Animal Hybrids


An absolutely unique piece – vibrant colours – silver and gold – tangibly changes the energy in the room. Scroll down for a more detailed description.

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A snapshot from a fairy-tale forest, where dreamy, almost translucid - albino animals appear to reach out to you in a telepathic manner. 'Animal Hybrids' was inspired on a series of reparative dreams / downloads, that I had in regards to ET-visitations. For a many years ET's showed up for me in different 'disguises'. Especially when I was a child, these outfits often used to be like those of dreamlike animals; bunnies, squirrels, a ferret or something else rather small but always with the same large and captivating eyes. At some point - they all of a sudden turned radiant white - and showed up like that for a while. The symbol of a white cat also showed up more often - until eventually one day - just before my 18th birthday; in an OBE - one of them showed me his 'real' form. He transformed before my eyes - from a white cat - into a +/- 5 ft tall (160 cm) humanoid, pale skinned Sassani hybrid. This was my first lucid encounter where I saw one of them in their full form and size. As he showed himself to me; he sent me a tele(m)pathic message; "This was us - all along".

I immediately understood, that all of those odd looking animals in my OBE's and in my bedroom ever since I was a child - had been what are now called 'screen-memories' of actual encounters. The shift from the 'regular coloured' animals - to radiant white animals though, was already impressive on it's own - and what inspired me to make this painting. I tried to capture the energy.

The red and blue vortexes contain a centre point of gold and silver (paint). The left side of the painting represents a somewhat more 'male' energy - and the right side a more 'female' energy. They are connected by a vibrational line of 'communication' represented by the yellow 'dotted' line in the top. The animal on the left is awake and the couple on the right is dreaming. The squirrel 'speaks' to the observer of the painting with it's large dreamy eye. It has a kind and multi-dimensional energy that seems to 'suck you in' as you tune in deeper with his silent and focussed gaze. This was exactely the energy I aimed to capture and share. This painting makes me want to sit still - and just observe. It makes me wish to tune in deeper with myself. It helps me remember the magic of those early 'white animal' encounters. Finally, I've decided to let this painting go, to whoever loses their heart to it. Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

With nothing but Love,


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In Centimeters: 100/100/2 cm
In Inches: 39,3/39,3/0,78 inch


* Material: Acrylics in combination with silver and gold (paint)
* Canvas: Linnen on a wooden frame
* The image has been painted all the way around the edges – no additional outside-frame needed


* Hanging: The canvas has a sturdy acrylic fishing-line connected to the back, that holds it weight.
We recommend positioning the line over 2 points (nails of hooks) – inserted at similar height on your wall.
Of course if you wish, you can attach another type of montage-system to the back end of the canvas.


* Signing: At your request – the painting can be signed by Wieteke on the back.
Signing will be done on the wooden framework – not the linnen,
so you need not worry about any potential pen-marks showing through the linnen.

This is an Original

If you decide to adopt this work into your home, you will be receiving the original – meaning; it truly is a one-of-a-kind.
Nobody else will have the same work in their home and no stock of this item is available.

An orginal includes a tangible structure of the paint applied (visible direction of the brush strokes etc) and of course a deeply engrained energetic signature. More so, as these works have been kept lovingly in Wieteke's work-space, where atelier and channeling-sessions merge into one. in other words; a lot of energy work has been taking place in direct proximity of all of her works.



Your painting will be profesionally wrapped with a box from – offering a high level of security and protection to the work. These boxes are custom-made to fit the art-piece and include perfect-fit inside padding, surrounding the work from all sides. After unpacking – we recommend you store the box which will have been custom made for your painting. This way you can always use it again when moving houses for instance – or if you ever wish to send the work to someone else.


To give you an indication of the shipping costs:

A small work (up to a maximum frame/work size of 53 x 70 x 6 cm, 135 x 178 x 15 Inch) sent from Amsterdam to New York may cost approximately € 250,- (handling and wrapping costs included).

Shipping a large work (Max frame/work size: 113 x 140 x 6 cm, 287 x 355 x 15 inch) – from Amsterdam to New York, may cost approximately € 550,-

Costs for shipment within the EU may fluctuate between € 165 (small work) and € 310 (large work).

Please note: prices mentioned above are an indication and do not include additional tax- or import costs that may be requested by certain countries.

If you happen to travel to The Netherlands or live nearby; you are always warmly welcome to come over and pick up the painting in person.

Exception: unfortunately, due to Australia's laws on importing wood, canvas-frames and paintings made on wood are not allowed to be shipped to Australia.

Price & Payment

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