Up-grade your drinking water with the elements of nature


Results from Emoto’s work – pictures of frozen water-molecules after exposing the water to different intentions or words.


Water is an incredible super-conducter (this means it can guide and hold a lot of energy). A big part of our bodies exists out of water. Now picture this; what if water could ‘memorize’ where it has been? And what if it would change in shape when you were to send different intentions towards it? Investigating these ideas was the life-long work of doctor Emoto (also known from the must-see-movie “What the Bleep do we know” about conscious creating). In his research he show how waterkristals fall apart and look crushed after having been exposed to negative energy, and how they flourish and radiate into wondrous crystal-shapes after having been exposed to positive energy.  A lot of other people from this incredible Now-age generation resonate with this knowledge and feel intuitively that it also just makes a lot of sense.

I just love drinking water and rarely leave the house without a drinking bottle. Over the years my taste-buds have developed themselves to notice the difference between filtered- and unfiltered, charged (in many ways)  and uncharged water. If you love water like I do, or plan to love it some more; just for the taste-experience alone, it is fun and totally worth trying to play around with it.

I am so deeply grateful to live in a country with the luxury of having drinking water coming from the tap. Next to that the Netherlands are blessed to not have this water being ‘enriched’ by pharmacy with the neuro-toxin fluoride as they do in some other countries.
Still, energetically, comparing our tap water to water from a natural source – it can certainly use some upgrading ‘back’ to a more natural energy.

IMG_1176What actually are these elements that super-charge natural spring water? We don’t really think about it, but tap water lacks the energising light of sun, moon and stars,  meandering movements (that strengthen the cells and make water more vital), the oxidation of water plants and finally it lacks the mineralisation of stones and sand and salts.  And on top of that, like mentioned before,  common drinking water industries are often unable to filter out all traces of the chemicals that come from people who use medication, and in some countries even add chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals to it …

As I do not yet have a natural clean drinking water source in my house in Amsterdam, I like to upgrade my tap-drinking water back to its natural from (energetically) as much as possible, as often as I can!
I also just love playing with water so it is part fun, part healthy effects – a great combination.

Filtering your water?

To charge your water you have an endless amount of possibilities.
But before you start charging I would recommend (if possible) filtering your tap-water.
It isn’t the end of the world if you do not filter it here in the Netherlands, but still, it is yet another step closer to purified water as the charcoal layer in the filter may just filter out one bit more of these medicine traces that are still being found in our tap water, as tests show. In countries where governments add fluoride or chlorine I’m not sure if I would drink the water at all haha- but I would certainly recommend filtering your water there. In the Netherlands you can use a Brita water filter from the whole foods store.
Tip; buying both the refill-filters as well as the pitcher itself is often cheaper on-line. The filter instruction says it will last you one month; this is really two. Also here it is still people selling stuff (simple marketing) and wanting you to just buy a lot. I can taste the difference and I’d say- if you can; just go by ‘taste’ to find out when to change the filter – it stays good a whole lot longer then the producers claims (sorry Brita haha).



Getting to business!

To charge your water you can use:

  • Crystals (in the water; cleanse and pre-charge before use) – or ‘crystal grids’ around it
  • Music (singing bowls / tuningforks / solfeggio frequency music)
  • Sun- or moonlight
  • Magnets (Tesla or other)
  • Your own intention / words /sentences
    (written on the glass / or ‘beamed’ into the water with your thoughts/hands)
  • Mandala’s or Sacred Geometry (printed out and put on or under your glass bottle)
  • Colours / keeping the water in the sunlight in Coloured glass
  • Meditating with it / or making up your own ceremonial way to charge it 🙂
  • Flowers – herbs – spices (to make a solar- or lunar ‘tea’)


One day a ray of rainbow-light from my living room (where I have a light-scattering crystal hanging in the window) landed all the way into the kitchen onto my streaming tap-water. It stayed in place long enough for me to grab the camera and take a picture, how about that for charging my water, wow!

The results:

  • Your water will taste so much more soft and gentle, it will be such a delicious drink and you may notice – if you never liked tap-water before, you might actually love this to drink this- and want a whole lot more of this. I really prefer charged (or natural spring) water over normal tap-water any time and adore some of my friends who have energising systems in their houses- providing good vibe-water into the bigger system 🙂
  • Your body will feel nourished and even feel ‘fed’ better and in a new way (thirst can actually disguise itself as a craving for more food, even though you are sure you ate enough). Your skin may start glowing or become softer, it is also great to use charged water for beauty products if you make these yourself.
  • Colour-charged water is even being used for healing (and has been for ages). Who knows it will support you in a natural way to tackle one or another challenge – in addition to all the other things you already do to support your health.

By drinking solarized (sun-charged) water we are enabling our inner bodies to become more alkaline. Drinking alkaline solar water helps to keep our muscle tissues hydrated which helps our vital organs function at a more optimal rate as disease thrives in a acidic state.

It is recommendable to always use glass bottles since some plastic containers leach toxins (such as BPA or fyto-oestrogens that mess with our natural hormonal balance) into our food and water when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight. You may also use other colours of glass bottles to solarize your water. Green and blue are neutral colours. They represent the colors of the throat and heart chakras. Solarized water works great in recipes as well as for drinking water! For a complete overview of all colours and their effect on solarized water click this link.


Summer tip: Charging water with organic fruits, flowers and/or natural salt for a boost of flavour, minerals and vitamins

Water-charging-flowers-fruitCharge your glass or bottle up with things like these and you’ll feel reborn!

* Lemon / Lime (clears skin, purifies system and helps to detox, especially in the morning)
* Cucumber (cooling refreshing, helps with sun-burn or headache because of heat)
* Berries (anti-oxidants and a nice flavour )
* Mint (refreshing, cooling, antibacterial)
* Ginger / Curcumin (antibiotic/antibacterial and nice zsty flavour / helps detox and fight virusses)
* A pinch of himalayan pink salt (mineralizes your body, great in summer / with high temperatues)

How to charge water at home; crystals and full moon energy

Crystals + moonlight charged water

How to charge your water - crystals and mandala

Crystals-mandala-and fennel seeds/spices

Healing water everywhere


All of this will probably make you more conscious of water in general. And you may even start ‘working’ with it on a bigger scale..
Whenever you see water- or even think of water (like when you day-dream of an ocean) or spot a river from your window / a train / plane, or when you’re on a boat enjoying the sunlight on the waves. In any of these cases; you may simply want to send your best intentions into the water. As it is a superconductor it will change molecular shape – at least a bit every time anyone does this. This way you are re-charging our planets water – just by using your heart-based intention! If you resonate with believing that we are all powerful and above all very magical Beings ~ then why not spread the love and heal the planet while we are at it? <3

If any of this inspires you to start experimenting yourself, please do let me know about your results!
Maybe you even found some entirely new ways of charging your water that you’d like to share?

Happy charging!!