powerful space-holder for anyone desiring positive change in their lives and has been an important person in the background of  my personal development as a channel. She stood by me as part of the 'team' of specialists that Arjun like to work with (as well) for a solid 3 years in the beginning. She still comes in now and then (only when relevant) depending on my clients (needs) in private sessions. With group events (channeling Arjun) so far, I have known her to always be present.

I feel that I have to underline that this painting is an intuitive, free-style impression of her energy as I felt it during the painting of it. I allowed my inner child to play along, not limiting the amount and use of colours (which all carry their own message and frequency), symbols or shapes. The big fairy-like-ears represent Nanuk's incredibly compassionate willingness to listen to whatever a person has to say. Yet in her own reality; her ears are approx 1/3rd the size of our human ears and positioned much closer to her head / they hardly 'stand out' at all.  Also, she has let me know she has long white hair and a pale skin with a hardly visible blue-ish hue depending on the light surrounding her.

I see this painting as a type of symbolic statement for the messages she had to bring - combined with my inner childs impression of her personal energy at the time of the making 😉

After enjoying this treasure for several years on the walls in my own home - I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it.
Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

In gratitude,


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In Centimeters: 40/30/3 cm
In Inches: 11.81/15.74/1.18 inch


* Material: Acrylics
* Canvas: Linnen on a wooden frame
* The image has been painted all the way around the edges – no additional outside-frame needed


* Hanging: The canvas can 'rest' on a nail sticking out from the wall, with it's wooden framework (at the back).
We recommend simply placing the top segment of the frame 'over' the nail on your wall and moving it until it hangs centered/straight. Of course if you wish, you can attach another system on the back end of the canvas to hang it.


* Signing: At your request – the painting can be signed by Wieteke on the back.
Signing will be done on the wooden framework – not on the linnen,
so you need not worry about any potential pen-marks showing through the linnen.


For delivery at your home, the canvas will be profesionally prepared for shipping by a company that expertises in art-transport. The price as mentioned is excl. these shipping costs. The exact price for these costs can be determined once we know where the painting needs to be delivered. For those who live nearby / in The Netherlands; you are always welcome to come over and pick it up in person. Unfortunately, due to Australia's laws on importing wood, we can not ship canvasses to Australia.