☆ In the automatic writing channeling below – Arjun of the YahYel introduces the idea of the TRUMPOLINE effect 🙂 ☆


“The current results of your American election can be looked upon as absolute perfection for all of you who can hardly wait to see world-peace happen within this lifetime. Why? Because in order to allow the manifestation of that ideal within your realm of perception – first every single thing that is not-yet-in-alignment with this image, will have to come to the surface – so it can be looked at and transformed into the Light you all say you so deeply long for.
This includes the uprising of all the shadows that have been hiding within your outdated political system. It includes all shadows that are hiding within the idea that your safety and well being are depending on a system that cannot possibly be responsible for promoting the true nature of well being for anyone. You yourself are the only one that can give to yourself what you know you really need, because nobody knows you as well as you do. Now the fastest way to have this Light penetrate into the furthest corners of that old system – is by placing on a stage a grotesque understatement of all that could possibly go wrong with this system. And to then shine a huge amount of spotlights on that scenario from all over the world.

For those who’d like to surf the wave of momentum that you have created by this magnificent manifestation – this is the ultimate opportunity to face the dis empowering belief patterns that may have been brought up as gifts for you to see as well – and to transform these into beliefs that serve you and therefore serve the Whole. This entire set-up is a powerful open invitation to discover the true depth in the surrender to unconditional love within yourselves and to ‘send that energy along’ within the light of your own attention onto this stage. Understand that this entire play has been born from your own collective subconscious, out of self-love and love for your fellow-human beings. Because you deeply wish for as many people as possible to be able to join in your collective opportunity to jump up – up – up! The chances of more people awakening in a faster rate has been increased greatly by this wake-up-call event; after this fabulous JUMP into the apparent depths of this perfectly positioned trampoline…TRUMPoline…whatever you wish to name it 😉
Now understand; every single one of you creates their own reality and has put this invitation in front of themselves to use in whatever way they choose. You can either mourn or celebrate, and both perspectives can be entirely realistic experiences; you are all free to decide how to play with this marvelous opportunity that you have co-created for yourselves and each other. There is no right and wrong. Above all we simply wish to remind you of your eternal freedom to choose how to respond to any situation, no matter what it may look like on the surface. Some of you may feel they have just started ‘landing’ on this Trumpoline and so feel like they are still ‘going down’. But we know there are also those among you that – no matter what might still be yet to come – are already hovering over it, because they have already figured out how to ‘use’ it in a way that serves them and therefore the Whole.
In all cases; energy goes where attention flows. We wish you happy jumping, bouncing, and expanding in whatever direction you wish to go.
With an infinite amount of love – and full of trust – as always.”

ARJUN of the YahYel

Channeled by Wieteke Koolhof | Design4awareness