Summer Solstice

– This work is NOT FOR SALE (yet) – The title of this work is Summer Solstice – as it was litteraly created during the Summer Solstice of 2022 – and its surrounding days. The full project took 9 days (of several hours each day). A timelapse video of the creation process can be seen HERE. For a detailled description and my intention behind the symbols etc – please scroll down on this page 🙏😊

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Born in de days surrounding (and during) the Summer Solstice of 2022, this shall be the temporary title of my latest work.
Since I just created this work I would like to enjoy it for a little longer in my own home. It will however become available for adoption at some point, so keep an eye on this website-page. The estimated price will most likely be somewhere around Є 5000,- If you feel this work truly calls you - please send us a clear motivational letter (or video) as to why you believe this work belongs with you 😉

Images 'under construction'

This work is yet to receive a semi-glossy layer of veneer later this summer - which will deepen the colour intensity to some degree.
New pictures will be taken and placed here after this has been done.


Meaning and creationproces - For this painting I decided to record the entire painting process in a time-lapse video (a first-time experiment). You can click HERE to see it. I look at this painting as a summer-whirlwind of different energies bundled together in a joyous celebration of life. I wished to simply read the highest vibrational timeline available to mankind at this point in time - and to give expression to (a segment of) that idea, in my own personal way.

The couple in the centre represent a harmonious balance between the divine feminine and masculine energies in mankind. I envision these coming together and supporting each other in a light - loving, energetic and playful way. Watching a couple dancing a tango suddenly inspired me to use this idea (dance) as a vessel for the feminine and masculine meeting in a graceful flow-state.

The 3 'Gates' behind them are about passing through different levels of self-development - until one reaches a point where the state of Unconditional Love can be accessed at any given time. Each level is well integrated and looked at with love and kindness - as it has brought the person to where they are today.

The Moon refers to our connection with the Cosmos and the indirect perception of the light (of the Sun) - reminding us that even in the darkest of times there is a way for the light to reach us. Even with a new moon - we can see the outlines of this heavenly body orbiting our emerald planet. The moon also links to the waters (with the rising and falling of the tides) and with our emotions on a deeper level and according to the collective subconscious field.

The 'Falling Star' slightly to the right - over the top-whale, is a little wink to our star-family and those who have their bases underwater, deep down in our oceans. It is in honor of those who work alongside our great transformational human Awakening, without most of mankind even being aware of it just yet (but the whales obviously are - they have always been aware of this ;))

The Whales refer to diving deep within oneself and getting to know oneself better. The secrets of the ocean and teh depts of our own waters (spiritually) are still unknown to most of us. What a wonderful and magical journey to be on!

The tree represents deep and strong roots and standing strong in one's own center; flexible and resilient; come what may.

The Golden 'Bowl' at the bottom represents a symbol of receiving. Of being in a state of surrender and full Trust (the Gold) and Awareness (the Silver) of all energies that are constantly fluctuating in these highly transformative times. The 3 'dots' below it refer to the trinity nature of our reality (there are many ways to give expression to that; the Father The Son and the Holy Spirit / The Physical, The mind and the Soul / The illusion of separation; left and right and the third point of view that Oversees it all and Knows that this is a dream...and so on). I will add that in receiving this image in my mind, I also sensed a strong Solar and Arcturian presence. Ancient Egypt is another energy-anchor I cannot seem to shake, every single time I look at this part of the painting. I'd have to tune in deeper and allow my dreams to reveal more to me about this. It wouldn't be the first time that I paint a symbol that isn't fully understood by me yet. I like these journies as there is always so much more to discover - all we need to do is just open the doors of our minds and hearts and see what appears naturally before us in divine timing.


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In Centimeters: 100/100/2 cm
In Inches: 39,3/39,3/0,78 inch


* Material: Acrylics on Canvas

– A semi-gloss finish shall be applied in the 2nd half of July 2022


* Hanging: The canvas will get a sturdy metal tread on the back side to help you hang it to a wall.
Of course if you wish, you can apply another connecting-system to the back that meets your own wishes.


* Signing: At your request – this painting can be signed for you by Wieteke on the back.
This will be done on one of the wooden parts – so there is no risk of the ink running through the canvas.

This is an Original

If you decide to adopt this work into your home, you will be receiving the original – meaning; it truly is a one-of-a-kind.
Nobody else will have the same work in their home and no stock of this item is available.

An orginal includes a tangible structure of the paint applied (visible direction of the brush strokes etc) and of course a deeply engrained energetic signature. More so, as these works have been kept lovingly in Wieteke's work-space, where atelier and channeling-sessions merge into one. in other words; a lot of energy work has been taking place in direct proximity of all of her works.



Your painting will be profesionally wrapped with a box from – offering a high level of security and protection to the work. These boxes are custom-made to fit the art-piece and include perfect-fit inside padding, surrounding the work from all sides. After unpacking – we recommend you store the box. This way you can always use it again when moving houses for instance – or if you ever wish to send the work to someone else.


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