Tuningfork session

stemvorkenRebalancing with the aid of Tuning Forks / Sound Therapy / Tone-puncture

This treatment is beginning to get some more attention.

Tone-puncture is a treatment with sound frequencies caused by tuning forks. In my practice I have been using Tone-puncture successfully in addition to other methods (life-coaching / other form of energy-work). Usually we ‘pull it into the mix’ when someone has some temporarily, local or acute physical issue or when they have a problem in general to relax or a sleeping disorder.

Still, some people just love this technique so much, they come to enjoy an hour of these blissful frequencies – and the whole setting around it (Matching Solfeggio frequency background music and natural essences) . This is a true treat for anyone- but especially for those recovering from a burn-out or having a stressful job and are in need for a break.

How does it work?
As scientists have discovered long ago, everything that exists, has its own frequency or vibration, for the simple reason that it exists out of particles (E=Mc2, Einstein). Next to that the Law of Frequency states that higher frequencies can transform (or lift up) lower frequencies, but not the other way around. This is why there is a natural flow in the universe, moving towards higher frequencies. The entire principle of re-aligning a person (or any other kind of energetic misbalance) using frequencies (vibrations) is based on these two scientific findings.

With a person:
You can imagine that the cells (and the energy field around them) of a tired, sick or confused person – resonate of vibrate at a lower and more chaotic frequency then the cells of a person feeling happy, well-rested and healthy.

Cosmic tuning forks – the ones being used in this technique – are tuned on a certain frequency, such as the vibration that matches a planet that circles around our sun. They resonate with our cells on a very deep level, because we ourselves are also being influenced by the natural powers of the universe. Like anything else alive on this earth we are connected to our planet (this planet resonates at a frequency of 432 Hertz, which is identical to the frequency of the prayer-sound, or holy mantra known as “Aum”). Click here for a video showing (or playing) the resonance tone of our earth, which is an excellent background sound for meditation also.

Every fork has its own harmonizing frequency that works into the cells, organs and tissue on a very deep level. This empowers the self-healing properties of our body. The overtones automatically harmonize our energysystem and outer energiefield.

The forks are being placed directly on the body or a moved around within the energyfield while you are sitting or laying down. You can stay dressed duwing a session.
Tuning fork sessions can be used as a supporting method for several situations.

It is particularly fit for:
– headaches and migraines
– to increase focus/concentration/feeling centered
– balancing out the activity between right- and left brain
– muscle pain (also as a result of injury or RSI)
– tension, both physical and psychological
– rebalancing the nervous system
– backpains
– (direct results from) stress / having difficulty relaxing
– sleeping disorders
– dealing with high sensitivity (HSP)
– local pains / trigger points
– it intensifies the effects of: massage/ acupressure/ lucid dreaming or meditation
So just like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Tapping two tuning forks will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into more harmonic balance. Within a very short time your body enters a deep state of relaxation. Feeling centered, your mind will be at peace.