My earliest work for sale at this point. Ancient symbolism describing a dazzeling Interstellar Journey which is still in the process of unfolding. For an in-dept description, please scroll down.

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'Starseed Journey' (to me) represents the coming together of a multitude of realities that together from the very first steps of the hybridization program between the future timeline Grey-humans and our own human timeline. I am aware that the hybridization program, to many people, feels like something surrounded by questionmarks. When I painted this, I was just 19 years old and still very much in the beginning stages exploring the concept myself. At that time, I had no acces to any channeled material and so - due to a lack of references - I did not know how to give words to many of my multi-dimensional experiences. So, I decided to use the language of artistic (visual and wordless) symbolism instead. This often seemed to be to only way to translate what I felt was unfolding in that bigger field, which I seemed to be tapping into on a regular basis. The name 'Starseed Journey' was given by me to this work only in 2014. Up until then it had no title - it was without words, yet full of feelings - just like I felt I was, at the time when I created it.

To the observer; the woman in the image could have just fallen down, she could be in pain or grieving - or she could be the crucial link between multiple timelines.. Preventing at least one of them from extinction (The Greys) and allowing them to redeem themselves through time and space for all the damage they had done to themselves and all of those effected by their decisions... And allowing another (our own timeline) to acces an accalerated path towards a more desired version of Earth within and through themselves - if they choose to accept this gift. From an artistic viewpoint: I deliberately aimed for a level of tension between the concept of suffering and the idea of 'rising anew'. But; we shall see what we need to see. Where I am right now - whenever I look at this woman, I know in my heart, she has not fallen - she is getting up. 

At her feet you find a type of oval globe; this represents both a seed (I used a dried and burst open avocado seed as my inspiration at the time) and the world (Earth / Gaia). She in a way comes 'from' it and streched out into the ether - into the multidiemnsional fields of All That Is. And though it scares her - she also knows this is part of her growing proces as a human being. Simultaneously the firey glow from the seed is like earth bursting open and allowing us a glimpse of the light that resides inside (all of us).

The cow: in India, the cow is a holy, maternal figure revered as a symbol of the divine bounty of the earth. My focus in this painting rests on that holy and nourishing energy. Realize that the Greys had to learn how to nurture for the children - and at first did not know how to. Humanity at it's lowest point - has forgotten how to love even their own children... And so I brought in the cow. As an ancient  mother figure - she already 'stands' in this picture. She embodies the gently yet profound reminder from nature - showing us how to take care of ourselves. In her forehead another cow emerges, facing the observer. This represents the lineages that have gone before (and the idea of 'walking through time and space') and those that are yet to follow (emerging one from the other).

The patchwork of colours in the background refers to the interweaving of many multidimensional levels, all coming together. One of the diagonal lines running to-and-fro the woman in the center - ends on her left shoulder (to the viewer). At closer inspection a twisting DNA strand can be recognized in this particular line - connecting her to dimensions beyond the scope of our vison in 3D.

Green; here represents our Earth and the energy of the heart / the vibration of unconditional Love and understanding.
Blue; here connectes to the Cosmos at large, sacred energies but also to the troat chakra; speaking our truth is what will allow us to truly rise and shine together.

This is my earliest canvas-painting available for sale at this point in time. It has taken me a long time to say goodbey to it as it carried so many memories. But now I know is the time for it to be adopted by someone else - and for them to connect to it, in their own unique way. Please reach out through the contact form - if you wish to adopt this piece into your heart and home.

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In Centimeters: 100/100/2 cm
In Inches: 39.37/39.37/0.78 inch


* Material: Acrylics
* Canvas: Linnen on a wooden frame
* The image has been painted all the way around the edges – no additional outside-frame needed


* This canvas has a sturdy metal-line connected to the back, that easily holds it weight.
We recommend positioning the line over 2 points (nails of hooks) – inserted at similar height on your wall.
It is possible to attach a different type of montage-system to the back end of the canvas.


* Signing: At your request – the painting can be signed by Wieteke on the back.
Signing will be done on the wooden framework – not on the linnen,
so you need not worry about any potential pen-marks showing through the linnen.

This is an Original

If you decide to adopt this work into your home, you will be receiving the original – meaning; it truly is a one-of-a-kind.
Nobody else will have the same work in their home and no stock of this item is available.

An orginal includes a tangible structure of the paint applied (visible direction of the brush strokes etc) and of course a deeply engrained energetic signature. More so, as these works have been kept lovingly in Wieteke's work-space, where atelier and channeling-sessions merge into one. in other words; a lot of energy work has been taking place in direct proximity of all of her works.



Your painting will be profesionally wrapped with a box from – offering a high level of security and protection to the work. These boxes are custom-made to fit the art-piece and include perfect-fit inside padding, surrounding the work from all sides. After unpacking – we recommend you store the box which will have been custom made for your painting. This way you can always use it again when moving houses for instance – or if you ever wish to send the work to someone else.


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