Responses to 1 on 1 Channeling Sessions

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I am pleased to give Wieteke/Arjun my strongest endorsement. I have had the great pleasure of using their talents and wisdom personally, with clients and in workshops. In every situation the information is clear, therapeutic, and leads to breakthroughs for the recipient. That was true for me personally when I had questions about my non-Earth contacts and for my son-in-law suffering from brain cancer. For my clients, Wieteke/Arjun create new insights and open doors to clarity and healing, particularly if their progress is stuck. In my workshops the information was delivered interactively over Skype and questions by the participants are of insightful benefit for all attendees. You will not be disappointed with any form of contact with this beautiful pair.


Richard Stammler, PhD, transpersonal psychologist and past life regressionist.

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Worth the wait!

Worth the wait!  I was drawn to book a 60 minute session with Wieteke after seeing her interviews on Gaia.  It is really difficult to fully articulate how I felt and what I took away from our discussion.  It was mind blowing and very beautiful.  Arjun confirmed that I am not losing my mind 🙂 and explained my healthy obsession with starseeds, hybrid children and the universe.  I spent 3 hours transcribing, digesting and absorbing the information I received in 1 hour.  It was actually even more powerful and emotional listening to the recording and being able to pause and drink in the amazing information.  I came away feeling such profound happiness, joy and hope.  Wieteke is very blessed, and I will forever cherish the messages I received through her.
Paulina (US)

Will be back!

My Session with Wieteke and Arjun was amazing!  The session gave me insights into situations and decisions I have made in the past and gave me the clarity that I had been looking for for a long time.  The session was conducted with love, understanding, and humor so I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.  I want to thank both Wieteke and Arjun from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful that I have connected with you and I will definitely be back. 


Christine Cooman

Laser-focused session | Physical shift in one day

My healing session with Wieteke was a whole and positive experience in every way. She carries the session with high vibration, clarity, attentiveness, wisdom and compassion. The healing cured a health issue that was going on in my body for about a year and a half – a day after the session it was gone. In addition to the powerful, instant, laser focused healing, Arjun shared a lot of information and answered every question with great patience and clarity. I gratefully and gladly – highly highly highly  recommend this high quality healing and communication with Wieteke and Arjun!



2 years of ET contact experiences finally explained and confirmed

I had my channeling session with Wieteke on 3/14/17 via Skype. This was an incredibly powerful and moving experience for me. During the session, I had to lie down while a team of ET’s were scanning my body and discussing their findings with me. In this process, which I could feel in the form of buzzing and vibration through my body, I got many answers to questions I had regarding what happened to me in the past two years. It was an incredibly emotional moment to have it all explained in clear words, and it confirmed most of what I had been suspecting but was doubting as being crazy. This session moved me so much that I was in a state of stun-ness for the rest of the day and could barely keep my eyes open. In comparison; no other channels that I have ever contacted (big names in the field included) have had this level of accuracy and physical impact. 

I wanted to already express my gratitude to Wieteke and Arjun and our star families for this amazing session. Wieteke is very talented and I highly, highly recommend her sessions. At some point, Arjun asked me to visualize something in my brain and commented on how I was doing as I was following his instructions, and he knew exactly when my focus slipped (there was no video, just audio and I was silent). That made me smile!

Thank you again and much love to ALL!

Karin Miller | United States | Skype session

Greatly reduced my Tinnitus

this was my first experience with a channeled healing…and I’m still blown away. My head felt very full and busy just before we started, but as soon as the session ‘took off’ and the YahYel came ‘trough’ – I felt an overwhelming energy of clarity and ease wrapping around me like a warm loving blanket. In the weeks after the session my tinnitus (whistling sounds in the ears) started changing. For years I’ve been experiencing 3 kinds of sounds, now only two are left This means more then I can explain here to those who have never experienced this. The two sounds that are left, are significantly less intense and Arjun taught me to listen to them in a whole other way .. I now much more experience these sounds a guidance – as a connection with my Higher self. In visions I had during the session I saw two amazing spirit-guides in the shape of totem animals. These guides pointed me into more of the right direction. I am very grateful and happy with the experience. Looking forward already to our next session! Wieteke you are doing such an incredible job! Love!

Danitsja | Professional Phyto-therapist | The Netherlands | Live session

Incredible Tension Release from my Back | Skype Re-alignment

WOW that session was so much more intense then I thought it would be! And the biggest energy block that was released was actually something that we didn’t even talk about! But was being pushed out and brought into my awareness during and a few days after! THANK GOD for it!!!! I am so grateful!

ALL the tension fell of my back/shoulders a day after the channeling. I also went and sat with it against a tree, like they suggested! And yes, I was able to breath 2 big balls of tension out of my back with the support of the tree! 🌲💙.

Thank you so much for the love and support!!! Also, my boyfriend wants to do a session! If you have any availability he would love to make an appointment ✨. Let us know if you are interested! And thank you for everything!

Alyssa 💕 | US | Skype session

Personal Guide and Hybrid Child

So so happy with my session! I have never felt so personally touched and supported by any other channeler/ extradimensional group. I have been connecting with NaLa and Mimosa all weekend, so easy and fun. I have felt so warm and supported since speaking with Arjun and the crew. I am looking forward to another session soon with perhaps Q&A.
I wanted you to know that I am deeply touched and very grateful to have connected with you and Arjun in this way.
Thank you!!

Anonymous | US | Skype session

Strong acceleration in my own channeling work

Dear Wieteke,thank you so much for the beautiful session with you and Arjun. The stream that is coming through you is beautiful and I can sense the heart-based energy flowing. After the session a lot of subtle yet powerful doors opened up and the advice I was given had great impact. Since then, the channeling work I do is much more easy and specific. I now receive a lot more images and people already told me, that it seems that my own guide (Adam) is reaching towards them much more powerful and “human-like” now which is lovely. Working with the suggested Light-Language in my imagination eases the flow when it’s getting “too strong” and is a neat tool… I am allowing the stream to come with less resistance and therefore expression and accuracy has evolved pretty much. I also tapped into some powerful “contact-situation” with my Arcturian friends who really seem to be pretty funny, intense and real… Unbelievable how close they come… I can nearly grab their hands 😉 Altogether I am pretty grateful for all of this and it was a huge honor to meet you and Arjun in physical reality and beyond time and space. ❤

Namasté and hope to connect again.

Love, Sven | German author & channel of “Adam” | Sven’s website | Skype session

Hybrid children - so much confirmation

By now, I have listened to the audio file several times, and all I can say is WOWWWWW 🙂 The healing worked on very deeply. There are still some pains due to my chronic complaint, but I am experiencing sooo much more ease, thank you all so much for that. Many question marks I had been walking around with, have been answered. The channeling clarified many of the topics that I had felt and dreamed about – and I’m so happy to now know for certain it was not all just imagination. Information about my star-connections, the working together with them – the acknowledgement of having hybrid children and my personal guide Amber, all have been experienced by me as one warm and soothing shower. I certainly hope to see you again in the future – whether it be in a private of group-session with Arjun.

E.E. | 48  | Male | Netherlands | Skype session

Entering new dimensions

Heee dear cosmic sister, some feedback after the session…..and the nights and the days :)). Wow, what a ride it has been the last days. First I felt good…really being in nice cosmic contact with the Yahyel and this being the “overseer-surveyor”, the Mantid. The night after the session was dense, lots of old stuff popped up in dreams, I dreamt of many many (hundreds?) chaotic paths with many obstacles, detours, Labyrinths…throughout lifetimes….seemed endless.…and not really pleasant to say the least. This Mantid being was there…I felt….it was actually the first time that I wasn’t afraid of this kind of being – I had met them before – but perceived him as a silent watcher. During the days following these experiences-memories became less and less…..faded away……until they disappeared. This morning there seems to be a new cosmic space I have access to….a sort of another level…another obviousness in the cosmic realm. Wonderful exiting ….space, which might lead me further…into a new…?… ? activity, function, work, that’s not quite it……but something like that. Wow, I am so grateful and appreciative for your work, for Arjun’s work and the time we are living in right now. It is overwhelming. With joy and love. Hugs and kisses to you cosmic sister, see you soon.

Lucie  |  Germany | Live session

Powerful Remote Energy Healing - Grounding

I am myself doing many distance healing sessions with others – and also receiving amazing sessions and exchanging with other healers. It is so important that we can continue expanding our connections with others and weaving this web of light! I can highly recommend receiving a session from Wieteke Koolhof!! She is a channel for healing inspired by the Yahyel and does very powerful remote energy healing sessions. Before Wieteke’s session I remember feeling quite ungrounded. The session balanced me out and I felt continual shifts from the work that was done! I could really strongly feel the presence of the ET guides during the session and I felt great vibrations and relaxing waves of healing spread through my body during the session. It deeply enhanced my own existing connection to ET’s and I did have several very strong telepathic connections with them after the session, as well as UFO presence in the following nights. In the session much work was done on my liver, which has been a chronic issue. In the days following the session there was a huge shift in this condition. A big part of the session was also a rebalancing of my ankles, and I felt myself more firmly planted onto and supported by the earth in my posture in the days following the session. I feel so blessed by my connection with Wieteke and highly recommend to receive her sessions to all. Whether you are seeking simply well-being or expanding your perception of reality, you will get that and more through Wieteke’s amazing and authentic service!

Dante  |  Professional energy-worker | US | Skype session

New levels of Calmness and Clarity

I came to work with Wieteke because I sensed I still had one or more old beliefs that were effecting my reality in unwanted ways that I had not yet been able to consciously identify them on my own. I thought that working with her might help me uncover what now needed to be transformed. I trust Wieteke completely. I know her to be one who works with light and love for the benefit for others with utmost integrity.

After the first session, I noticed immediately a major shift in my energy system. A new level of calmness and clarity flowed through me. I felt utterly at peace. I have certainly felt this kind of feeling before, through meditation and some of my other metaphysical practices, though something about this felt different: deeper, more substantial and all-encompassing. Over the following few days I remained relaxed and focused… It’s hard to explain, the change has been huge, and yet subtle, like waking with a dream so clear in your mind, yet as the day wears on you lose all memory of it it. In that same way, I can no longer remember what it was like to not feel as I now do.

A week later, I began to notice some emotion coming up for release: old stuff working its way out of my system. I recognized it as the old stuff I’d been wanting to get to, and I worked through it, gave myself time to allow the emotions a safe release. Afterwards, the feeling of calm clarity returned, and has stayed with me ever since.

During my second session,we moved on to address something I’d not expected to, but am so glad we did. I feel a whole new level of authenticity and self-acceptance now, like my system has been rewired to better serve me as I continue on my path. My energy and excitement is like 500% today. I feel an amazing sense of certainty about it now, so energized, it feels so RIGHT, a perfect match up! Something extraordinary happened in that session, as it always does. I feel amazing, physically and mentally “untwisted,” and very clear about where where I want to go next, and how to get there. Thank you dearest! 

P.J. – Netherlands | Teacher & Author in Metaphysics | Live session

Clear and Experienced Channel

My name is Bert and I am not easily impressed – but this was something else! I have experienced many different kinds of energy-work in my life. I have also been to other ET-healers among which some quite big names. This was different though as so much information came trough! I now see some ET-channelers really work mainly with the energies but speak little. Due to that you get no chance to learn what has happened or how you can improve your self-growth.

In Wieteke’s approach (or should I say the one of her guides) I could feel how very much aligned the ET’s were in their focus on BOTH the physical challenge and the MENTAL subject that caused it. And they really really invite me to be pro-active in the treatment as well. Stating clearly what mindsets had caused certain complaints and why – and how to shift them.

If you are willing to grow and heal yourself – this is one hell of a clear mirror to look in. It can be a bit symbolical the way the ET’s ‘serve’ this dish to you initially, but whenever I asked them for clarifications, they explained to me immediately the logical meaning of the symbols. I felt the symbols were well chosen and easy to work with, and I loved how they clicked in with what was going on – on a deeper level for me. Since this one session I could let go of a very old complaint and understand a lot more about myself now. My life has accelerated and I have found more courage to follow my heart then ever before. Thank you and the team and will surely be back!

Bert | The Netherlands | Live session

Most powerful experience with Cosmic energies

I have done three sessions with Wieteke and her guides,

this was not my first experience with Interstellar / Cosmic energies, but I can say it certainly was the most powerful and decisive one so far! I felt my body surrounded by such an high love vibration, and a big part of my body got into physical alignment because of that.

The team spoke with me about some memories,  precise moments in my childhood that were significantly resonating with some challenges in my present, to help me to see them in another prospective. They softly guided my imagination to heal the current situation, using metaphoric language that I could deeply integrate, easily accept and understand.

I can say I received the perfect mix of to-the-point information, precious suggestions, some glimpses into the possible future and an abundance of unconditional love for me where I am now, no matter what. Beyond any choice that I made and not made – still I felt they add clarity to see the what is playing in a current situation, from a higher perspective, they help to see the path to move forward, to align more, to let go of lies. They accept and help feel the perfection of my being, the support all around me, the rightness of every step, and this allows me to receive guidance and to be ok with my timing,  to integrate and to take the next step forward with love, and ease. After the sessions I felt still connected to that energy, I felt their presence when I needed and call them to feel support in the integration process. I felt my left and right side of brain and body be more balanced, my sense of being stronger, and I’ve start seeing signs of ET-presence in a loving way all around me very often, just as to say ‘we’ve got your back’, I love it.

Ilaria | Paris | Live session

Found the initial starting point of a chronic complaint

The setting: I received a Skype session (ET-healing/channeling) from Wieteke, during this set-up we couldn’t see each other- but we could hear each other directly. This way I could ask questions and communicate with Wieteke at any given moment, like in any live session. My question concerned the chronic pains around my hip- and back area, which have been shifting around lately. My right leg suffers from nerve-damage (resulting in numbness) due to an issue in the vertebra.
The session: Wieteke starts the channeling-session by taking me on a short guided meditation, that made me instantly relax, after this we could start right away. The session starts with a direct channeling from her ET-guide, who speaks directly through her, Wieteke is present but holds her entire ‘ego-self’ in the background, while she lets herself (both words and movements) be guided by the Yahyel and the assisting ET-team. Her guide was instantly present for me, his energy feels warm and friendly. I feel the team starting to work on me, as soon as the healing begins and my shoulders and hips are being ‘touched’ right away. Arjun explains clearly what is going on and even ads some funny remarks along the way, making me laugh out loud and feel very much at ease during the session. Between my shoulders and hips things are being re-aligned, and also other area’s are being brought into balance with that during this session. Arjun’s explanations made total sense to me and synchronized fully with what I experienced was going on in the session. As soon as any part was being re-aligned I felt the relief and freedom that came with that. At a certain point Arjun asked me if I have a certain special relationship towards the house-sparrow. I started laughing right away; since early childhood I’ve been experiencing a bond with these funny little birds. He informs me that I can use the sound of these birds (*from youtube for instance) as a ‘healing tone’ if I resonate with this idea. This feels like a correct piece of information to me. While working on my right leg; Arjun starts laying out a scenario of me as a little 2 year old girl, sitting in the grass, while playing with daisies. The little girl’s leg falls asleep – when she notices this – it gives her a huge fright, and it is this moment that ‘plants the seed’ of distrusting her body as it ‘may not co-operate’ with her during this lifetime. I instantly recognized this scenario as it really happened (*Wieteke knew nothing about this history) and my parents also remember it. As a little girl in that age, from one moment to the next, I had become unable to walk or move my leg and so I was brought to the hospital for tests. This situation actually lasted a whole week, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, and then the ‘issue’ suddenly disappeared. I was deeply moved and felt it made sense; this moment being the original beginning of my pattern of complaints in the same leg- at a much later age. Arjun lovingly guided me trough the recognizing and embracing of this piece of information about myself. All this time I could feel the healing team working on me – on the exact places Arjun told me.  After the session the pain in my leg had reduced a lot and my leg felt a lot lighter. Also after the session I could feel the team working some more on my right hip (after-care). Wieteke, thank you for your loving presence and clear channeling in this healing. Looking forward to our next session!

Miranda | Netherlands | Skype session

Feeling reconnected

My session with Wieteke was profound. I rarely do these kinds of sessions and I was surprised how the experience was on a physiological level. During, I felt my vibration rising, getting more powerful with an afterglow staying with me. Since the meeting, I have researched the answers that were given to questions I asked, and this in itself has been amazing!

Through this session I deeply re-connected to the universal spirit, and this stays with me, in how I live my day to day life; everything. This cosmic conciousness helps me see the poetry, the story in the happenings which unfold like a lotus. I hope the experience awakens something in you too!

David – Paris | Live session

Responses to You Tube

YouTube - video's

Dear Wieteke, Happy Holidays to you where ever you may be, and infinite blessings to you for this upcoming year!! I stumbled across your video where Arjun spoke of the overlapping of two worlds, and was so blown away! We watch a lot of channeled material here, and my goodness the high quality of energy that comes through you is SO profound. It feels so filled with love and purity compared to all the others I have been tuning into! Thank you!!! Are you still doing private channeling? If so I would love arrange for one! Thank you so much for all you do! We all really appreciate it!!!!!

Alyssa | US | Sedona

Dear Wieteke,

Wanted to send out a note of gratitude to you and Arjun for sharing the amazing Q&A sessions on youtube.  I’m pretty new on this journey, still trying to wrap my head around the idea of ETs and hybrids, et al.  You and Arjun have been such gentle and patient teachers.  I so much appreciate your making your teachings accessible on youtube so that I can listen and wonder and ponder and listen some more.  I found out about you on Kevin Moore’s The Moore Show (bless that man) and I’m so grateful.

Thank you, thank you!


Responses to Group sessions

Live Q and A (Group) with Arjun

Dear Wieteke,

I would like to thank you again for yesterday. I experienced it as very warm and beautiful, to be honest there are no words to fully express what I feel. I am still enjoying the afterglow of that entire yummy-bath-of-light! I am grateful 

I still feel very good, even though I had an appointment in the hospital today. Thanks to the channeling I feel I can handle it all with so much more ease, now I am so much more in my heart and can allow the love-energy. I also feel so much closer to the Sirius energy and the dolphins, super!

Much Love


Thank you for the channeling, it has been a big refreshing addition to my spiritual existence. I am almost bursting with new energy and have been very enthusiastic about it to other people. Much gratitude for you and of course Arjun. Have a good trip to America!

Much love from Tom.

Hallo Wieteke,

For me the evening with you, Arjun and the other people was a huge gift. I have been in dialogue with someone else ‘from over there’ throughout the rest of the night in my dreams.. very special. If you would see time to send me the recording – I’d much appreciate it. Thank you for being here – for what you do. And when I look at that amazing postcard of the painting of that hybrid child you made – I instantly feel a connection when I look at it. I put it on my altar. Incredible to see how much I feel like I just came home in this connection.. Very very ‘wow’ .. 

All the best,


Dear Wieteke,

A little message for you, to let you know how much the channeling has brought me! A feeling of ease and kindness, and an incredible turning point concerning the topic my question was about (being unable to sleep close to another person). Your channeling helped me feel where I could acknowledge and forgive myself, which was amazing in itself. And then synchronistically, Universe brought me another opportunity to overcome my fear, since someone asked me if they could stay over at my place! I was completely okay with it – and all went well – a major step! One thing in particular I find strong about your work, is how you are able to explain really complex material in easy to follow words, you make spirituality and information about other dimensions completely accessible. Also I could really feel the strong powerful field of love that you ‘put up’ around you during a channeling. I can only say thank you thank you thank you!

Have an amazing time in Oslo!



I am so grateful to have Wieteke in my life, and also her team of doctors from another time and space; Same same, but different  Wow, I have received amazing teachings and healings from both QAs and private sessions with Wieteke and her team, and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the process of organizing QAs through hosting this in the house I am living in, in Oslo.. With the chance of inviting friends and loved ones, who can also share into this wonderful magic and passion that Wieteke offers us.. Through so much humor, fun and joy, she lifts up the spirit of everyone around her and she is a great teacher whom I love and respect deeply. THANK YOU!


Let others know how you’ve experienced your session; 

 Thank you! 🙂